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  1. Its one if the reasons I quit the game, the game had become so boring.
  2. Maybe we will be lucky and get the Blacksmiths event ☺
  3. Its always announced Tuesday after Ninja event and Wednesday after war
  4. If the festival was longer it wouldn't be such a problem
  5. Obviously gold would need to be protected like in war, and their would need to be some incentive to make it worth while for players.
  6. I agree flare needs to do something to keep players engaged, a daily quest would be nice, or maybe an option where one alliance can challenge another alliance, for example a 2 day war, for the period between ninja event and war which is particularly boring.
  7. Why don't you guys use some kind of chat like FB messenger, whatsapp or line.
  8. This should be posted on FB biggest group will give players a good laugh!
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