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  1. Thanks Flare for this wonderful Offensive Event. However, only few players can enjoy and benefits in this event. Unfortunately I'm one of those players who cudn't be able to participate in the said event coz my spell and troop are currently upgrading. So, What's the point of having this event when everybody can't even participate on it? The Defensive and Offensive Events should be announce ahead of time like 7 days.
  2. Gold Gear is only good for open bases, easy bases, none Alliance player.. It's useless if your opponent is pretty tough.
  3. Searching for GOOD LOOT in the matchmaker, leaderboard and Alliance is not an easy task, it is the MOST BORING part in the game and TIME CONSUMING. My kings trophy level is between top 300 to 700, sometimes I even drop to top 1000. and the situation is the same for me for every trophy level, after a few raids, loot drops drastically to the point where Ioot is just below 100k. I spend more time looking for loot rather than playing the game.
  4. Same here, no bloody golds!!! Looking for golds in the leadeboard, Alliance and matchmaker is such a painful thing, time consuming and most of all BORING!!!! How can I upgrade knights worth 12M, waves cost 12M and other towers?
  5. Ohh poor Edward, sorry to hear that.. try to use VPN, maybe Atlas can help you.. his an expert..?
  6. My dear friend Ed, maybe you need some tranquilizer...???? BTW, if a Windows user really want to have some free gems, they could just install bluestack or any Android emulator . Ask Atlas, he might help you..:)
  7. Easily? Yes they can EASILY GET RID OF THE skull LOSER BONUS and SKULLS in the COF, if Flares want to. but not the Skull perk item because a lot of players PAID for it most especially players in the top Alliances, they have to think twice. what will you feel if you are one of those players who spent more than 20k pearls just to get a high skull perk item and it will be just taken away from you? As much as I hate this Skull perk item, nothing we can do about it, just live with it. Nowadays Skull perk is quite important and essential to enter the top 5 Alliances and stay competitive.
  8. I experienced it since yesterday, after 4 to 5 raids, the golds drastically drop, I couldn't find a worthy opponent even in my matchmaker. most of them were below 200k golds.
  9. I'll just eat some popcorns then...????? golds are everywhere!!????
  10. Fired? He owns his company...? So the drama continues, The Student versus The CEO! ?????????
  11. Thank You, Caki! Btw, BOA ( Bravehearts of Asia) did it first! So congrats to BOA too!
  12. Unfortunately Bekon can't post in RR2 biggest group 'coz he is currently banned in the group. So, more Popcorns please...???
  13. Not really, it's just fine.. I still fail in some of my raids, and there still players in my history who failed terribly.. I still can't beat the number one player Koonin.mylan using that Insta Archer, so if you can beat him, I guess you are such a very good player then.. ??
  14. Really? " Loser bonus being a very good mechanics " who said that? Maybe for lower level Alliances? Did I miss something in here, as far as I know, reading through players comments in here, most of them hated it and asking Flare to get rid the Loser Bonus.
  15. Because Flare doesn't have an answer regarding that matter, They can't solve the issue unless they will change the whole war mechanics.
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