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  1. neilr81

    Better war rewards? A joke.

    So your issue is that the war system itself needs a big change, but you have no problem with the existing rewards getting better (which is how your post comes across initially), the new lower uber/pal and gold uber chest being lower does help a little. The fact that you can't reach the new top tier reward isn't a valid complaint.
  2. neilr81

    Better war rewards? A joke.

    The gold chest has existed for a long time, usually in one time offers, it contains all special named items. It's hard to know what you're complaining about, less rewards for all because they're all useless anyway, or give everything away in one easily get-able chest so no one has to work for anything. Better war rewards is great, it would be better if they were greater, but this is a good step in the right direction. Now they need to make it advantageous to always gain fiefs and not strategically lose them every other war.
  3. neilr81

    War event

    You need to post the map and fief counts of each alliance if you want to complain effectively.
  4. neilr81

    How to 24/7 online!

    I posted the method in the other thread
  5. neilr81

    Better war rewards? A joke.

    This change is great, lots more volunteering for champ now hopefully Thought I would make it two tiers, 70k and 80k, so people can get two pro chests.
  6. neilr81

    +6800 trophys in Game

    It's simple, stay online till the maximum amount required, then when the game allows attacks anyway, use multiple other lower accounts to attack and fail (or win, just use up the full 2min 43s), then once the "force offline" period times out, login again and stay online. Helped by getting pushed to +700 over other players so no one can take trophies off you until they get pushed themselves and hit the always online issue anyway. Player is basically abusing Flare's broken logic for trophy gains and attack prevention when online (which clearly isn't required as war battles can happen at any time). It messes things up because the gold calculation depends on attacks happening synchronously, so now Flare might give away too much gold (though who cares if a few players get high gold at the same time). Now, does this abuse deserve the player to be banned? Were a sportsperson to do such as this (taking advantage of the rules to create a broken scenario), they would be banned from the sport, I'd suggest Flare do the same for players like this, if only down to awful sportsmanship, it would also send a message out to other players doing the same (of course you'll have to ignore the inevitable crying from the player doing this, as if they didn't know they were purposely breaking the game).
  7. I don't believe Rev had as many accounts running as stated (it would be great for an honest answer to this, in Apocalypse, how many accounts were being run by the 5 highest multi-accounters), but I don't think it's good for the game, or person, to be keeping an alliance running with so few people (relatively speaking), it was sad to see old heads that I'd known from other alliances turn into "headless" accounts to be solely used for war battles. There has been a bit of a resurgence among the lower alliances, which is great to see, and I've no doubt someone else would keep Apoc going if Rev leaves (similar with Roaring Lions).
  8. neilr81

    Improve in Maintenance Break

    I think the current system is perfect, it tells you in game in plenty of time, if you're not logging in, then you never know about it. If there's a game update, or an outage, they post it to the forum, but don't for the more mundane smaller breaks. If they were to scale, they could geo-distribute to multiple locations, and deploy dark, but I'd imagine most of the issues are around keeping their content db (and it's schema) intact, and replicating that to multiple regions, while live, is difficult and expensive.
  9. They never reduced the existing time for the dungeon event (I spent about 300 gems, 1 diamond league win, to speed it up to take advantage).
  10. Why would they? Spend the gems and your next wave gets a very fast upgrade.
  11. neilr81


    I like the multi-color effect, you can always disable it
  12. neilr81

    Useless Event: Boost your Castle

    Just because I'm at max, doesn't mean that I get annoyed that other people can take advantage from this event, and catch up to me.
  13. neilr81

    Sp on pro ring 💍, flare trick us all...

    Therein lies the problem with random forgings, someone else gets it first try, you take 75 tries.
  14. neilr81

    When new update? For real...

    I thought the first set of boosts were done well, and changed the game, range bombers, stunning ogre, blunt archers, they added a different dimension to the units. Even the war boosts did that (although doom gate is useless due to gate towers, froster useless due to low range/health), then they started adding new units, and the boost was just a double the health/attack of that unit, which was just a cynical way of adding extra boosts for no reason (it could easily have been included in the usual unit level up progress), + units like arrow tower need 3-4 boosts to be in any way useful, so no one uses, or builds any. Even the first forging set did interesting things, slow on toxic, heal on shield, speed on knight, the newer stuff is very pedestrian.
  15. neilr81

    All cheated by flare n FTB

    I had loads of frosters when bucky beast arrived, so it is possible, just ran out of time in the end