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  1. Overall weekend special event idea is a good start and nice move. Hope more interesting event will be held in future weekend.
  2. seems that it is end of the day for super paladin. Everyone just hv to be more realistic now.
  3. i don't know bout doom gate, now it takes only 3s for holy paladin to bring it down. LOL
  4. in that case, skull reward will be a pure shit reward
  5. someone just hv to prove that if u always use gem to open chest, u hv 50% of getting skull reward. Because u know, i tend to think that whenever u fail to open the third chest, they always shows u the best reward u want (like gem or in this case skull) probably when u try to use gem to open all chest, chances of getting gem/skull is lower than u thought ? This need statistic XD
  6. it is a game of luck and huge gem if u plan to win by skull reward. I would tend to believe the more u wanna try to open the third chest with gem, the more u will only get bread or gold in return XD
  7. I think this type of decision should be informed earlier to the player. Sudden change is not good. If we would know it earlier, we can decide how long we want to prolong it. elite mummy + elite ablaster + doom gate has been around for some time, i don't think it is fair to suddenly say u can't prolong it anymore, but can only win it in war. Some alliance might hv prolonged the three boosts longer (by luck) before u announce it, so it is unreasonable we can't prolong it anymore. New boost on the other hand is ok if u use this new rule because no one is using it yet.
  8. well honestly judging from description, i would say prolonging elite pyro and elite froster is kinda optional, u don't really hv to prolong them since they only aid u in raiding instead of defence. But nowadays raiding is easier overall, even without elite pyro / elite froster , u still can win with old combo. Gargoyle tower on the other hand, might worth prolonging and see how it works out in defence. If it is not as promising then just treat it as additional reward
  9. i think he mean rank 1 will receive all 3 , rank 2 receive last two boost, and so on. In old system, position 1 : doom gate position 2 : ab position 3 : mummy current system is the position will be randomly assign in different season (odd and even season) rank 1 winner will get all three boost rank 2 winner get last two boost etc
  10. so dracomancer/dragofroster works in similar way in defence ? but in defence we will hv limited number of froster of pyro, so how many can they gather power and transform into something useful before get killed ?
  11. I have to agree that the game is getting repetitious and boring. Need something new to make things interesting. New troop ? new spell ? new tower ? new environment ? well any of them could gv new excitement
  12. i think still at most 5 war, only duration per war increase, loser bonus won't
  13. boost length is not mention, opps i guess no change XD
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