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  1. Like the idea. But to encourage attacking, especially for those teams that do not have a mine resource on the map, what about also giving the winning team a percentage smaller than the losing team but it would make it worthwhile to attack and destroy level 2 and higher watch towers. Maybe create a limit the number of players that can join an active conquest war because when something like individual rewards for players are introduced..... .... Everyone is going to run to join every fight to get more skulls and more rewards and leave the house defenseless! At that point, why would anyone care to listen to the order to "stay on the other side and defend the other border" when the team on that side doesn't attack at all? Conquest boost for Vikings is quite powerful. Can argue that Trioxin tower should be top prize since those Gargoyles are a lot more effective with the Garg Nest boost from war.
  2. I don't play OR, don't even know what it is. I'm only talking about RR2.
  3. Well, apparently I know nothing about game play at low levels because I only know how to play at level 130. Why don't you ask others that are so much more than I am and have them provide you a solution? Sorry, I've done my one post for this year. I'll come back next year to post the answer because that's what i do. If you follow the theme here, just quit playing. The game is broken. The game is broken. The game is broken. Or get someone to give you an account above level 90, because that's when the game is not broken. Now I remember why I never bothered with the forums in years past. Everyone here already knows it all.
  4. That just says it all. Full of it and thinks they know all. Just shows the complete disregard you have for other opinions with that type of response. I've never heard of Neverangelic and Bladestorm. Nothing against those alliances but does it even matter or do I care? Not in the least bit. oPelle was a great raider. But did he also claim to know EVERYTHING about the game and it all and dismiss others opinions? Maybe you should have learned some humility instead of name dropping and posting the way you do. Boy, Cromka's name comes up in all sorts of posts... Maybe I can go ask him for his opinion.... LOL Hmmm... Focus is not OR its a lot more negative than that. I don't know. Maybe you can explain the whole story to validate your posts about this horrible broken game that we play.
  5. I have been playing this game since late 2014. So I don't know why you keep posting about if you were there back in the day and saying that otherwise players will agree with your viewpoint. I honestly don't agree with your viewpoint and it's false pretense to assume that people do. All the veterans I know that have played the game since 2014/2015 are either in a top 20 ranked alliance as leaders and generals or relaxing in a lower ranked alliance so they can play for fun. But those are just the people I know. That is a funny comment because I just reached king level 130 this January after spending most 2018 somewhere between levels 122 to 127 as I was only raiding during war time. But to tell someone that you don't remember what it was like back in the day (it's only been 68 days since level 130, so my memory is still pretty good) , once again it's your assumption and it's false pretense to assume that someone doesn't remember. I started in low level alliances, and progressed through the alliance ranks and made my way to top 10 alliances (not top 5 since I find that just too stressful for my taste). I've been a soldier/a general/a leader of both successful and failed alliances. So I've seen it. Been there done that. Lived it. And now give back by occasionally helping out lower level alliances (with donations/ninja/conquest/wars) as they go through the same growing pains of team building. Just watching players give it their all to make their alliance the best, to help grow the alliance and improve their account is the focal point of the the game. Otherwise why keep playing? You say it is broken for level 1-90. That is your opinion. I don't think it is. It's just different for new players playing level 1-90 than it was for anyone that had played levels 1-90 three to fours years ago. But I have to say that your view point is based on the fact that after years of playing, everything that you have learned in regards to the mechanics of the game: When exactly to cast a spell Where to position your king for maximum spell damage When to use scream and when not to Use scream to quickly strike down a tower When to fall back with your king just to heal and avoid death Watching Tammy's heal bar fill up just to know when to charge forward All of that knowledge was gained after playing this game for such a long time. But if this was a new player, would they be able to raid solo knowing these same actions? I will say that this game has changed. There is no doubt about that. But these changes were made to provide players with a variety of game play options. In my opinion, the game had to change in order to survive as it had to evolve for all levels. But that is with the premise that the players and their kings will evolve with it as well. Not stay repeat levels 1-90 over and over again and expect the same game play experience today as it was years ago. It's like when I played StarCraft. Awesome game on release. It cost me a few years of college but it was fun to play. Wait too long to release a new version and players will move on to another game. Sometimes change is needed.
