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  1. It's based off 4 conquests, but there should be a lot more alliances in the top tier than before, so while you could get VL/Todes/Mustika, you could just as easily get a number of teams ranked below you. I think the strategy of win one/lose one isn't going to work great for conquest, alliances will have to accept that sometimes they'll win easily, sometimes they'll lose by a lot and sometimes it'll be a hard fought battle for 2nd or 3rd place, remembering for every team on here complaining about losing (blaming matchmaking), there is another team not on here currently happy that they're winning. Everyone has to face someone, and this way leads to very little manipulation chances (i.e. by dropping trophies/fiefs/members), other good thing with conquest, is a smaller dedicated team has a good chance to beat a larger lazy team through quick victories, and playing smart (if the enemy plays smart, you'll probably lose, but it's an opportunity to create better strategies). Ultimately, if they can improve in game comms, assign squads (and comms within squads) or allow generals to move people, fix the stone shortages and bugs (e.g. +3 battles being broken), and improve the rewards, they have the beginnings of a fun game mode. Other ancillary items still need to be fixed: cheating in pro-league being encouraged by top heavy rewards, original war system, gate towers, endless perking, and then bugs like multi-touch and video boosts. I'm very disappointed with the double Viking boost, the original demolisher boost did nothing other than boost the stats, the conquest boost actually changes the unit and makes it more useful, the Viking stats should be demolisher by default (and drop that boost entirely) and let the conquest boost enhance it, suddenly a lot more people would use Viking (the basilisk boost is also similar in that it adds nothing but higher stats to the tower, so basically the same as adding 2-3 more levels to the unit).
  2. I think the break is region specific, and based on laws in that country, I've never seen it.
  3. neilr81

    Money Money Money

    Every boost should be won in each war, rather than rotating, top team gets 6 boosts, bottom team gets 1. Neil
  4. We hit this as well, move other players into the attack, and they can win it for you.
  5. I think this is the solution, allow players to assign themselves to squads, where generals can move them, or give them the option to let generals control their movements and attacks.
  6. Cromka1 is right, the tech tree is actually impossible to finish in this war due to the last few items costing more wisdom than any alliance can possibly have upgraded to. We also hit a bug where our 23 people on a tower couldn't fight when the tower was attacked. The +3 fights tech tree item is also broken. @cr1, go up right and you will see a 75k item 😃
  7. The alliance stronghold towers go to level 10 (at least), figured out from the wisdom cost of the last tech tree items not being enough for the last few items (level 9 holds 60k, and 75k is needed for +30% energy refresh)
  8. Just select a different player to guard it, each player can only guard one tower (does not have to be there), I'm guessing 65 is the maximum tower count (for a level 80 alliance).
  9. neilr81

    -60% builder movment tech tree

    This is probably the most useful boost so far, towers win conquest, build towers, protect them, win
  10. 8 days is about right, if they fix the logging in all the time problem, 5 days is too short to conquer a map. I'll write a detailed summary of what needs fixed, how and why when it's over, rather than jumping to a million conclusions.
  11. you built it too far from your base, the builder has a long time to travel to get there. Watchtowers win the game, so there should be a cost to getting them built in time, otherwise they'd be everywhere too fast. Stone production is too slow, troop production about right, and wisdom production is too high, these need to be balanced better.
  12. neilr81

    Reward of conquest war.

    The reward levels should be improved, I don't agree with rewards for skulls (the battles should earn medals though, and double XP), or you'll get some players soloing the enemy for the good of themselves and not the alliance. All resources should be on capturing and maintaining territory.
  13. There's 3 dialogs you have to go through to build a tower, it's very hard to make a mistake, likely he was just excited to build a tower (and don't worry, we have lots of stupidly placed towers from over excited generals as well).
  14. neilr81

    POLL: What is your reaction on the Conquest mode so far

    it requires communication between team members and coordination in attacks, we are able to optimise attacks when opponent is sleeping, downside is some of our groups don't move during their sleep hours, so we rotate other groups to protect them. Good organisation is needed, but it's the same in any war When recruiting, the most important thing in the future will be someone who can follow instructions properly.
  15. neilr81

    POLL: What is your reaction on the Conquest mode so far

    good fun so far, need strategy rather than just going solo, and needs coordination within the team.