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  1. Yacub

    Please help me out....

    It's happening for the past one week....

    I'm not getting any offers...

    It's frustrating me...

    My king name is HUSAIN2710

    Screenshot (7).png

  2. Hmm, something like a "plot" map? Just brainstorming: Captain, where would you like to build your base? - 1 narrow entrance base: costs most - 2/3 wide entrance base: costs least Then, add a system where a wider entrance in the end game gives you some kind of increase (maybe battle points) Thoughts on this?
  3. Ok, I feel very old now. I have actually never heard of kik before, just had to google that. What happened to line? Is kik the new trend now? Regarding Alliances: We are definitely working on that! (I don't know any details yet though)
  4. The Dash Rig is harder to master in my opinion. But if you play him well, he really shreds defensive buildings easily.
  5. I've got to be honest - I still haven't found my favourite Rig combination. I used to really like the Drone Rig, but it feels like it's gotten weaker since the first beta versions i played. One factor that I'm always considering is if the Special Abilities mix well from an "input" perspective. Somehow, If i'm playing with a Missile, Dash and Laser Rig, I end up failing some of the Skills: hitting just 1 target with a Missile Rig or Dash Rig. That's why I tend to be careful when adding multiple Rigs to my squad with more complex input spells. Maybe my playstyle is just way too much "Action" and not enough "Strategy"? Things are getting hectic on my screen
  6. Thank you! Being creative and productive does help me much more. The challenge to find ideas that are actually reasonable and possible - and that really isn't an easy task.
  7. Great submissions already! This seems much easier than I thought it would be Now all we need is someone ranked 100.000th to unlock the random reward!
  8. Hello Kings & Queens! We recently completed a short maintenance. Please see the following key updates and changes below. New Events:The Dungeon Run event has started!​Balancing Changes​Gargoyle Nest War Boost - Maximum of 3 Gargoyles in one wave, previously the maximum was set to 4 Gargoyles.General Changes & AdditionalDigging times will be reduced during the event Unlock troops, gear and Gems faster than everBoosts: Insta Goyle & Stargazer Tower - coming soon!Bug Fixes:We recently made several updates to address performance issues when large numbers of Gargoyles are present on screen.Addressed an issue that results in reduced frame rate performance during hero movement on some devices.Fixed an issue that caused the ranges of upcoming Special War Boosts to be shortened. As always Thank You!!! and see you on the Battlefield!!! Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
  9. Ah, yes, sorry for not getting back to that yet! *Adds to to-do list*
  10. You should always get an answer from them. The response time should have gotten better recently. The issue you described sounded like a Bug and they would collect all details and investigate - so, Support should really help you out there. Try it!
  11. It seems to be about to what extent this randomness is implemented. If it's too much, we don't like it. If it's too little, we don't like it. Overall, Randomness can be a very good thing! So let's not bash randomness by itself and try to find out why our community isn't happy about some features. Now: Which features involing randomness in RR2 do you appreciate?Which features involving randomness in RR2 don't you appreciate?Why?How would you prefer it to be?
  12. Hey Isa, totally fair to open this topic - we discussed the skulls in chests the least so far. Having some randomness in competitions is something totally legitimate. Think about some of the games out there: League of Legends, Dota, etc all have a chance for critical hits.Dota has random power up spawns and random creep spawns.Every strategy game has random starting positions and some even have or random creeps/itemsEvery 1v1 Shooter has random respawn positionsEvery card game has randomness: Hearthstone, Poker, Magic The Gathering, Yugioh All these games are are being played at a high skill level, despite random factors influencing the match. All of these games are highly competitive. Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 are great examples WC3 had random item drops that could decide the winner of the game. The pros hated it, but the game was a huge success among casual players. SC2 removed this random factor and only skill decides the winner of the game. The pros loved it, but the game's success was quite underwhelming. I think the question is to what extent this randomness is implemented. You can have too much randomness or too little. But having no randomness leaves you with a skill-only game that has much lower chances to be successful. In the long run, skilled players/alliances will consistently show up at the top, even if randomness is involved. (If you are interested: Watch this episode of Extra Credits about Randomness in Esports) Thoughts?
  13. Kaylon Org - Creators of the OP charge cannon and Wedge gun. Host invitationals to give you a Charge Cannon Armored frame, Artillery armored frame, etc.Premtek - Specializes in cores and mechanics. They seem to be one of the richest Corporations on Leviathan.Synthium Corp - Created the Plasma extractor and have many frames available for purchase increasing movement speed and range. Tenev Corp. - Tenev are the people who hunt down and take out places of high value all across leviathan. They play dirty, and currently own the most recources. Tensai Corp. - Creators of the Disrupter and Artillery cannon. Host invitationals to give you Wedge Armor, Kaylon OD Core MKII, etcRaiku Corp - appears to be a fallen legendary corporation where armor and offensive capabilities were extraordinary. They seem to also be aliens, who inhabited the world and were there mining plazma before the humans. You can learn about this from "Raiku Armor" sold as a frame to Laser and Dash Rigs. Black Market/Nyssa owns a large ship foraged from the wreckage of an ancient Tensai Cruiser. They go all over leviathan making deals over what she calls "the black market". She steals and forages the items and sells them at unbeatable prices. All companies on leviathan buy from her, and she makes a great profit off of the competition the groups have for plasma. Unknown - from the future?? Amazing job so far! I found one more (in the files). Might have something to do with Command Ships? And actually, some maps are also called Corp - but i guess those don't count.
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