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  1. Play For Fun

    Hello... CM Statement

    Madlen, on behalf of your company (FG), it's better to have customers who's critical of any wrongdoing/injustice here, than having customers who keep at silence then simply disappear/leave. Silent customers = bad for your company pocket.
  2. Play For Fun

    Who wants 4.0 and who wants 3.9 bback?

    I do always share my combos for my friends, since I played this game, did some battles recorded. Hope I can help my friends through hard time like v.4.0 war. Sharing to public will attract pyscho-bullies/hackers, which I hate, it's a no-no, so I keep my friends circle smaller. You can't make your king profile as reference for all players, not all players has an almost maxed out heal aura ring (i heard max is 120%, you have 113.8%). FG need to consider most players strength (and voice), if FG still want their milking cows to have room to grow. Or just keep it like now, just set defense to max possible scale, offense to min possible scale. By stopping player's growth, FG will auto-kill this game soon.
  3. Play For Fun

    Who wants 4.0 and who wants 3.9 bback?

    The problem is: FG did some 'rebalancing' at v.4.0, based on their max forged scale (probably FTB referenced this?), which is now owned only by a few players. They push defense hardness to max possible level, lower offense strength to min possible value, without considering most players average strength. It feels like an 'Unbalancing' update for most players. Remember not all players have all max forged. That's why plenty players are protesting and some already leaving this game after big nerf update. Soon only a few will stay, scratching at each other, as the world of RR2 becomes much-much smaller. Later playing RR2 will be like 'masturbating' 🤤 , battles against the same-o-same few players everyday, it will be dead boring 😴 It's like 'genocide', doomed days, armageddon boom-boom-boom, +- 90% players population will be annihilated by v.4.0 update. This game will die soon. 😈
  4. Play For Fun

    Pick 1

    Give me a year to catch up... my heal+sp ring is relatively new, low heal rate
  5. Play For Fun

    Pick 1

    Oh 114% heal rate ring, almost tripled mine 😅
  6. Play For Fun

    Pick 1

    Monster T base's easier. Try Su handsome base, war gears scroll free. Kill him 😎
  7. Play For Fun

    Re-balance ASAP before everybody quits

    I can, but at test defense 😅 FG seriously need to nerf offense more -or- buff defense more! Cause someone still can scroll free top-1 all maxed base... me! Stop me please! Kill us all! 🤣
  8. Play For Fun

    Re-balance ASAP before everybody quits

    Already in process, plenty much more quit, v.4.0 = game over RR2
  9. Play For Fun

    War Boost Nerfs Palladin Stone Dragon,? 

    Dear milking cows, Raid harder these days? Triple boosted paladin produced less dragon or none?... Easy solution: SCROLL! (a-lot) 🤑
  10. Multi touch issue too, happens more often, severe. This game is going to die at v.4.0, nerfs & bugs make this game unplayable
  11. Play For Fun

    Conquest rewards

    Nooo!!! Sorin you evil, I just bought my Aska from that pricy special offer 😑
  12. Free aska? I bought mine from special offer, money spent. Now I feel I get fooled 😑
  13. Play For Fun

    i think flare didnt test anything

    We are their beta testers, and FG don't have to pay us a dime 🤣
  14. Play For Fun

    Why does the video have a 6-hour session?

    6h CD after 1 video, I'll be dead during war, foods dead. I got that CD after watched 1 video for daily chest (calendar) which failed to play but the reward still delivered. Then I tested the Fiber video, watched 1x then got CD. So in total I watched 2 videos today then got CD.
  15. Play For Fun

    Why does the video have a 6-hour session?

    Seems FG did something, mess-up some coding lines. Now Android has 6h cool down too. Tested.