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  1. New pal

    Ceres is better
  2. Change pro shop items!

    No need to say more....
  3. pro shop will remain like last week

    I got ceres and again save 20k crystals and spend it on pro chests, become boring flare.... Just change the items but leave the pets.
  4. what I hate about PL...!!!

    Just put some Aura rings in next pro league... If you buy chest you got crap items....
  5. Pro Phoenix cup

    FT not overpowered!!! Stop crying..... One dragon destroy them all. Destroy a base with pro FT it's like taking a candy from a baby. BTW I got now ceres , and he is a m a z I n g!!!!!!!:))))
  6. Wednesday and the question arises again

  7. Wednesday and the question arises again

    How many days is the bs event ,thx?
  8. Wednesday and the question arises again

    Community week
  9. Argh! How to stop incessant attacks???

    Just open your base, so he cant get any medals from you..... And after you will be strong 💪 attack his bade with only Knights, no one like that his base get raid with Knights only.... ☺ 😃 😁
  10. Wednesday and the question arises again

    Today event?
  11. fully complete a pro leauge possible?

    After they gave 2 free pro chest thay had to make it harder.... Its flare way
  12. Armistice Bundle

    What war child have in UK???
  13. About dragons

    It's not depends on the damage only on the numbers of frosters you spown...... U can put wolf at the start it will help the dragon come faster I get my first dragon in 30 sec
  14. Hellfire cup, challenge XIII any one pass it??????

    So, how to destroy this skull tower at the start?
  15. Can someone show how the hell you pass the last challenge in pro ?? How to pass this skull tower at the start with bladestorm and fire??? What's the idie of boosted knights vs boosted Vikings??????