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  1. So now it seems we cant buy chests for gold what goes.When was this changed
  2. Well I noticed on the latest update the hero items no longer say what each enhancement is.
  3. Yeah thanks thought that just after I posted it
  4. Don't know the exact amount but just lost a couple of thousand gems after the last update on my pc game.
  5. well im looking for active alliance I have 2 accounts 115 and 125 level and love helping lower players grow
  6. with this new problem not many will fight also lost players due to the last problem so basically my alliance is broken,these are problems no amount of compensation will fix You are wrecking the game
  7. This is happening to me also no spoils of war chests and war scores reset to zero twice already this war
  8. There are many ways you don't get 100%if a defender gets to your gate or you open the gate before killing the hero statue this will happen
  9. ????‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??☀️⚽️??in other words????
  10. Well If they cancel the war as I feel they will hopefully they reimburse the gems I used before it went belly up
  11. How long are we going to continue this farce.Something is broken tell us the prognosis.If you can't fix it say so.We will come back another day.
  12. Think you have covered it all interesting to see their reply this new war is a disaster
  13. Great risk of losing many players if not solved quickly don't know what the bit about US citizens is about but I'm in Australia
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