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  1. We're looking into it. Not sure what the problem is, but we're on it.
  2. PaSte

    Chamber of fortune Bug

    Thanks for reporting! This will be fixed in our next version
  3. PaSte

    Ninja Event totally bugged

    everything ok again?
  4. PaSte

    Crushes and DC

    Coming up!
  5. PaSte

    Crushes and DC

    We found the reason for the crashes and will provide you guys with a fix very soon. We're really sorry for the inconvenience caused by this. It was a rather tricky one to find. Thanks for your support on this, it really helped us.
  6. PaSte

    Lost arblaster war boost

    This is due to a change we implemented with the introduction of the Pro-Boosts for space reasons (since now 3 different types of badges can be displayed on one card). Because of this two badges of the same type (War Boosts and Special Boosts in this case) will be displayed as one badge, showing the time of the boost that will expire next. Both boosts are activated for your alliance.
  7. PaSte

    Insta Troops Bug

    To clarify that i understand correctly: Your Insta-Troops appear to get spawned automatically without you actually pressing their button?
  8. PaSte

    Game crash - Monk/Necro view only

    Hey, we are aware of that bug and will fix it in one of next versions. Unless you have a backup of your savegame in OneDrive, I would not recommend uninstalling the game, as this might result in losing your progress.
  9. Hey, we do not discuss player account status or private information on the forums, or through our social channels. Moving the discussion to pm.
  10. PaSte

    Freez bug

    Thanks for reporting. This will be fixed in a future version!
  11. I also CAN'T REPLY TO THREADS. I joined yesterday, posted 1 time, and now there's nowhere for me to click "reply".



  12. My IGN is BATTLEHOUSE. I still have not received my PRO chest, but the ninjas are back.

  13. PaSte

    Nnijas Stolen Now?

    For everybody not having their IGN listed here in the forum: Can you please give me your IGN and alliance name? @PicklePete @BATTLEHOUSE and @mss73 you should have your ninjas now. Can you please confirm that the ninja fix worked for you?
  14. PaSte

    New update - lvl 20 tavern 1,5m p/h

    yup, a mistake. i updated the post. " At Level 20 the Gold Production of all 4 Tavers now is 1.500.000 per day" is correct. Sorry about that
  15. PaSte

    Another 12min added in PL!

    The first maintenance we executed today unexpectedly caused connection issues for many players, so we decided to revert it, to have the game run smoothly again. Unfortunately this reactivated the additional 12-minutes for the Pro-League again. This wasn't intended, but necessary to at least have everybody connect again. Sorry for the inconvenience.