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  1. Play For Fun

    How do you guys feel the game is going now?

    This game's installed for one purpose: entertainment. After series recent updates, I feel this game's losing most of its entertainment part, now it becomes more like tedious office job. 😴 Balance's broken: OP defense , OW offense. Official nerfs + frequent silent nerfs (bugs? whatever term is). I have to change combo at least once a day, as my 'noon combo' will be obsolete at night time. 😫 For not-24/7-players, this new FG gaming experience's so frustrating and irritating, most players choose to play less time than usual, eventually we'll follow the steps of our friends who has left.
  2. Need high % Heal ring + max forged heal shield spells + max forged pal flute shoe (for flute combo). Everything need to be set at max, if not we'll lose & we better stop playing this game (thanks FG!) 🤣
  3. Play For Fun

    Heal Aura Ring

    It's been fixed by the last update, for days it worked. But since yesterday night, the bugs/nerfs seems silently re-applied by FG 😡 At noon my main combo did great at event. But hours later at night it went to ***** I got no victory for my last 4 crown, all 1 crown/raid, all of the sudden. I logged off to sleep, the next day (today) I opened my RR2, I saw all failing attacks on my not-OP base, my rank pushed up by almost +100 trophies.
  4. Hurry edit the last section 🤣 Btw nice raid w/ only 2 troops 🤘
  5. NIce raid considering your spells are not maxed forged. You need dragofroster, as now is the ultimate combo, have to win next war. I'm still moving among alliances, spreading peace message 🤣 I was going to stay for a bit longer at KD but unfortunately it's hibernating now, its leader has lose his interest on playing this game. So I moved again... Poland is always full I can't return there.
  6. That's a lot insta used for 1 raid. You use heal ring too? Healing %? Heal spell forged how many times? How's Force doing, does he still play? His IGN's gone from my friend list, possibly retired? 😔
  7. Play For Fun


    C'est en effet plus difficile qu'avant. Après quelques mises à jour, la défense gagne en niveau et en amélioration, contrairement aux sorts et aux troupes. De nos jours, pour gagner des batailles, vous devez utiliser l'anneau de guérison avec un pourcentage de guérison élevé (supérieur à 100%).
  8. Play For Fun

    One troop raids

    Probably yes. Saw some players made demo videos about troop cheat (unlimited/undying) / spell cheat (1-hit-all-destroy, some ranged spells could destroy anything in its range). They said 'safe-no-ban cheat'. This game's beaten by cheat engine easily 🤣
  9. Play For Fun

    Poll to uncover the truth about the forum changes

    iVote for Chuck Norris, da legend 💃
  10. Another official huge nerf-list?
  11. Play For Fun

    Heal Aura Ring

    Perma-nerf. They silently nerf ogre before, not fixed. Now they nerf wolf (or bugged? whatever), heal ring. Next in FG list: possibly pal flute related. All most-used things in this game will be nerf sooner or later. Great way to get rid off players 👍
  12. Play For Fun

    Heal Aura Ring

    Developer forced players to buy specific gear by applying nerf/buff at some... after most players bought that item... then developer nerf it. Was sonicblast aura ring, now heal ring, next pal flute shoe. They've been doing this trick to pals, gears, spells, troops That's how to fock up their customer, to get more money 👈
  13. This bug still exist or had been fixed? I didn't aware of it, rarely do raid, play only CQ against easy opponents, don't know about this occurring bug
  14. Play For Fun

    The Score Decrement Counter Has Stopped

    It was fine last night, after I did my last raid 5/5, it was 1 vs 3, the score-to-supreme victory's still decreasing over time. But this morning when I checked again, 4th contender jumped in (1 vs 4), double check score after 1 minute, after ten minutes, after half an hour, check-check-check... there's no decrement at all??? Is that a bug? Worried if I'll be stuck there forevah... (read: whole day zzzz) 😬 #stuckforever #boredashell
  15. FG should allow members who joined late after CQ started, to be able to donate resources at least. It's fine to forbid them to do war (war score exploit issue), but not the resource donation (no harm done).