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  1. FTB

    Speed Cup

    Mortars at: 0:26, 2:16, 2:40, 3:22, 3:32, 3:35
  2. It depends on your combo, learn more here:
  3. FTB

    Heavily reduced trophies for 96%-99% raids

    Hello, Just to clarify, here, I said that we are REBALANCING THE POWER of the WHOLE defense, so the offense is not overpowered anymore. A consequence of this future change would be that players might use more towers at the start of their defense to stop players from even reaching the gate, instead of now trying to put all the towers near the gate because the offense is overpowered. My statement in the other tread has no connection to what is discussed in this tread.
  4. Still working on it in this very moment
  5. FTB

    +6800 trophys in Game

    We will fix this, thanks for forwarding the issue.
  6. FTB

    Beast change in Ninja Event

    Taking care of that, Beasts will be changed soon in Ninja Event :)
  7. FTB


    I confirm
  8. This is the case, it is designed on purpose like this
  9. FTB

    Small Suggestion on Sounds and Music

    Usually you would start recording already before starting the battle, not during the battle, otherwise you already miss some parts of the battle itself. And so the options can be set just before starting the battle to fit which type of video you want to record
  10. For this very reason, that the Time warp scrolls exists, this would make this idea/feature not fair for everyone. Now about the Gate towers, the whole power of defense will be rebalanced in a way that offense is not overpowered anymore, we are working on it
  11. Both Gargoyle Tower and Gargoyle Nest are more resistant to Blizzard now!
  12. We will do Thanks for the suggestion, stay around to see the change coming
  13. FTB

    New Pal with Bonus Luck

    Okay we will discuss the idea, thanks for suggesting