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  1. See the main screenshot posted
  2. Really now pro boosts for us to activate?? Isn't it already too greedy on your partπŸ˜‘
  3. Hi. We have many members who purchased the alliance subscriptions but for the members who haven't bought the Alliance Subscription the tax bonus has not changed and we have incurred huge losses for the past 3 days of activating Alliance Subscriptions. In your second point about alliance subscriptions it clearly states that all alliance members will get the additional tax bonus but it has not been so. I'm attaching the screenshots of the donation screen of a non subscribed member and that of a subscribed member having the same alliance tower of 1000k. We had spent so much money as extra donations yesterday and to our dismay we didn't get the extra tax bonus as said in the subscription. We as players in the game need an answer as soon as possible. IGN: Light of Purity Alliance: The Lions Den 2
  4. There was a server maintenance just now. What was it for? Still no subscription thingys
  5. Light

    A question about new yetti levels

    Thanks for the quick reply πŸ˜€
  6. What does the new 10 PvE levels in yetti event means? Will the total levels be 40 or the changes are to the levels 20-30??
  7. Light

    Update 2.7

    Just want to know whether the generated candies is random or its dependent on something like level and trophy range
  8. Light

    New Mini Update

    Yeah it works with them
  9. Light

    New Mini Update

    Thanks for the info
  10. Light

    New Mini Update

    Just wanted to know from the mods whether the reduced time and cost of upgrades is permanent or a temporary event as nothing is mentioned about it in the official announcements
  11. Light

    MASSIVE, the warrior, the leader and a friend

    Hurray!,Hurray!,Hurray! Light of Purity from The Lions den salutes the great leader
  12. Light

    What's your favourite Landscape?

    I have bought all landscapes and I change them from time to time. People in the higher trophy range tend to see more of graveyards and other dark lit backgrounds. So it will be difficult to raid players with different backgrounds suddenly(in my opinion). I personally prefer all backgrounds as they have some awesome bgm!
  13. Light

    Event: Number raffle

    oPelle - 25 emgiee1 - 58 Wiltotan - 77 Humdrumbug - 13 smiles! - 27 Aureo11235813 - 28 Kallisthene - 44 -osho- - 33 Nowaki - 79 Gengis me - 23 Vestij - 8 LS59 - 59 Belacan -69 VoidX-99 felipetiossi - 15 soilwk - 72 Thunder&Storm - 36 Light of Purity - 7
  14. Royal Revolt 2 needs to be player friendly

  15. Royal Revolt 2 needs to be player friendly