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  1. Biggest Scam Ever?

    The max they can do for me is to not answer to my messages
  2. Disparity in announcement and reality.

    what does this have to do with this topic regarding pro league?
  3. Minor Animation Bug - beast shadows

    It's not a bug. The transparent shadow of the beast foresees the form of the beast once you'll donate 50 pals of that specific pal. Once you'll donate all the pals required to unlock the beast the shadow will reveal the real aspect of the beast. (the pal evolves into a beast) The fact that a beast has no more a shadow it's because you have already unlocked the beast.
  4. Animation Bug - Gargoyle Tower

    It's a known bug for quite some time.
  5. No Birthday Festival?

    Most likely this indeed.
  6. No Birthday Festival?

    The fact that no one of Flare is talking about the 4.0 update and related things is because they want to give you the surprise of the update. Next week with the birthday chest we'll have the new update. Trust or no trust
  7. Totally reduced chance in pro chests for sure... 7 pro chests won today and got shite (2 duplicated pro items and 1 uber item)
  8. Birthday chest

    i'm sure you'll get a pal in that chest
  9. End-game items

    You can consider "end-game" an item if it's lvl 130 but if your king isn't lvl 130, it's not entirely maxed. The real max can be reached once you hit the lvl 130 with your king. Only there the bonuses stats of the items lvl 130 will be maxed. And from here you can still improve them slightly by forgings them. There would be also the pro items that are 10% better than uber items. It's advisable to buy pro items only if you're lvl 130 or close because the scale of the bonuses varies a lot for them for few king's levels.
  10. Told to take a Break?

    Wait, are you referring to this?
  11. yes with 2 hammerstrike perks.
  12. Troop Power

    The game should explain better and clearly the stats. This question has been raised many times from various kind of players, not just low level players. (On Wikia there were also some others players asking this). It's very easy to misunderstand the stats you see in the Cannon card from the moment that all stats of boosts for troops, obstacles and towers are registered as % for any kind of extra bonus they can give. They should improve the card of the boosts giving more extra informations and not just showing the 2 most primary bonuses. It'd allow to players to understand better what are they paying for.
  13. Currently most of basilisk towers you see around here can be one-shot with 20k hammerstrike, also less needed.
  14. When was the Pro League released?

    Pro league has been added with update 3.5.0 in July 13 and the first pro event was: Marksman Cup: 14 July - 20 July