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  1. btw i had time to take a screenshoot when the game freez then crashed and as you can see i just started the raid.
  2. the game still crashing alot im not sure its for yeti or guardians i started the raid and crashed. today is thurday, flare doesnt work on weekends so i assume that we wont get a solution until next week. i hope before war.
  3. same problem here, the game freeze then crashed i play on window 10 pc
  4. heyy i have the same problem, i have to reset my password every time in the forum, and im waiting a solution for i think 2 months. so if flare gives you solution please tell me what is it. please
  5. i agree wit this, we need changes flare must test again, if they really did test the things before the update, specially with war boost, because this stargaser tower was a really pain in the ..... and in the next future war we can have putrid mortars or other hard boosts, and it will be again a pain in the .... the game must be fair.
  6. no need to fight each other, here the real enmy is flare lol, with their wonderful changes lol, now scrolling in a war is must, and even sometimes isnt enough to scroll like crazy, like i said in a post this show us that flare didnt test anything, they just make an update to make money, if you like it or dont like it, flare dont even care about that. the only good thing that we had in update is the new manager , she answered question and she is very active manager. but thats it. i hope flare can change this soon ( im dreaming).
  7. after new boost specially on defense, i think flare hasnt tested anything, some bases are just extremnely hard, if you have a big army, you have to face now the zombies, ninjas, the war boost of fbs plus towers and if you are lucky to still have an army behind you, you have to face the beast. i know im not a good raider but now for me its just too hard to beat bases. and maybe some of you will say that is normal or is fun or still easy, but i have seen videos of raiding where the heal ring is important, and i dont have that ring. and war is coming, and im sure it will be a nightmare. so do you really think that flare test all these boosts?
  8. i hate when this happend, i cant play! the game keep discconecting
  9. when i choose a player the game appear like the picture and then i discconect, window 10
  10. i cant raid, the game disconnect when i choose a player
  11. i cant connect to the game. this has happend before. and flare doesnt work on weekend, this mean free boost on monday?
  12. this is too much, so the new pal is only for cheaters or people who are really pro.
  13. 21) fix bugs 22) ban cheaters from pro league and in the game. 23) if you pay the 24 hours shield, none cant attack you and if they do, they can only half of trophies when you are shielded.
  14. flare do shit about this. im tired of this problem, i cant play, and today im champ. i dont why they ask to send tickets, we wont have any solution until monday if they do somthing about it
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