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  1. Hi Vester, maybe I can calm this situation a bit by telling you: No, we do not ignore what you are writing here. We will answer at a later point, but currently we are in the process of finishing up the update and had to fix a problem with a Live Server Update. Sorry that you have the feeling that you are getting ignored, but I can assure you, that isn't the case. Please give us a little time. Best, Felix
  2. Felix

    Perk Details

    Hi, we realized that a lot of people would like to have more detailed information on which perks can appear on which types of items and from what point in the game on that is possible. So we created the following table to show that information publicly. First it is important to understand that most perks have a minimum item level that is needed for them to appear. When you upgrade an item with a level that is too low, they will not appear on the item, no matter how often you upgrade it. Also every perk can only appear on certain types of items (like Helmets or Capes etc.). Also some perks are "Uber Perks" and can only appear in the 2nd perk-slot, when an item has reached Uber-quality. We also plan to have this information visible in the game in one of the next updates. Have fun! Felix
  3. Hi guys, I read through the thread and decided to just answer some questions that came up. As I wrote several times before, we're always reading the threads, we just cannot answer all the time as quickly as you want us to. Sorry for that. I hope that might help to understand the situation and maybe re-assure some of you, that we really try to do our best to make the game as fair and as exciting as possible for all players. I will try to answer the questions that skint raised on page 14 of this thread, as well as answering to some other subjects. TestingYes, we do test the game on multiple platforms and in low, mid and high level gameplay-areas. It is always still possible, that we miss bugs that maybe are only present on certain devices or issues that get really bad only in the real life environment. Please be assured that we are listening to your reports and are already working on solutions. I know that might sound generic, but it's the truth: the performance issues are investigated and we'll do everything we can to fix them with the next version. I think you all know that we also had a lot of different bugs, issues or performance problems since the game went live, that actually were fixed by us. That is why we continously release updates for the game, to improve it. So there is no reason to believe that we will ignore those kinds of problems, we just need the time to work on them."Felt" Balancing ChangesPeople (e.g. skint) are thinking that we changed several balancings. For example if we have nerfed the Speed Boots, the offensive Wolf Howl, the Shield Spell stats, the offensive Ogre or the Sonic Blast Spell. We have NOT done any of those things. As we wrote in our original update post in this thread, we only nerfed the Hero Scream Boost (more details on that below), but also that might feel to people as if they have gotten slower, because now there is at least any chance that their Hero gets slowed. Again, we did NOT change anything else in the way some people have said in this thread.What we did is, that we (as we wrote in our original post) "fixed a bug that made it harder to push Monster-Units on some devices". What we found out now in our re-search, investigating the complaints of the playerbase, is that this fix might have caused problems with the Heros movement and movement-speed on devices (or in situations) with a lower framerate. That might be an explanation for why so many people think that their hero is slower than before.What makes this problem even worse now, is that we have increased performance-problems with certain unit-models appearing on screen in larger numbers. But those problems also were identified by us, and are worked on in this very moment.Sure, one could ask the question why we didn't find those problems prior to release, but the truth is: We just didn't see those issues occur. And even with our comprehensive testing we do with all versions, especially on Android with it's highly diversified device landscape we have no chance to find all occuring problems on all devices.Hero Scream NerfingAs I wrote before in this thread: "We have to do balancing adjustments from time to time. We don't this to be unfair to the players, the exact opposite is the case. We sometimes have to nerf things to make the game more fair for everyone."What I should add is that it is still an advantage over other players to have a 100% Hero Scream Boost. Because some people complained that it wouldn't be any better to have 100% than to have for example 90%. This is not true, we re-measured and re-tested the feature today to see if those complaints are rightful, but we just saw what we already knew: The Hero Scream Boost cooldown time is still scaling over the full 100% - it just isn't possible anymore to have a continous Hero Scream anymore and by that deactivate in-battle effects such as fear or slow completely. It just was overpowered and we nerfed it.We are working on getting all the mentioned fixes and changes out to you as fast as possible. Please be a little patient, because to do this right (and not introduce new bugs again by fixing the old ones as it happened with the monster pushing), we need the appropriate time-span for fixing this clean and testing this comprehensively. I know that you all would love to have those fixes immediately and believe me - we would too. So be assured again that we are listening, even though we aren't always writing here (which is because we have to work on improving the game). I hope that clears up some things. Have fun, Felix
  4. 1. Yes you can still get skulls in chests. 2. The Skullbonus implementation has not been changed. 3. It is 10 battles per alliance member per war. After fighting those battles - it doesn't matter if won or lost - a member can't fight in that particular war anymore.
