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  1. Told to take a Break?

    Well, the image is about ~18 months old, what country are you in?
  2. Pro chests are good for pal food and pearls, useless for anything else. The Pro-Shop should stock all the items and rotate weekly, it's not like the items are cheap to get due to using crystals.
  3. Server Maintenance?

    That's usually because the people working on it don't know what's going on, if they did, it would be fixed and not happening.
  4. Told to take a Break?

    Some countries have laws around how long people are allowed to do certain things, such as online gaming, what country is the OP in? If it happens again, take a screenshot, could also be some malware
  5. Server Maintenance?

    which means it's unplanned due to an unexpected issue they've found... Their priority is fixing the issue, then they'll notify about it (as obviously you can't notify people about an unplanned problem).
  6. Shortcomings in the War System

    How many fiefdoms did they have compared to other alliances?
  7. There's a bug I've only seen with Paladins where the time runs as normal, but the animation takes forever, essentially taking 6-10 seconds off the raid. Usually though, the timer stops, or runs very slowly (like 0.5 second) while the animation happens, but your spells are halfway through cooldown already (implying 5-6 seconds of game time has passed). The king movement is because you don't lift your finger in time after the animation starts and before the controls get locked out, so the king slowly moves to the point your finger was (usually near the dragon). This is annoying and should be fixed as well, by cutting off control, then moving to the animation (with the timer paused as well).
  8. The thread is asking for more things for max players to do, the answer will be more levels and the OP crying that that's not what they meant.
  9. It's birthday soon, so: New throne room level New level to all units/towers/spells New Pal level? Maybe more dungeons New alliance levels + whatever the new content is
  10. Please stop it flare

    Well, I like to see this every 2 days, there's lots of pop-ups in game to drive monetization, you're just going to have to accept it. If you still click through on the confirmation screen, I don't think anyone can help you, and during raids, you must be accidentally retreating and using scrolls all the time.
  11. I verified today that it still gave additional inventory slots, I went from 33 to 35 slots after two raids.
  12. Please stop it flare

    Just to prove there is a confirmation screen:
  13. Why not phoebe in shop?

    +1, all I get is food and pearls these days, from the won chests or the bought ones.
  14. Why not phoebe in shop?

    It should probably rotate more often than it does (the current lot of items are pretty poor, so it would be sad to have them for so many weeks), they should keep all the pals though, like they did in the last store, or have a separate section for them (as presumably they'll add a pro dragon, granny beast, bela, fritz etc. over time).
  15. Bad move making hammerstrike so strong!

    I'm liking the new hammerstrike, the change makes a lot of sense, you can't do the usual touch and run that you do with Sonic (and other duration spells), so it's not as good for the COD, but is great at killing basilisks (and yes, the head appearing, then 1 second the health bar, is a bit stupid, the game has very little real physics to it, but you'd expect the head to be immediately vulnerable as a visual cue). Still think it's a weak attempt at hiding the obvious flaws in the gate towers dynamic (these towers do no damage at this stage of a raid, and only exist to frustrate, just removing the two closest locations makes the stupid mechanic go away).