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  1. Frost traps do kill flyers, but aren't attacked by them, traps are by far the weirdest part of the game: Not susceptible to much blunt damage anymore Most spells are ineffective against them, or cause barely any damage Some units fly over them unharmed, but are harmed if they are frost traps Monks attack them from across the path, but ogres or Vikings do not On the changes, is anything being thought about the gargoyle spam that renders most aura and guardians useless? i.e. since the twisted trickster boost, most high level defences will be gargoyle heavy, amplified with gargoyle nests. Donkey is great at combatting this because it can be used so early and quite often, meaning the nests can be reached and destroyed quickly. All other guardians take too long to be activated (you'll be dead many times before being able to use Gaspar), or are ineffective against enemies who blow themselves up and insta-respawn, it also means that most melee attack effects do nothing because the gargoyle has blown itself up before the fear/intimidate effect has any change to work. It also makes it very hard to compete without heavenly haven, as the Gargoyles will just spam/destroy the tent if the player is calling any units.
  2. Having just done Vein of gold XXX again, I can kind of see why this is a thing, but it is a pretty mad thing. There is a level hit about mid progression where your attack is good, but not good enough for top bases (so raising trophies is discouraged), and your base is useless (because there is much more to upgrade and perk), Flare would probably find it easier to keep players if they fixed this mid-level problem (from about level 70 - 100, maybe 110 these days).
  3. Donkey seems by far the best, then probably Trusty, I have Goruc level 3, and it's useless, by the time he's available, the hard part of the map is behind, and the duration is so low as to be useless, never mind that with garg towers his suck power is basically useless (if you remember to use it within the 7 second window which is hard to see). Sultan (level 6) is little better, the time to first use is the killer.
  4. neilr81

    community manager answered Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    If these exploits are OK to use, they should announce it, we're 65 people playing in an alliance, who sleep, eat etc. (and who don't want to lose their accounts) playing against alliances where accounts are shared like a bag of sweets, and Flare doesn't do anything (or does it completely randomly), why should we be spending gems to compete when we can just use all the exploits.
  5. is marked as unsafe due to the cert expiring on December 29th. What's more worrying is the visibility of this cert, yet it's been broken for nearly a week, hopefully some developer is working on a secret rotation strategy to keep the game servers secure, and those that have left Flare had any keys they used rotated.
  6. neilr81

    community manager answered Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    Well Flare never punish the alliance, just the individuals, so alliance gets all the pals, using glitches to keep players on top etc. and encourages the use of multiple accounts, but never takes any hit, why bother playing honestly.
  7. neilr81

    community manager answered Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    The other problem we're facing is multiple accounts shared by a few people in an alliance, making it easy to pin people, and coordinate in conquest, it's against the TOS but it seems some alliances are ignoring them.
  8. neilr81

    Wars still the sad issue.

    Either they'll make deals to give fiefs to other alliances (thus keeping some fights going), or not bother, the personal rewards in wars are pretty bad compared to ninja and conquest (we just had a pretty busy war and didn't even get to the first 65,000 pro chest, which is one of the inferior pro chests).
  9. neilr81

    Wars still the sad issue.

    We've made these simple fix suggestions multiple times, and they always fall on deaf ears (my latest is that champ should double the fights, not +10, in order to get a lot more champ volunteers).
  10. neilr81

    community manager answered Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    Just to bump this, would be nice to have a fix in place before the next conquest, I know lots have logged the issue to support, but it hasn't really been acknowledged publicly at all yet, which is pretty disappointing for an abuse that lead to 41 people being stuck for 80% of the entire conquest.
  11. neilr81

    Yeti Festival 12d 19h

    You can definitely see the evolution of the 3d modelling being done, that yeti helmet looks more like a balloon (I think yeti set was either the first, or near first, special set, when everyone got the skull weapon finally :)), the eskimo was a year later, and much more detailed and form fitting.
  12. Only for the chests you obtain during the event.
  13. Contents of chest is determined by when you get them, not when you open them. If you want to test, get an uber chest, wait till you level up, then open the chest, the perk values will represent your previous level (same applies to the perk on Pro chest items). The only thing that can change is that food will be a different item if your silo is full.
  14. neilr81

    community manager answered Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    Most often conversation within conquest? Player: I'm here, tell me where to go General (2 mins later): Tell me which tile you are on? Player: (gone offline)
  15. neilr81

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    I think it's not a problem to have some areas of the game that are slow to build up, alliance beasts are probably a good example of that (even if Flare do weird things like balance a Level 10 Nemesis defence beast that will likely never exist). The problem occurs when they have to balance the attack/defence part of the game to handle the extreme cases, so a person with Level 10 donkey finds every base easy, they make defence harder for that 1 person, and make it impossible for players with level 3 donkey (as will happen when VL have a 12/12 level 10 Celestial Phoebe that breaks attack). Same happen with pearl perking, they nerf all the monsters back to how they were without perking because they got too powerful, but anyone who doesn't crazy perk is now left with impossible game (or how they increase all the perking values on defence towers and traps, but don't do the same for spells and troops).