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  1. If their alliance managed to reach the max level but that they only have 15 members in it when they are supposed to have 65, then there is an issue with the leader of the alliance who doesn't manage it properly, he needs to recruit players, it has nothing to do with the balancing of the game. Again you could exploit the Rank by kicking players before the war season and recruiting them just when it starts.
  2. Hello, I guess you are referring to the fact that less members in an alliance should not be matched with alliances with more members? Here both alliances can have 65 members in total, so they are matched together. If having less members than your max possible amount would match you with less powerful alliances... then it would be super easy to exploit this by simply kicking players before the war season starts then recruiting them right away after the war season starts. You would have a super powerful alliance with 65 players matched with a little one. Hope this answers the question
  3. The promised changes will come soon. We are currently waiting for every platform to have access to 4.0.... before we activate them with an update!
  4. Yes the range is 3.0! And for the explanation on how it works:
  5. This will be fixed with 4.0
  6. Thank you for forwarding, we will investigate. For your issue number 1, you might try to install the game again, and/or release space in your internal memory of the phone. This red message usually happen for these 2 reasons.
  7. Hello, we checked tier10, and island 3 from the Ninja event, and found no Beast, either no Gate Towers. Level 5 has a Beast, and 3 gate towers, just like your described. Your situation is quite unique, also you described later that you saw the Archimedes Beast, which only appears on level 26, which also contains 3 gate towers but is way longer than a normal level, so you could tell from the path and number of towers + the difficulty (if the issue is that they switched). Quite puzzled by what happened to you, we will keep on watching for similar issues/claims in the future to find out, thank you for forwarding.
  8. As we are already discussing these ideas, can you add the reason why you would request those changes, and also your level ingame/your trophies amount, so we know in which range you are, so we can know in which range of gameplay (low, middle, high, top) those changes would be appreciated
  9. FTB

    Speed Cup

    Mortars at: 0:26, 2:16, 2:40, 3:22, 3:32, 3:35
  10. It depends on your combo, learn more here:
  11. Hello, Just to clarify, here, I said that we are REBALANCING THE POWER of the WHOLE defense, so the offense is not overpowered anymore. A consequence of this future change would be that players might use more towers at the start of their defense to stop players from even reaching the gate, instead of now trying to put all the towers near the gate because the offense is overpowered. My statement in the other tread has no connection to what is discussed in this tread.
  12. Still working on it in this very moment
  13. We will fix this, thanks for forwarding the issue.
  14. Taking care of that, Beasts will be changed soon in Ninja Event :)
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