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  1. oPelle

    To Captain Morgan and the team.

    @CaptainMorgan You stayed up till 1am with a server maintenance, that's impressive my friend.
  2. oPelle

    Easter egg or...?

    I found 2 things: t.opf = topf (german) = pot/pan topf from Topf & Soehne: a company that was entangled with the politics of mass extermination in national-socialist Germany. It produced crematories as well as parts of the gas chambers. 🙄🙄🙄
  3. oPelle


    you're buying a a triple A...offer package 🤣
  4. oPelle


    I thought it was a song.
  5. oPelle

    Update 4.0 coming by July end

    we don't need new levels, nobody wants their own uber items or pro items obsolete again.
  6. oPelle

    Chapter IV - A Royal Surprise!

    The main reason the update is in late July is because they want to enjoy World Soccer Championship and they don't want to fix bugs while watching some good football plays 🤣
  7. What can i tell you... Consider that stun is stun. If you do some changes with the stun of the Stone Dragon then you have to apply the same changes to the Stun spell since they are the same.
  8. It's normal because stone dragon has Stun Power effect which affects troops, towers and obstacles.
  9. oPelle

    Chapter IV - A Royal Surprise!

    Behind the scenes: Gala: "When these guys are going to stop complaining, they are so boring, even to answer back." Colleague: "Yeah i know, let them spread out their anger, they will calm after, like when you give milk to a baby. They are the same. Just don't talk to them." Gala: "I think the same." Colleague: "No problem."
  10. oPelle

    Chapter IV - A Royal Surprise!

    Gala's reply is toxic
  11. oPelle

    Chapter IV - A Royal Surprise!

    wow Savage!
  12. oPelle

    Chapter IV - A Royal Surprise!

    Very informative, liked.
  13. oPelle

    New Spell: Flood Spell

    I think we should ALL wait for the 4.0 before suggesting totally new spells/troops etc Because the mechanics change quickly in games like this one.
  14. oPelle

    4.0 is imminent

    I think max 1 week to wait
  15. Please delete all chapter videos, they tell nothing 🤣