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  1. Darkkaos

    Member bug

    Please fix this bug Flaregames. Thx
  2. Darkkaos

    It's time for flare to take control of their game

    PS: I read new Forum rules? Are u kidding the Comunity? Flare wake up
  3. Darkkaos

    Negativity around Conquest

    Top10 clans like Conquest mode 😂. Flare never remove this. MONEY MONEY MONEY
  4. Darkkaos

    Negativity around Conquest

    Dachte er wäre das. Er und seine Familie waren mal ne Zeit lang bei meinen clan ( Schon etwas her ) Wie man Conquest mode gute finde kann verstehen ich nicht. Einige mögen das Hut ab. Die 1 Version vom Conquest war eine Pre Alpha. Aktuell version Closed beta. Mit denn nächste "Verbesserungen" dann Open beta 😂. Auch nächste Conquest mode wird ein Flop. Flare müsste mal Stellung beziehen und fragen beantworten. Ps: Sorry Madlene das ich auf Deutsch schriebe. Dein Englisch ist so süß 😊
  5. Darkkaos

    Negativity around Conquest

    Wie geht es dir? Alles gut bei dir? Hast schon Mut sowas zu schrieben
  6. Darkkaos

    Negativity around Conquest

    Bobotis 😂
  7. Darkkaos

    My suggestions for Conquest mode

    Besser hätte ich es nicht sagen können.
  8. Darkkaos

    My suggestions for Conquest mode

    An important question for the developer team: Instead of improving the war season (which I would have done as a developer), why did you introduce Conquest Mode? Did they want to abolish the Normal War Season?
  9. Darkkaos

    My suggestions for Conquest mode

    (2)Set a limit on how many towers an alliance may build. Currently Conquest mode is mutch Pay2Win (3) So that in Conquest mode alliances do not work together you can name teams example: (Team Red - Yellow - Blue - Green.) If you grab a player, then there is a "member blue 12" This is 1 example . (4) Create test server. Let the community participate in your ideas / suggestions.
  10. With these suggestions, the Conquest Mode will be a little better. In the future Flargames has to decide if they want to keep Conquest Mode (and live with criticism, or remove Conquest Mode and implement something new "Tower 100") 1) Shrink map. Currently the map is way too big. 2 map Examples
  11. Darkkaos

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    Please restore the original title again " Conquest mode not appropriate for RR2" Ps: Madlene why u change Title? Are you kidding me?
  12. Darkkaos

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    An improvement would be that the wars take at least 6 hours, so you have time to defend yourself, and so on.
  13. Darkkaos

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    Pipe69 Your reasoning makes no sense. Warseason and Ninja event i have the opportunity to help my alliance. Conquest mode i don't have the opportunity to help my Alliance (or I invest more time 24/24 hours in RR2) Conquest mode you do not need strategy. You need to play 24/24 hours for the win. RR2 Is and remains an casual game.