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  1. Hah chests gone?! I have plenty unopened from ninja (all) + bought Pro-Chests + bought diamond chests from one time offers + gems chests from conquests (all) + daily chests. This is utterly outrageous!
  2. 10h could not establish connection... and still... zzz Duh, this unpleasant server issue has forced me to return to this boring forum
  3. Conquest mode is indeed boring. And Utopia has invented a way to make this game even more disgusting. I read about someone who propose something like 'cooldown/immunity' period on a tile that just get attacked. @aslan? or @Dena4? I agree with this idea, to stop low life people (like Utopia&their arrogant big mouth) from abusing this not-perfect CQ system. No more always-online-goonies can lock players down at 1 tile non-stop for days, lock down half alliance members (we have different time zone issue, Utopia not (always online-has no life)). Sickening way of play Utopia did.
  4. Don't try to be a hero, you are not even in this picture, you don't know what happen. I bet you have no idea what I was talking about, still you interfere. S T F U! Note this: we were not asking for problem, we play CQ like usual normal way. Utopia was the one who initiated this fight. Such arrogant low alliance. BTW Fifi is fake account, not a b.tch, a male impersonate like a female, you can keep your d.ck in your pant
  5. Downloaded new update, when I try to open the game, extra download stuck at 40-50%, very slow progress. What happens? My ISP or FG or Google or Amazon server has issue?
  6. We're reasonable people, after we reach our target (that 250 score limit), we stop adding score. If members want war, they're allowed to hit scouts not towers -> We usually let enemies to add more points. But in this case, because Utopia always plays dirty by locking us down everywhere, again damn time zone issue, our policy's changed especially for you. At weekend, we will have plenty time focusing on your towers. Payback is a ***** huh.
  7. The system isn't perfect. Utopia should send their outrage to FG, not to their enemies. But by abusing this not-perfect system, fak different time zone, locking down most of our plyrs endlessly at 1 tile... that's called fishing for our outrage. BTW Fifi is dummy account, created just to abuse this CQ? I just hit your base at CQ, a level 97 king with most towers at level 1? Ridiculous, must be a dummy shared account. I wonder how many dummy accounts at Utopia used just to run this lock down abuse move, seems you react fast in time, locking us down at that 1 tile (M10), always ready-always online, not affected by time zones. Those dummies run by 1 player? FG should ban those dummy accounts.
  8. I never get pissed-off like this, but Utopia really do great on pissing me off. Guess what I and some of our best players managed to escape from your lock down. 😒 We take down 2 of your towers today, tomorrow there'll be more. 👌 I'm going to your HQ, taking down all towers while advancing ☠️
  9. Hey Utopia, If you try to lock me down at that 1 tile by attacking non stop, I will make sure you'll be wiped out from this CQ map. 👈
  10. COF robbery rate: HIGH after this new update. Per 1 war=5 attacks I have to spend minimum 90 gems (6x mr.skulls) just to get extra skull. Unpleasant change zzzz 😡
  12. Dear Flare, did you realize, with this Guardian update you just kill Jester Box + its pro boost instantly. That short timed-but-lightning speed, king could trigger multiple jester box at once, making them useless. No one will play PL for jester after this update. RIP Jester (no more money from jester box related)
  13. Oh Guardian = 3rd scroll, that need to be tapped 2x (annoying part) Weird lag, king can move faster but sometimes king's stuck couldn't run forward as if that donkey's ***** blocking king way (another annoying part) Special pet chest required for guardian level up? (triple annoying)
  14. Oh Guardian = daily PCL, recycled idea. Offer new gears, new pet guardian (?), special guardian food (?), all mean with buy/gems/money, nah
  15. And I melted 2 given paladin helmets from uber chests for pearls, didn't know it's useful now 😫
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