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  1. hi Opelle, I understand you stopped RR2. Or is it a protest. Really need people like you to help FG.

  2. I didn't get new notifications since a couple of months from Morgan, therefore the wiki has stopped with the updates. I lost faith also from OR devs and the wish to continue OR. I thought in OR there was a better communication towards people. Sorry if i built a big dream that i destroyed some weeks later.
  3. What he said is a sort of balance on the forgings system
  4. @Lisa I get disconnection in the CoF (connection lost) if i try to click the "i" to look for the drop chances after i open all chests. windows 10 pc
  5. Unique uber items have yellow name too
  6. From my point of view they are just more active simply because 4.0 is close and want to show that they answer to people, thing that rarely happened before, and to make a good impression for the newbies that will install RR2 now with the new patch, they will see devs like the best team that answer players, a great technique to hide the past mistakes.
  7. Looks like someone still has to help me a bit *cough* *cough* captainmorgan *cough* *cough*
  8. oPelle

    Not fair war!

    @CaptainMorgan we have the same problem in our alliance Eleusis of Nemesis, we aren't AT ALL in the map in this DUEL!
  9. As KamakshyaP said, with the 4.0 you'll hopefully get a new one.
  10. oPelle

    Recruiting tedium

    The game has a good portion of active loyal players but most of them are permanent old players of various old alliances, and also as you said they go back and forth from alliance to alliance (mercenaries) for the war. The majority of players below that threshold of top 200 alliances just play casual otherwise they would be already in a more top alliance. But it's all about having the fortune to have some friends who are willing to sacrifice their time to help your recruitment job. But you have also to consider that most casual players are interested to be in a top alliance as soon as they look the alliance leaderboard and see the top 10 alliances, easy and simple. This because most casual players are young teenagers and you can't expect from them to be loyal fully 100% to an alliance. Who would be? That's because you don't have the mentality of an authority, respect, etc at that age...you just think to enjoy life around and therefore not giving interest on these things. Also i'm pretty sure from the moment you spend some money, it's like you are investing them on something like shares. And from this moment on you are less willing to act "stupidly" around the game, you rather play more as a worker (?) player and you play more frequently and more faithfully, increasing the chance to have a loyal member in the alliance.
  11. A reasonable price would be 50k crystals. I close an eye to not put it at 25k because it's pal with a new total ability (throwing bombs in a cone range). But i think people shouldn't take into consideration at 100% all what you see of Nemesis strength from this pro league, but more from your own gameplay experience if you have the chance to buy it. Because in every pro league the hero's level is very low which is related at the end with the pal and beast strength. I will do a video 1 day to show all his strange/special abilities as soon as i get enough crystals.
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