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  1. Probably they need to check what the usage of the feature is, and that it doesn't crash their server when used, hence, giving it a limited release at the beginning.
  2. We've seen Lacunac's humblebrags before, hopefully the devs aren't paying any attention to them.
  3. Also show average conquest level buildings in the player profile, it's impossible to know until after joining that a member has level 3 buildings! (skull perk is the other one to add :), but better to get rid of, or cap it)
  4. In defence, they are all pretty effective, essentially, for the high level ninja, you have to have a spell ready to kill them, or the king is dead, regardless of the ninja type. On offence, they die too easily to make a lot of difference, especially later in the level, I'd suggest a "revive" ninja bar, where dead ninja's slowly come back to being available as the fight continues, or possibly have the defence ninja target units except the king, unless the king is alone.
  5. To get down to brass tacks, the contention you have at the beginning of this thread is wrong, there is no improved gameplay mechanic to be gained by forcing higher skull counts onto players as they level up, with level 95 acting as a natural peak at which you should have a balanced attack and defence and be able to attack any base in the game (possibly with a few scrolls to help at the very top level). At 95, you are essentially in "endgame" mode with your progression with the large earlier gains now being much smaller and having more subtle impacts on the gameplay. It is also a Tower Defense and Attack game, meaning a delicate balance must be kept between the two. If you get to 95, you should then be striving to hit 130 as soon as possible, not avoiding experience in case you give away more skulls (this is also why they stopped the food cost growth as king's levelled as it acted as a disincentive to continue levelling up).
  6. It was actually 100 Sultan each for the last 2 levels, each Sultan is worth about 2000 pal food once maxed .
  7. Managed to max out Sultan (which then allows you to convert to pal treats with an ominous "More coming soon", which doesn't make sense). Also, in hundreds of chests, not 1 single Gaspar (currently have level 2 from a one time offer, but need 1 to get to level 3).
  8. Any plans to allow items to be converted to pro? (with appropriate stat boost), it's very disheartening to struggle with older items forged over a hundred times for a high skull perk when new items become available, birthday and vampire set seem to be starting a trend of updating uber items, but also says not to bother perking non-pro items. Any plans to reward the high fiefdom alliances? At the moment, everyone wants to drop fiefs to take care of high loser bonus, and as skull perk of 33 is achievable in a few weeks with pro items, the gap to high level alliances in skull perks doesn't exist anymore, and instead has made it impossible to win after an alliance gets 1 loser bonus against a high fiefdom alliance. Can the daily timings such as donation or be reduced by 15-30 minutes, so they can be collected at the same time each day? (or make them per 24 hours), it feels such a waste to have an alliance subscription but have to login every 8 hours to keep donations on track, I'm already paying money to donate more, why are you making me login or stay up late as well? My 3 simple suggestions for much better war Make champ fights double the regular fights rather than +10 (finding champs is very difficult these days) Make doom gate a regular boost (no one wants it due to gate tower mechanic) and distribute the remaining 5 boosts for the top 5 alliances per war, rather than alternating (making it 2 months between boosts being won) Have a 10-30 minute declaring window per day so all bonuses are calculated before next round of battles start (right now it's a game of fastest finger on fastest network first)
  9. At the level you are at, those 80-95 players won't make a difference, on the top wars, these things matter, if you have players avoiding level up below 95, you're playing the game wrongly. Some top level 130 players have awful bases, and only become acceptable with all boosts enabled, in close wars, we push these guys up to 9th position. edit: just to also note, you never want to be in a case where a team of 45 people all level 110 and above (for example) can't win against a team of people at level 100 due to the 70 skulls lost per attack (about ~10,000 skull difference at the end of the war just due to level). You could argue that the skull per person should be the same for every king, more than increasing the cap for high level kings, but it feels about right at the moment, if you are a level 90 king that isn't levelling up due to skull increases, then you're playing the game backwards.
  10. Getting a level 80 account into that state is a lot of work, however, we have lots of players in the 95-120 zone that could be used that way, 95 is about the level that attack starts to max out, improves are very gradual from then on, if the cap was raised to 120 (for example), we'd have lots of 95-115 players to push up into the 9-15 zone. And again, we'd be in the ludicrous position of people trying not to level their king up, which should be discouraged at all costs, a player should never be punished for playing the game and getting better.
  11. At the top, everyone is over 95, if the value of skulls per player kept going up, we'd get a bunch of low level accounts, give them a decent defence, and push them to our 9-15th position and cost the enemy a bunch of skulls per battle.
  12. Insta goyle also boosts damage and HP slightly for defence gargs. Best war boost was ruthless pharaoh combined with surprise mummy (aka the boosts that broke gate tower only defences). I wish Flare would stop basing boosts on the first place boost from a previous war. Uberblaster is useless without frostblaster.
  13. The best way for high players to score skulls is to attack the highest trophy unshielded player, level doesn't matter. It doesn't make sense to change the L95 cap, unless you have players cheating with low levels and attacking high level bases, a player should never feel like they can't level up (which is also why they introduced the food cap).
  14. Frost traps do kill flyers, but aren't attacked by them, traps are by far the weirdest part of the game: Not susceptible to much blunt damage anymore Most spells are ineffective against them, or cause barely any damage Some units fly over them unharmed, but are harmed if they are frost traps Monks attack them from across the path, but ogres or Vikings do not On the changes, is anything being thought about the gargoyle spam that renders most aura and guardians useless? i.e. since the twisted trickster boost, most high level defences will be gargoyle heavy, amplified with gargoyle nests. Donkey is great at combatting this because it can be used so early and quite often, meaning the nests can be reached and destroyed quickly. All other guardians take too long to be activated (you'll be dead many times before being able to use Gaspar), or are ineffective against enemies who blow themselves up and insta-respawn, it also means that most melee attack effects do nothing because the gargoyle has blown itself up before the fear/intimidate effect has any change to work. It also makes it very hard to compete without heavenly haven, as the Gargoyles will just spam/destroy the tent if the player is calling any units.
  15. Having just done Vein of gold XXX again, I can kind of see why this is a thing, but it is a pretty mad thing. There is a level hit about mid progression where your attack is good, but not good enough for top bases (so raising trophies is discouraged), and your base is useless (because there is much more to upgrade and perk), Flare would probably find it easier to keep players if they fixed this mid-level problem (from about level 70 - 100, maybe 110 these days).
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