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  1. Play For Fun

    Top Tier Conquest, very bad matchmaking !

    Hey Utopia, If you try to lock me down at that 1 tile by attacking non stop, I will make sure you'll be wiped out from this CQ map. 👈
  2. COF robbery rate: HIGH after this new update. Per 1 war=5 attacks I have to spend minimum 90 gems (6x mr.skulls) just to get extra skull. Unpleasant change zzzz 😡
  3. Play For Fun

    in review disconnections after update

  4. Dear Flare, did you realize, with this Guardian update you just kill Jester Box + its pro boost instantly. That short timed-but-lightning speed, king could trigger multiple jester box at once, making them useless. No one will play PL for jester after this update. RIP Jester (no more money from jester box related)
  5. Oh Guardian = 3rd scroll, that need to be tapped 2x (annoying part) Weird lag, king can move faster but sometimes king's stuck couldn't run forward as if that donkey's ***** blocking king way (another annoying part) Special pet chest required for guardian level up? (triple annoying)
  6. Oh Guardian = daily PCL, recycled idea. Offer new gears, new pet guardian (?), special guardian food (?), all mean with buy/gems/money, nah
  7. Play For Fun

    Back with some anti gargoyles combo

    And I melted 2 given paladin helmets from uber chests for pearls, didn't know it's useful now 😫
  8. Heavy gargoyle towers bases = UNBEARABLE LAGS! This game is dead! Never fixed = we're leaving this sucks game
  9. Play For Fun

    Celstial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    Extra bonus idea: See image attached, Background:WHITE + Phoebe: WHITE = death. That king was not aware there was a White Phoebe beast jumping over his back, then suddenly BOOM!!! What an unfortunate death, miserable, beaten by white color 😆 Nerf (tone down) Phoebe's White color -or- background White color, please... *tone down one of them
  10. Play For Fun

    Should gate towers be removed?

    Remember guys: If you ask something from FG, FG may give what you want AND take something from you (nerf/buf) to make your gaming experience miserable (players have pay more, a lot).
  11. Play For Fun

    Celstial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    Our new&next generations at lower allies don't have all those boosts/fancy gears like we have. They need chance to grow then replace OLD players like Cromka soon, but Phoebe (at every defense) kill them before blooming. Reconsider nerfing Phoebe for them. About that statement above I couldn't disagree, stone ninjas are evil 🤣
  12. Play For Fun

    Celstial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    Agree, save the new generation, newbies. They are the future at this game. Go nerf Phoebe! 👌 Bored old generation like Cromka and me can choose to press Uninstall button 😆 *daily zero raid, now I'm at gold league, sign of boredom
  13. Play For Fun

    Celstial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    Tell your boys, the keys to win against Phoebe: 1. Wear heavily forged heal ring 2. High level pets, minimum lvl. 8, higher = better 3. Max lvl boosted troops 4. Muhammad Ali footwork... fly like a butterfly, sting like a beeeee (a.k.a hit & run) 🤣
  14. Play For Fun

    Celstial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    Don't be fooled by the example given (hidden stat), they wear heavily forged heal ring, that's why they survive against Phoebe. Just look how fast they can regenerate kings' HP. Yes Phoebe is hard to beat without boosts (troops), fact!
  15. Play For Fun

    in review Unusual freeze of screen

    Yes, lags freezes stop-motion, suddenly all my troops died, killed by lags