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  1. YYthebest

    Dragon Bugs

    Two bugs (for now:) Dragons are weird colours. My pyromancers spawn blue ice dragons that breathe fire and my unholy paladins spawn fire dragons that breathe stone. By this logic dragofrosters should spawn stone dragons breathing ice? I don't know, i don't have them but it gets confusing. When a dragon spawns while pal flute is active, the pal flute duration gets shortened by the amount of time it takes to transform using pal flute. Sometimes the pal doesn't even have time to use it's special attack as beast because of this. @FTB Anyone else experiencing these bugs or is it just me? Hope you get them fixed soon.
  2. YYthebest

    NEMESIS - new pro pal

    Nice June Fool's Day joke flare!
  3. YYthebest

    One Man Army Cup ridiculous bug

    @GalaMorgane Pro league starts tomorrow and still there's been no indication whether it's solved or not, nor have we got any compensation.
  4. YYthebest

    One Man Army Cup ridiculous bug

    I am on windows 8, just tried to change the setup since i like my shield on the left and then i got two shields.. No other apps open or anything. I have written a ticket to flare, since it managed to disrupt my monthly leaderboard which was annoying. P.s. If you're interested, i managed to get levels 1-4 done with the double shield combo and all 8 insta monks used. Came rank 1150 in the pro league.
  5. YYthebest

    One Man Army Cup ridiculous bug

    No, it wouldn't let me attack with that combo, disconnected as soon as I pressed attack.
  6. YYthebest

    One Man Army Cup ridiculous bug

    Note only that, but equipping and dequipping the spells randomly, you can actually make lots of different combos. Here's one I made.
  7. Nothing like attacking in pro league and finding two shields on the attack menu. Note that this isn't a visual bug. I actually attacked challenge I with that combo thinking that it was actually two shields but realised the second shield didn't work and wasted 25 secs. What a waste. Please do something about this. @GalaMorgane
  8. YYthebest

    Bug in Survival Cup?

    To help deal with spikes, use the bela pal (it does blunt damage) or attack the spikes when screaming with your king (it has hero scream attack rate). Or, if you're like, get a zombie ogre to do it for you. If you're running out of time, just run past them (especially on the later levels). They are mostly a time-waster, especially frost traps.
  9. YYthebest

    No Perks in Pro League

    You've been looking at the wrong video. There are some differences between the first survival cup (a few months back) and the current one. In FTB's most recent video on Survival Cup there is no heal aura (same for everyone) but there is a bela pal.
  10. YYthebest

    Beast change in Ninja Event

    Thank you. Always glad to hear you're listening.
  11. YYthebest

    Beast change in Ninja Event

    Interesting. I have been facing the same beast pattern for a bit now for the last few levels: Savage Tammy, Ravenous Bela, Savage Irmgard, Awakened Aska, Vicious Bucky, Voracious Nidhogg, Savage Tammy, Twisted Archimedes, Primal Howl and Voracious Eldrak is always the last dreadnought (have not seen another beast for Dreadnought). Maybe it's just me or just my tier. Thanks for contributing, I had no idea what was going on in other tiers.
  12. YYthebest

    Beast change in Ninja Event

    War season is different because the bases you face are different (mostly) and that keeps you enthusiastic. Pro League as well is interesting because there is variety. From the lower tiers everything is the same each week I believe, which is repetitive and dull.
  13. YYthebest

    Beast change in Ninja Event

    I see, haven't checked with anyone but the two tiers I have been in (3500-4000 and 4000-4500) beasts are exactly the same and so are the bases. Regarding the higher trophy tiers, it's not easy to gain trophies to get that high and I'm only saying that it's very dull for the mid-level players.
  14. The Ninja Event is getting too repetitive and boring for me, with every ninja event being exactly the same with the same towers, beasts and all. I understand that with weekly pro league, changing ninja event bases every week may be difficult, so why not just change the beasts on the levels that have them? It's not a big change and will at least create some variety and surprise. @FTB Otherwise, it's just another 30 levels of chores to complete ...
  15. YYthebest

    Pro Pro Cup PL tiers need rebalancing

    They did nothing about the last one, same mistake again for this one. Flothaboss got a score of 1,728 and so far the top tier is 1,900? Absolutely ridiculous, especially as only one person has got that far at the moment? When will you ever respond to us? @GalaMorgane