  5. Hi guys, we are listening carefully to the criticism raised in the forums and thank you for speaking your mind concerning the features and changes of the newest version 1.9.1. Maybe it might help you to understand why we did changes, and how they exactly work, if we answer some of your questions and concerns. Battle LimitWe introduced the new Battle Limit per war to make the single battles count more and prevent the Alliance Wars from becoming a pure mindless and endless grind. That was a concern in the community, not only back then in the poll about how to improve the wars but also recently when wars were decided by grinding huge amounts of skulls only through attacking one and the same level over and over again.We do not intend to make the Alliance Wars less fair, but more fun and the single battles more important. The amount of battles per player is balanced based on the activity we see in the wars over all and on our feeling about what amount of battles is managable. You also have to take into account that there are several wars running in parallel most of the time. Please have the patience to try out fighting this War Season before judging if the amount of battles should be adjusted or not.Hero Scream Perk balancingEven though we understand that some players are disappointed that their favourite gear had to be re-balanced, those players also have to understand that we have to do balancing adjustments from time to time. We don't this to be unfair to the players, the exact opposite is the case. We sometimes have to nerf things to make the game more fair for everyone. This is a standard procedure in every living online game. But this also means we will evaluate the current balancing again for some time, and see if it needs more improvement in the future.Windows Scaling Bug & Performance IssuesAs with all bugs and technical issues in general, thank you for reporting this. It would be great if you could create a thread (only one thread per problem please) in the bugs section and provide us there with as much technical detail about your systems as possible, such as OS version, hardware specs etc. We will try to reproduce those problems and find a fix as soon as possible.And let me say additionally: We are very thankful that you raise your concerns here in the forum, and please be assured that even though it might sometimes not feel like it to you, we listen to those concerns. We constantly try to improve the game and the Royal Revolt experience for all of you. It is absolutely normal that this doesn't always work with the first try, that's why we continue trying to polish and improve the game. Your voices are heard, even if we cannot always deliver solutions instantly. Best regards, Felix
  6. Hi, just to clarify the original question of this thread: The message "has invested in the kingdom" means that a Voucher-friend of yours has bought a gem-package in the store. And for that you earn Vouchers. Not for donating into an Alliance or buying something from the granny. That is also explained in the patch-notes thread (http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/6218-update-190-dragon-boosts/): Voucher Rewards: Players will receive vouchers from a Voucher-friend if the voucher friend purchases GEMS. Hope that clarifies the situation. Best, Felix
  7. Hi, sorry to hear that you cannot update. You have to update to Windows 8.1 to be able to do so. If you're using a pirated Windows copy and for that cannot update, we cannot help you. I'll lock this topic now. Felix
  8. Hi all, first let me tell you that I've read through the complete thread to get a good overview of the discussion. I made some notes to be able to answer to the most important points, please forgive me, if I oversaw or forgot something. As a second point: Thank you for taking the time to raise your concerns here and also for discussing them - to all of you. We wouldn't have this great game without a dedicated community such as you guys are. We appreciate this a lot. Even if we can't always answer or act as fast as you would wish us to or expect it from us. Sorry for that, we're trying our best. Which leads me to the general statement I would like to make with this post: We do care about all players on all supported platforms. We read the forums, the thousands of Facebook posts of players and we are working on the support tickets as good as we can. And why shouldn't we? You players are the reason why we can continue making and updating this game - so it would make no sense to abandon the playerbase (or a subset of them, e.g. a specific platform). Maybe I can shed some light on this whole topic by explaining in more detail what the problems are. I have the impression that there are two main concerns that got mixed up in this thread here: 1. Technical errors and bugs (like crashes, bad performance and connection losses) and 2. Windows-specific issues like missing features. 