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  1. New Pal with Bonus Luck

    Don't make this a pro pal, but one unlockable in an upcoming Easter festival. It is fitting and fitting for this pal.
  2. No update to windows 8.1

    It should now update for Windows store, does on mine. Unfortunately RR2 took a day off us, with 4 hours of our precious ninja event gone? Could you extend the NInja Event to compensate for this? @GalaMorgane
  3. Thank you for finally adding pals to Pro Leagues!

    I am predicting the nidhogg pal since it is based highly around black magic.
  4. New Monk Boost

    I remember them doing it, but it only ever appeared once. Perhaps it is too OP.
  5. Pro League Tiers

    This is all speculation, but if tiers are going to be anything like we've been predicting, then it will highly depend on the difficulty on the pro league itself as much as your skill. Pro leagues usually vary on difficulty with top scores going between as low as 1200 to as high as 2100.
  6. Janus

    The beast does need improving. To clarify, 'translocation' just means (from what i've seen) sending the troop somewhere else. Pal flute + Janus is a waste in offense, since it is more worthwhile to let Janus pal open some portals in the time of which you would have the beast. Regarding defense, I don't forsee that it's going to be unlocked within the next few centuries.
  7. another problem with game

    same bug for me, solved once you participate into pro league.
  8. Connectivity Crash

    Game keeps crashing when 'connecting'. Not sure if it is because of my windows 8 or the game, but it's come at an inconvenient time.
  9. Pro Boost not activated - again

    We need an official announcement.
  10. Pro Boost not activated - again

    BUMP - still no response.
  11. Pro Boost not activated - again

    There's flare's logic for you.
  12. Yup, you guessed it. No archer boost - again, even though we got level 2. @Archimedes
  13. Server Update for Gargoyle Nest

    Gargoyle Towers need a damage buff, not just the nests. Upping the damage of the Gargoyle Tower will give a higher damage in turn for the Garogoyle Nests and make gargoyle towers usable again. Frost Towers had their buff, now it's the Gargoyle Tower's turn.
  14. What Happened to Flothaboss?

    Ich mag Mag