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  1. An alliances rewards should also change according to the strength calculation. It would still make sense to make the tier buckets visible to all, thus no surprise enemy when conquest starts (it will still be random alliances from the bucket on the map), and alliances can plan ahead if they've gone into a high tier. The problem is thus: Everyone wants to win Somebody has to lose Those that lose complain, those that win, don't, so no matter how you matchmake, someone will still complain.
  2. neilr81

    Soldiers' Vision Radius is far too large!

    This is to let players scout more effectively (so they can plan where to go), while limiting towers ability to see the enemy, from a physics point, it doesn't make sense, but works for conquest. If players had limited vision, there would be a lot of frustration going down dead ends and running out of energy.
  3. neilr81

    Can't build a level 4 tower

    Maybe I'm missing something, we have the -15% tower costs tech, level 10 stone (storing 49.7k stone), but a level 4 tower costs 51k, so, even if we wanted to, we can't build it. Is this on purpose, or a miscalculation somewhere? (cost is way too high anyway=)).
  4. neilr81

    Wisdom costs for Research

    I think it was an overreaction to the first war when wisdom costs were too low. The players wisdom tower should be able to donate about 3x as much per level, it would probably feel more balanced then, the problem is the 1440 (level 8 tower) was in place when max wisdom was 75k, so kind of matched, now max wisdom is 160k, the costs per item has been decreased, but the donation rate is still the same. Each item costs on average about 45k, this requires at least 30 people to do a full donation, so it basically becomes one research item per day (given 2 days to fill up), and they're only worth researching in the first 6 days (last days it's too late for them to make a difference), so you're really talking about 10 items being researched and that being it. If someone wants to gem to fill it faster (~300 gems to fill), it would cost 9000 gems for each research item (this is also 100,000,000 gold to alliance treasury, which is a lot more valuable than one tech tree item that doesn't exist after conquest.
  5. And it appears below a chest with a 12day timer, which I mention....
  6. So basically, no pal flute till this is fixed (I tried using it, but it was very hard to keep the scream separate to battle cry effect, troops would be screamed around corner but die to skull bombs that battle cry would normally allow them to survive against).
  7. The contents of a chest are determined when you get the chest, not when you open it. That chest looks like a bought chest (7500 crystals) as it doesn't have a timer and is below the uber chests which seems to have a long timer on them.
  8. A large map should mean more conquered tiles per alliance, and a smaller one will mean less, so the tier balancing and alliance rewards will need to be adjusted accordingly. Large map will also need more watchtowers to gain tiles vs. rewards which are the same, so stone/gold cost per tower should be reduced accordingly. It would also be nice if participation for war was increased to 50, and similarly for conquest, reduce the participation per alliance to 50, rather than having to go back to kicking people when they go on holidays or get sick.
  9. Conquest and war should have the same number of participants (45 at the moment), this was a nice feature in war that meant we didn't have to kick people on holiday, and should be extended to conquest (generals and leader assign the conquest heroes, the remaining can watch, donate or share strategies)
  10. neilr81

    Conquest and alliances Collusion

    The rewards for making deals in conquest are very big, instead of splitting troops 50/50, you can send them all in one direction, it would be very rare for a team of same level to hold off two attacking teams at once. In war the deals happen, but are limited by one declare per day and few fiefdoms to move to.
  11. neilr81

    A tie does not pay in conquest

    This is probably to prevent collusion, everyone take same number of tiles, so you get all boosts, it is better this way, gargoyle is the good (defensive) boost, tower is OK.
  12. neilr81

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    Wisdom has definitely been broken, 1440 wisdom every 2 days at max level 8 for 65 people only fills 2/3, and each research item costs 1/3 or more, it's just not sustainable.
  13. neilr81

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    I think it would be great to show the other alliances in each tier, that way there's no surprise with who you're matched with, and can plan accordingly (understanding that a group could be the top 3 in the tier and the bottom 1 based on random chance), it would be great if regular war moved to the tiering system as well (as well as having one set of rewards 1-6, but that's been a long standing request for regular wars =)). With matchmaking, someone will always complain, but as long as it's clear and obvious how the matching was done, the complaints are kind of invalid. I would also put the bonus boost for 100 tiles and have a chest reward at 200, that way even a weaker team has a chance at getting a boost, last conquest we were able to keep two other alliances below 100 tiles, and they knew this, so didn't bother fighting.
  14. neilr81

    Other alliance in conquest war

    On the matching, I'd imagine you can be randomly selected against anyone else in your "bucket", so if you move to the 200 rank, then you are liable to face any other 200 rank alliance (whether you are a level 20 or level 80 alliance). It would be nice if they could expose the buckets so people can see who they are likely to face, and what the size of the bucket is (the top bucket seems maybe 15-20 alliances, probably less).
  15. neilr81

    No skull perks on pro weapon and gloves

    This has always been the case, skull perk is Flare's way of reducing a king's strength during war battles, this is just another part of that (endless perking and getting the wrong perk all the time being the others).