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  1. Thank you for the feedback we will fix this as soon as possible
  2. Bela pal...a mirage?

    Hello, Aki has been rebalanced a few weeks ago, it is super useful now: We will take a closer look into Growl and Bela as well.
  3. Thank you flare

    You're welcome Enjoy the Pro Shop is available now
  4. Like Fii Nami said, this is part of the strategy and concept of this tower, you need the right timing to destroy it and go ahead with your hero on purpose (and take the risk to die) to activate it before your units come to help. Or you can use the Hero scream so your units don't pass it once they are in front of it. It is also designed this way so you need to face it, you can't destroy it from the opposite path. This is creating new possibilities of designs as well... I have faced some very tough new designs since they have been introduced
  5. Hello, A max forged Hammerstrike can't one-shot a max forged Basilisk Tower. There is about 15% Health left. Theoretically, the Hammertrike power should be half of the Sonic Blast power. It is currently more than half on the last 3 levels of the spell, the reason is that you almost have 6secs of cooldown between the 1st half and the 2nd half of the power (the obstacle can be healed in-between), and that it doesn't last 3secs (you can't touch multiple obstacles). So it has to be more than half the power to be balanced. We also answer another community request by providing an easier solution against Basilisk Tower around the gate in wars. If one enemy uses 2 Basilisk Towers around the gate, run ahead, Hammerstrike + finish it with the tower with the hero, then go to the other one and do the same! I will continue to read all the feedbacks, thank you
  6. Done And we are working on other suggestions/improvements you proposed, I don't want to spoil the surprise so stay tuned for what comes out
  7. Let me answer some balancing changes first (for the ones I didn't answer, we are discussing them): Mortars and Cannons are ballistic machinery, so they are resistant to piercing since they are made of iron and wood. Now Fire can melt iron and wood, this is why we made them both weak to it so you have the choice of a long range blunt damage machinery, or a long range poison damage machinery. If Storm Cannon were worth far more than Mortars, Mortars would not be currently used in top defenses more than Storm Cannons. It all depend on your strategy, Mortars take more space than Cannons with a bit less range, but the Poison is deadly because without heal it constantly deals damage. I know you wrote this before the Pro boosts come so: Holy Paladin combined with Unholy Paladins = almost unstoppable in offense! And you have a long range with the dragon coming out of it and petrifying + stunning everything. Since people started to use Bladestorm instead of Firestorm, players started implementing the Frost Tower in their defense again. Actually the Frost Tower is more deadly than the Snake Tower, but few people know this. The Basilisk Tower (boosted) deals Poison damage, so making it not weak against poison was designed on purpose. Its 3 weaknesses are: Blunt damage, Normal damage and Fire. The Heal Tower is already really weak to Piercing, so we didn't want to release the very next tower with the exact same weakness, it would have create some imbalance in the gameplay. I like the idea of burning the witch. Now when building the Necromancer we tried different possibilities, and as you said before Firestorm was already used by most players, and as you said before Fire is a weakness shared by a lot of defensive things. So we decided to make it weak to piercing and ice and at the same time improve the Swordrain spell (It is actually useful now!) so people have the choice to use either Blizzard or Swordrain, and another spell than Firestorm. The Lightning Tower is actually weak to Bladestorm as well, which make it different from the Firebolt Tower. We wanted to make it weak to long-ranged-long-time-effect spells so it has the time to defend itself. Swordrain is long range, but not long effect, so it would one-shot the tower before it could even shoot anything, that would make the tower really useless, and force players to only use Swordrain, which would create an unbalance. Currently Swordrain can one-shot Heal Towers, but that doesn't make Heal Towers useless because they are usually placed as a support in far away spots that you can't reach right away. You usually first face other towers, then you can reach the Heal Towers a bit later.
  8. Can Cannons Shoot at Beasts now?

    Yes it is available for everyone now Glad you enjoy it
  9. There is a problem

    Hello, we will release a solution for this in the future version of the game This kind of situation won't happen anymore.
  10. I confirm this fact! Pro-Archers are immune to confusion
  11. We took action and introduced your idea in the game with this live server update: Thanks for the suggestion
  12. Pro-Crystals

    Hehe, okay we will discuss the idea for a future version, thanks for the suggestion