1. Technical errors and bugs We completely understand the anger and frustration of players who experience crashes, battle-losses caused by server-connection losses. Those errors are occuring on every of the platforms we support, not only on Windows. Especially on highly fragmented (in terms of device models) platforms like Windows and Android those problems occur from time to time, because keeping a technically demanding app like a 3D game compatible with all devices, GPUs, OS versions etc. is a very complicated task. And it's an ongoing task! The platform holders are constantly updating their firmware-versions, new devices come to the market every day, and last but not least, we implement new features in constant update cycles to make the game better and more interesting for you guys. All those factors together naturally lead to issues and bugs again and again, which we then have to hunt, find and fix. I can assure you, that we do our very best to do this as fast and as efficient as possible - even if it might sometimes feel like a long time for you. We have the biggest interest in having our game running perfectly on as many devices as possible. Under the impression of some really harsh criticism here in this thread, I have to tell you the following: It is absolutely untrue that we don't care about Windows users and their technical issues or that we had all time in the world to fix all crash bugs because the game is out since such a long time. Not all crash bugs are the same, even if they look the same for a consumer - one can be fixed and another appears, you as a player might not see the difference. Another problem is that there are too many devices out there for us to test, so we can only test on the most common ones. That's why it is absolutely necessary that you help us by sending us as much detailed info about your problem, it's reproduction steps and your device setups, if you want to help us fixing the issues you experience. Just telling us that the game crashes all over the place generally doesn't help much. But still we appreciate every posting here and that you share your opinion, we know it's not about complaining, it's about fixing the issues. Please continue to help us do this. 2. Windows specific issues As we stated before - but maybe didn't explain good enough - there are features which we cannot implement into our Windows builds, because of technical reasons beyond our control. Let me explain in a little more detail: Our game is written in C++ and built as a native C++ app, which makes it impossible for us to use .NET SDKs on Windows. Most of the Windows-SDKs on the market which are interesting for our game (or implemented on the other two platforms) are only available as .NET SDKs - if they are available for Windows at all. Just to give you an impression of the situation: There is no YouTube SDK for Windows at all. It would only be possible for us to use .NET SDKs if we would convert our app from a native C++ app into a so-called "mixed-mode app", which would not only be a lot of work, but would also lead to the problem that the performance of our base-engine, our own technology we use for this nice looking 3D game, would be nearly cut in half. It is a technical challenge anyway to get graphics in a quality of ours onto such a wide range of mobile devices and keep the game playable (keep in mind that we still support WinPhones which haven't even ever got Windows 8.1 updates). So reducing the performance by giving away our direct control over for example the memory handling doesn't seem like an option. That whole part is also a cause for the fact, that one cannot just compare any game or app with our game or any other game - you never know what base-technology is running in the background and under what specific circumstances stuff (like for example advertisement SDKs) could or could not be implemented. I know that from the outside this might look a lot less complicated - but believe me, it is. I hope that explanation helps a little bit to understand what the technical issues are, and that we do not use them just as an excuse. In general I have to say that it is absurd to think that we would willingly discriminate Windows users - the opposite is true. We wanted to have Windows as a platform included, to reach all players out there. We also didn't want to split them off in their own game-world but let them participate in the same single-shard world and play with all other users together. That alone is a challenge from a technical and a production point of view, because we always have to make sure with every update that the new versions get available in the different appstores as simultaneous as possible, and that we manage to get a synchronized release. And that with the different review-cadences and technical specialties of those appstores. You can believe me when I say that we would love to have those missing features implemented in the Windows versions, but it is in our special case just not possible until now - and that is no "lame bullshit" as it was said in this thread. And the suggestion to just remove the features in question from the other platforms, sounds like a weird decision. We will not hold back features from the players, only because one platform doesn't technically allow us to implement them. Let me emphasize again: We do not discriminate anyone, and we do our best to provide you, the players, with the best game we can - on all platforms. Please continue to support us in that. If you experience issues, please contact support: https://flaregames.helpshift.com/a/royal-revolt-2/ Have fun, Felix
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