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  1. Chicken will be sent to fight and abused. I approve the idea. Flare, please add the chicken pal
  2. Yeah, that's funny. The title itself is really funny. There is nothing unfair in top tier. That's why is called top tier. Unless you talk about middle tier of the low tier of the top tier or something like that, hehe
  3. LOL. Are you seriously that naive? It's called playing smart. Why would you waste resources for the same rewards? Economy 101...
  4. Yeah, CIA had the same issue with Utopia. Initially we wanted to leave them alone and mind our own business. But then they start complaining about how bad the matchmaking was on forums and started to attack like crazy stalling our players so we decided to erase them. They even mentioned somewhere how incompetent we are because we lost a tower (which we wanted to lose anyway because we had too many points). We really didn’t have intention to fight a lot but it got annoying. And I am seriously lazy as everybody knows by now.
  5. same here. hard to find things. I like it just fine before, not it's a chore to find anything.
  6. same here, not one pal and heard the same complaints from most of our members. Wonder if Flare really forgot to adjust the chance % this time.
  7. That’s what you get when you complain about low rewards. Even lower rewards or nothing at all. Flare has a twisted sense of humour. Or it is sheer incompetence? Your pick We should have a poll on this since everybody loves them.
  8. Lol, it's a forum, that's what it's supposed to be used for. Nobody is forcing you to read it! For Flare it's the cost of doing business.
  9. Yeah, had the same issue in PK. International alliance bullied our players into a corner and got no towers left at all. 90% of our players couldn’t even twke their bottom ones. I doubt we’ll ever play Conquest again. Just doesn’t worth the time spent. I hope Flare gets their money worth from top alliances.
  10. Yeah, we had the same situation in PK. Ended up with much higher alliances on the map, one of which completely took over our land and didn't allow us to build. We lost interest in Conquest in the fist two days and I don't think we'll play again too soon. Just 8 long and absolutely boring days for 0.0 rewards which actually pushes some of our members to retire permanently. Nice work Flare. And to answer to "there was no bug in the algorithm calculation". Yeah, I am sure there was no bug. It is just the algorithm that was wrong to begin with.
  11. Bullying lower players on the map Kidding of course, I am so lazy I don't even attack those. But I can park at an enemy tower and let the gems pour in. Go back to the stronghold, rinse, repeat.
  12. Played RR1 first so i jumped on RR2 when it appeared in store.
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