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  1. hi Opelle, I understand you stopped RR2. Or is it a protest. Really need people like you to help FG.

  2. oPelle

    Olympus Rising Wiki

    I didn't get new notifications since a couple of months from Morgan, therefore the wiki has stopped with the updates. I lost faith also from OR devs and the wish to continue OR. I thought in OR there was a better communication towards people. Sorry if i built a big dream that i destroyed some weeks later.
  3. What he said is a sort of balance on the forgings system
  4. oPelle

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    @Lisa I get disconnection in the CoF (connection lost) if i try to click the "i" to look for the drop chances after i open all chests. windows 10 pc
  5. oPelle

    4.0 Best feature (yet)

    Unique uber items have yellow name too
  6. oPelle

    Turtlenecks & Tabards

    I only know to write bold
  7. oPelle


    Reported for spam
  8. oPelle

    Positive Change in Community Management

    From my point of view they are just more active simply because 4.0 is close and want to show that they answer to people, thing that rarely happened before, and to make a good impression for the newbies that will install RR2 now with the new patch, they will see devs like the best team that answer players, a great technique to hide the past mistakes.
  9. oPelle

    Evoker will die ;C

  10. oPelle

    no Pro league setup - 06 July 2018

    friday 7, you sure
  11. oPelle

    Version 4.0.3

    Looks like someone still has to help me a bit *cough* *cough* captainmorgan *cough* *cough*
  12. oPelle

    Not fair war!

    @CaptainMorgan we have the same problem in our alliance Eleusis of Nemesis, we aren't AT ALL in the map in this DUEL!
  13. oPelle

    A new bug in pro system

    Old bug never fixed.
  14. oPelle

    Suggestion for the Connecting Page

    As KamakshyaP said, with the 4.0 you'll hopefully get a new one.