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  1. Ogre gets perma-slowed down

    the bug is still there, i tought the stone ninjas were problem but i sill had the problem, not in all bases but in some.
  2. when is flare going to fix the slow motion in troops?

    in war i attacked an specific base 3 times and after using a tw, my ogres and wolves were in slow motion until the end of the raid.
  3. i have sent many mails, i ve been waiting for a solution, but no answer yet, my troops are extremely slow, even using battlecry and scream or even when a wolf howl, in war is a nightmare raiding like this.
  4. "no controls" bug

    ohhh it happends to me once, but i thought it was my mouse, but after i restarted the game the mose worked fine. so we have other bug, damn flare do something about it
  5. Remove uber items from pro chests

    i watched a video from flotha in yourtube where he opened 10 pro chest and he got only pro items, but that video was from some months ago, but now i think that flare changed that. cuz several times i got only uber items.
  6. Ogre gets perma-slowed down

    im still waiting a response from flare, im testing bases with my war gear and and the bug is stronger, im starting to think that flare is doing it on purpose, by the way im playing with toxic, shield and balde or fire, and my ogres are extremely slow, i will have to scroll alot and even fail.
  7. Ogre gets perma-slowed down

    im with you opelle, im sure of that too
  8. Remove uber items from pro chests

    pro chest must contain pro items, its annorying and absurd having uber items in pro chest.
  9. Changes Needed

    i agree with all that, but beside we need that flare fix the bugs, now every week we face new bugs, its like a weekely bug event now, this week troops permanent slow motion, so for me first they must fix the bugs.
  10. soon we will face the fb plus its war boost and that will be a huge nightmare, knowing flare next pyro wars.
  11. what I hate about PL...!!!

    yep i saw that
  12. ogres and wolf stay as slow as a turtle

    thanks opelle, i see its a bug, another one, huge surprise.
  13. Ogre gets perma-slowed down

    i counted the seconds more than 30 seconds they walk very slow it could be more but my king died lol. so i couldnt count anymore.
  14. today i have nocited that ogres or wolves even if i use scream, they dont move fast, i even counted the seconds in a raid, and my ogres were very slow for 30 seconds and no bomber tower was near of them, it s that normal in with this war boost?