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  1. This is great: Hero Items can now be melted down directly from the Throne Room's Item Details screen Next, a way to sort inventory items by name
  2. neilr81

    Absolute Trash matching for war

    If you over expanded, and didn't recruit and grow the alliance when you were winning all the fiefs, you'll inevitably end up in this situation, when you were winning you needed to be putting the alliance gold into levelling up so you could stay competitive. There was a more extreme case with a Ukrainian alliance who used cheats to get to 120 fiefs, then they collapsed when they were facing the top alliances each war.
  3. neilr81

    How have you experienced the new matchmaking?

    Not really, just finish low in your current tier, but above relegation, for an easy map next time.
  4. neilr81

    How have you experienced the new matchmaking?

    Conquest is now the same as war, keep dropping tiles for easier matchmaking
  5. neilr81

    One "fine example of matchmaking in Conquest

    Which tier is it? If you keep coming top or near top of your current tier, then you'll run into the big alliances very quickly. The three you linked to got relegated from their current tiers and got completely played off the map.
  6. Because people don't understand maths, it was turkeys voting for Christmas.
  7. neilr81

    Conquest map

    Every special tile should provide a resource of some kind. Also, it's very hard to see anything on the "global" map view, it should allow zooming and also include all special tiles available.
  8. neilr81

    How have you experienced the new matchmaking?

    That's great, I went looking in the alliance base but couldn't find it.
  9. it's an interesting idea, but I couldn't trust it to be implemented correctly, it will end up that an alliance chooses the wrong tech tree and gets crushed because other tech trees are way more powerful for the map in use. Also, if there was a tech tree such as "reduce watchtower costs, reduce troop costs" then a rich alliance just gems them anyway, and picks the attack/defence tree and dominates the alliance that is trying to save on getting resources. If flare want to do some testing with tech trees and their impacts, play advance wars or advance wars 2 for a few weeks.
  10. neilr81

    How have you experienced the new matchmaking?

    If there is other matchmaking going on within the tiers, then the alliance rewards should be adjusted accordingly and it should be made obvious when that happens, or just keep it completely random within the tier (and make more tiers). The promotion/demotion tiers should also be viewable when conquest is not in progress (which also lets other alliances see the scores from the last conquest).
  11. The conquest values should be set so that a team of 65 people with level 8 buildings rarely needs to use gems for any resources, then it comes down to battlefield tactics and ability to win battles.
  12. neilr81

    Skill trees

    Gold isn't the problem, wisdom is, conquest feels like before they limited the war attacks, when the best player was the one who shared his account so they could attack non-stop for 24 hours earning 2% skull bonus each time, and everyone was playing crazy. Now the crazy is in gemming to rush the conquest resources, if you don't gem like crazy, you lose, doesn't matter if you win all your battles, just spend gems, and nobody can even attack you anymore, it's become the situation where someone could pay for infinite range perk on sonic blast and think they are brilliant beating all the bases (this doesn't exist thankfully), but instead it's infinite gem spend on conquest resources.
  13. neilr81

    Skill trees

    We did about 10, maybe 11, a few of us gemmed to get those done. Alliances we were facing gemmed them all on the first day, at which point there was no point doing anymore fighting because a) even if we gemmed to catch up, we were too far behind to make a difference, b) we unlocked all the rewards anyway and didn't get relegated, and only missed out on the defensive conquest boosts, so we might drop a few trophies, which isn't a big deal (amazing how there is only a few offense boosts that matter at all after all this time, Vikings, necro, gargs, mortar etc. all still useless for attacking, I tried the, very expensive to maintain, double boosted Viking, but Wolf is still much better. even after the howl range nerf).
  14. This has been the case even for uber items, just don't buy them
  15. neilr81

    Balance defence/attack

    While we were on the good end of this attack, because all the defence tech was at the beginning of the tree, we didn't get to the attack tech (which would have required hundreds of thousands of gems), so we basically couldn't attack ANYONE all war, just had to sit back and watch towers being built and being held by 1 or 2 people while sitting lame. It's hard to know what the developers were thinking with ultra defensive conquest tiles as well, the whole thing was just one big gigantic mess, it seems conquest has gotten worse since it started rather than better.