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  1. Keith

    stop spamming

    or a log of won/lost battles at which tiles in Conquest (similar to log history in alliance wars) instead of the constant animations that come up (for some, they get 2x animations still) for each wars won/lost. I understand that for Conquest, there are much more wars and this would create more overhead but removing these animations altogether may improve the load vs a log that can be accessed only if you want to see it.
  2. Last maintenance fixed it. Thank you. Hopefully this bug gets squished permanently?
  3. Just to bump this back up. Hopefully the bug will be addressed this time for extending conquest boosts past the event. Teams got a free ride last time and the ones that fought hard to win their conquest boosts were the losers.
  4. Keith

    Player looks like he is in two alliances

    if no ticket to flare, highly advise you submit one right away.
  5. Keith

    Player looks like he is in two alliances

    you can try having him re-enter your alliance and then leave again. that used to be the quick fix, otherwise you would have to wait for support. did you submit a ticket to flare as well?
  6. Keith

    Idea to get free gems on Windows

    They used to have the 1 free gem for watching a video on both Android and iOS. Only recently have they removed that from both platforms and instituted a limit to the number of video ads per day. I believe the limit is 30 video ads daily.
  7. Keith

    in review invulnerable tower

    Look like a regular snake tower. I dont see the trioxin boost ( no purple color up top, this is green) nor the aura around it. unless thats the bug or part of the bug is the invincibility.
  8. Keith

    prolong boosts

    You are right, you cannot extend the boosts past Conquest. This is a bug.
  9. @PaSte @Madlen It appears that this Live Server update worked back on 6.11.18, but looks like more refunds are due as some alliances were able to extend the boosts past the end of Conquest again.
  10. AYB came in 4th place... still has Einherjar/Trioxin activated. Its an absolute joke to introduce a new feature and then have crashes during game play and past bugs resurface. Is this problem solved? It was. Now it's back.
  11. Alliance of Ghosts didn't win first (I think they came in third), yet Einherjar and Trioxin are still active. Aldefed from Alliance of Ghosts even brings this up on Friday that they were able to extend the boost past the Conquest event.
  12. Keith

    prolong boosts

    Looks like this bug returned. the server update back on November 6 was supposed to fix this issue.
  13. @Madlen looks like this bug has returned. I see alliances that did NOT earn 1st/2nd/3rd place in the Conquest (which ended Monday) that continue to have the Einherjar/Trioxin/Twisted Trickster boost active. It appears they are able to extend their Conquest boosts past the end of Conquest.