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  1. Hello everyone, Since Blacksmith is arrived bringing lot of perks, i would like you if vote the perk or perks you mostly like. You can also share your opinions! Thanks for partecipating!
  2. POLL: What perks you mostly like?

    Wow i really created this topic ?
  3. You failed to adjust the Tower Madness Cup (most probably you didn't want to do it in 4 days of time) and you're still failing to not realize that you're letting multi accounts getting free crystals and pro chests. If your Pro Tiers are adjusted according to FTB then we're all safe... 1564 his score with the 1900 of the tower madness cup..pretty balanced i'd say. Lmao
  4. Let us fight the Villain in the last Ninja Island, the Villain should be like a beast so he spawns after 1 crown and its special ability is to spawn many ninjas around! This thing should be used also for the other types of Events, so for the yeti we have the big yeti beast, and for the zombie event we have the witch beast! So at least there is a sort of "oh finally i really beat the villain" and it's no more just a routine of ninjas
  5. @FTB Like you did with luck perk that you see two decimals directly from the inventory please do it also for skull bonus and others, and mainly for the Stats Overview panel! Thanks!
  6. Blacksmith One Time Offer and BS Equipment

    you can unlock new color:
  7. Blacksmith One Time Offer and BS Equipment

    New pal perks incoming...
  8. We all keep waiting for a better future version every time there is a new version since years now, and every single time expectations aren't those that we would like to see.
  9. BlackSmith Event..::New Rule!!??

    you ask for an answer on weekend? lol
  10. Currently there are 2 rows and if you have many items you have to scroll and scroll and scroll to the right continuously. If you make 3 rows it'd be handy. Thanks.
  11. BlackSmith Event..::New Rule!!??

    Easy and simple test... just put a random item (maybe buy 1 from granny or get it from cof) and wait for tomorrow and see if you see a difference.
  12. Brand New Equipment in this PL!!

    From the stats overview of the pro league doesn't look like it has good bonuses though....sad news. Just usual bonuses.
  13. Alliance Week!

    It's official then... Q:"Why is the best alliance icon a chicken?" A:We have a thing for chickens... Keep an eye out for them.
  14. Brand New Equipment in this PL!!

    i bet new pro gear i'd say as counterpart of the omega set
  15. Flaregames Makeover?

    The new logo is cool but the sub-title "guardians of joy" is lmao.
  16. promotion for skull perks

    I can repeat the sentence i wrote if you want. It's fair. If you spend 20$ for this package at a low level you're obviously wasting money, better if you spend this money when you are already over 111 hero's level. Moreover uber items are slightly outdated to looking for skull bonus. Players know you can get skull bonus on pro items with a higher starter value than the uber items, so they all point their resources there. For a low level player that set is more than fair and welcome, since he's low level before reaching a serious skull bonus percentage (over 30%) he will take anyway lot of time.
  17. promotion for skull perks

    I don't mind, especially if it's for the good for some alliance members that have no luck and still need it.
  18. Time to get rid of this sin in Uber Chests

    Or most of time 1 pearl because flare like to troll you even in CoF
  19. War Master set ? Nice joke

    Hero's level yes, trophies no.
  20. Is technically possible to implement in-game the tag, so you can tag someone in the game chat with the @ like it's used to do here in forum, facebook, etc to get the attention of a person. Many times i'd like to get the attention of a specific alliance member to tell an important thing.
  21. Forum Game Idea

    You mean you get in-game rewards playing this forum game?
  22. Pro Tier Reward

    the new system just look at your pro score, not your position. It's definitely better because even if you get placed 200th but your score is 1500 pro-points for example you get a good reward anyway. Instead before the system was based on your pro league position, where players could beat you with 1 point more than you and you could even lose a big reward.
  23. How many inventory slots do you have? I know that if you have many items the game doesn't detect anymore the latest new items you find (starting from belt and then shoes. You have to look for them manually.
  24. Pro Tier Reward

    Pro tier leaderboard just shows you what you get of rewards between x and x amount of points. You get only what you see in your pro tier. What you see in the leaderboard is the same of the pro tier leaderboard. They aren't summed.
  25. War Master set ? Nice joke

    Useless ubers with sp, now people are looking for pro items to get skull bonus. But good for those people who have no luck to find skull bonus on weapon and gloves.