  6. I've also seen videos on FB where high level players are able to defeat high level bases solo using the right gear setup. But not everyone can do it, otherwise my attack history would be filled with solo raid results. It would be unbalanced if all players can do this from king level 1 to level 130 on all bases. But its not the case. Your examples show your account defeating low level players that are worth 26 medals. Not sure how valid those are as an example of unbalanced play. At level 72, my estimate is that the medal count should be 350-450. (and that might be too low an estimate for some) But versus 26 medals, that's like a 3rd grader beating a Kindergarten kid at checkers and saying the game is unbalanced. This is a game of attack, from king levels 1-80, it should be easy to attack and win. That is what makes the game fun and not about defense, defense, defense. As players progress and eventually reach both higher kings levels and trophy count (simultaneously), the game will become more balanced between the various boosts (elite/war/pro/conquest), pals, guardians and now making your defense harder is a requirement to keep your trophy number at specific range. This would also account for being in an alliance and having some boosts to help keep improve your defense as these are the mechanics of the game. If you are not in an alliance, just about anyone can attack and win regardless of your king level. In my estimation, at king level 70, you would be around 2800, at king level 80, 3300 king level 90, in the 3500 trophy range and by king level 100, somewhere close to 4000. If players choose to artificially keep their trophies low (compared to what their king level should indicate) then the mechanics of the game are skewed by the player, not by the game. Matchmaker is designed to find your opponent based on trophy count, not king level. Keep in mind that the Beast will usually meet the king at a designed choke point in the defense. Change this meeting location with the beast and the results will differ. Just about every Beast is weak to piercing. Phoebe is no exception to this rule and there are ways to defeat Phoebe at any level. When Phoebe is being attacked it cannot cast blessing and armageddon. If you use KOW (knight, orge, wolf) then push phoebe into your army of knights and watch it disappear. If Phoebe triggers blessing and armageddon, then push phoebe with the king away from the blessing and into your army. Another factor is when an enemy wolf howls and causes phoebe to become enraged. When this happens, learning to adjust and manage this is key. Either eliminate the enemy wolf with a spell prior to a howl being triggered or push phoebe back away from the army until the rage effect is over. Learning how to manage this section of the raid is just part of the experience of playing the game more and more. Before you meet the beast, make sure you have all your spells ready or they are about to be ready. Maybe use scream to pull back and meet the Beast on your terms and not at the designed choke point in the defense. Guardian ready? Maybe use donkey to race ahead and trigger phoebe to cast the spells, then push it away from blessing and into your army. Plenty of possibilities out there to defeat the beast. The key to winning the raid is in the smallest of details. Sometimes changing that one small event or keeping that event from happening is the difference between winning and losing.
  7. Remote village was worth just 10 points this season. Was the WT upgrade both completed and collected prior to CQ end? If you took the village and one tile from the enemy, it would be just -11 points for them.
  8. Yeah, ties will give the lower prize of the two (1/2 place). If it was a three way tie, only gargoyles would be given out.
  9. A team with 40 active 2k trophy players working together can defeat a team of 20 active 4k trophy players. In a straight up head to head line them up and fight, of course the 20 player 4k team will probably win. But doing that is like challenging an Olympic sprinter to a foot race. You wouldn't do that. There are strategies out there to do this. Blocking, pinning, misdirection. Guerrilla warfare must be used by the 40 player team to win. Defensive modifiers, building level 2/3 towers and keeping them at full stock for troops. Utilizing supreme victory when possible, but more importantly is the pinning and blocking. Keep in mind other limitations, 20 players means only 20 towers maximum. 40 is double the possible amount of towers. It will be a lot of hard work. Communication and organization is key to being successful. But it is not as impossible as you may think. Another thing is, there are 4 teams on the map. Make friends. Then divide and conquer.
  10. two disconnects in a row on board VII - goodbye 3.5 minutes of time. quite frustrating...
  11. unfortunately this still happens. very frustrating during pro league when time spent is now lost.
  12. We had the same thing happen last pro league. the pro paladin boost was activated almost 24 hours later after submitting a ticket to flare customer support. Most frustrating part is that this continues to happen to random alliances after each Pro league. Glad it was activated for those missing the boost.
  13. @KingAdityaKumar "FlareGames considered it as a hack because many players play only dungeons to win leagues and therefore, gems. Players were attacking only in dungeons as they gave more XP and medals. So, FlareGames banned the playing of dungeons once again and reduced the medals of new dungeons as your usual medals." ------ No, the hack is not the fact that players played dungeons to win leagues. The hack is when players used automated scripts to play the dungeons. There is a big difference between the two.
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