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  1. Please help me out....

    It's happening for the past one week....

    I'm not getting any offers...

    It's frustrating me...

    My king name is HUSAIN2710

    Screenshot (7).png

  2. Bladestorm

    Uber items with Golden Orange Name

    Correct you cannot level up gear, it is best to not really invest a lot of gold/gems/pearls until higher levels like 80-100 for your gear since you will out level it pretty quickly in the lower levels
  3. Bladestorm

    REQUEST Monthly Event schedule desperately needed

    Great job guys and thank you flare games for giving us notice on the events! Kings and Queens! We listened to your feedback and are happy to announce our next ‪#‎event‬ more ahead of time. The Blacksmith Meltdown event will return on July 5th! Look forward to: * Cheaper Meltdown Slots... * Faster Pearl production * Higher Peal Payouts * Better chances for upgrade success Have fun preparing!
  4. Bladestorm

    Moving Grey House?

    exactly these hidden gems, pun intended are awesome!
  5. Bladestorm

    Moving Grey House?

    no just that one house, keep your eyes open for more hidden Easter eggs
  6. Bladestorm

    Moving Grey House?

  7. Bladestorm

    Hidden gem factory has been found! 1 gem per day?

    More and more people are finding this!
  8. Bladestorm

    Moving Grey House?

    yes it is new to the game! Gem factory! It should reset every day though not every 10 hours.
  9. Bladestorm

    Hidden gem factory has been found! 1 gem per day?

    It is a free gift from flare games!
  10. Hidden in the update 2.2 flare games gave us a gem factory house!!! SOOO cool!
  11. Bladestorm

    Plans to clean up leader boards? Cheaters allowed?
  12. Bladestorm

    What are you doing???

    Sadly I don't think they will ever change the skull perks as not only did they add more skull perks in game in the last patch but the are a premium currency exclusive which means if they did change/remove them all their PAYING players would be in a uproar and probably quit/leave. Balancing things is not something that has ever be a top priority ever. Money generated is their top priority and always has been. Balance went completely out the window with elite boosts, then even further out the window with special unique alliance war perks and even further out the window with uber gears with tons of perks for things....see a trend here? They don't care for balance at all and haven't even attempted to care about it in a long time.
  13. Bladestorm

    What are you doing???

    I am not sure I understand why you are upset here? Please explain to me. Did you not think that more tower/trap levels would ever come out?
  14. Bladestorm

    Plans to clean up leader boards? Cheaters allowed?

    Great will make an announcement on YouTube now! If you have any father updates please notify me so I can pass it on through my channel. The game is really popular on youtube as it become one of my most watched vids since the launch of the game congrats guys for making another hit!
  15. Bladestorm

    Plans to clean up leader boards? Cheaters allowed?

    Thanks for the update. I know how easy it is to cheat as I featured the cheating in my tips tricks and cheats video about 1 month ago. I would like a statement so I can share with the community on youtube that cheating will not be allowed or will be allowed...etc.. I know this game is kind of a personal best thing, but still anything with a leader board the company should at least clean up the top spots from blatant cheating and hacks. They wont be able to catch everyone and ban everyone but at least make an example out of the top players so others are worried about getting banned if they cheat.