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  1. YYtheConqueror

    Update 4.1 not showing

    There is no update showing on windows store. I play on Windows 8.1 (PC) and have received all the update up to 4.0.1. I'm a bit concerned, i thought it just took a while to come on my platform but now I cannot access the game, it keeps notifying me that 'We have just created a new version of the game' etc. but when i click on the download button, there are no updates available. Even more concerned - Conquest starts tomorrow, I won't be able to help my alliance. Hope you can find the problem.
  2. In my opinion all the other gate towers seem okay to deal with, it's just the basilisk towers that have been annoying.
  3. YYtheConqueror

    Save our Dragons: nerf incoming?

    Maybe they are increasing the power of dragons in defense. That would help since dragons in defense aren't very useful. Then again we hardly ever see a defensive dragon.
  4. YYtheConqueror

    Summer festival details

    Is it meant to have started by now, or in 10 mins?
  5. They don't realise that Phoebe is the only decent pro-beast, they others are a waste of time and money. At least, i am speaking before it gets nerfed to make it equally useless. Of course, don't get me started on Nemesis beast, because Flare really think that we can accumulate 3,750,000 crystals to unlock it.
  6. YYtheConqueror

    Pro League changing spells bug!

    https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/43492-one-man-army-cup-ridiculous-bug/ This is the original thread that I posted and found the bug too. OP is right, it is not just a visual bug but puts you at a significant disadvantage in the pro league and can mess it up completely. I got a pro ticket for compensation, but it wasn't worth it messing up my monthly results. Disappointed that they haven't fixed the bug with update 4.0. Now I just don't risk changing spells.
  7. Regarding Dena's comments about range, how about we make the Armageddon range increase with the level. Perhaps it could start at 6.0 and max out at 10.0 at level 10, then it wouldn't be quite as bad but top alliances with a better upgrade of Phoebe can still be encouraged to donate Phoebe pals? I understand not many alliances will have pro boosts 4/4, but then again not many alliances will have Phoebe beast either.
  8. I think Phoebe is fine. It is a pro beast which requires a lot more effort than just donating regular pals. I think what should happen is they should balance the other pro beasts, since they aren't that great. Phoebe beast isn't too hard to defeat. Ascension Archer (big) can kill it in three shots at my level, and pushing it into a mass of unholy paladins is effective. However you need to use shield and i find monks help. You need to have a lot of skill to defeat it, which makes it interesting.
  9. YYtheConqueror

    Ceres..was a pro pal..now it isn't.

    Offensive Ceres beast hasn't been nerfed, so i still use ceres + pal flute. Again, not as good as before, but still the best combo i have.
  10. YYtheConqueror

    Promised updates for defense etc.

    @PaSte Could you please confirm what exactly you have done to the alliance stronghold buildings? All we see is that the values have been decreased by a factor of about 6.5? Level 6 quarry went from 80 stones/hour to 12 and capacity was decreased too.
  11. YYtheConqueror

    You've introduced a whole new game mode - great, however...

    That's the way I live.
  12. YYtheConqueror

    4.0 Best feature (yet)

    The probabilities are only for the chests that people buy. The ones that you gain have different probabilities depending on the rank, usually much higher in favour of gems and pro items. Only yesterday I got 3 lots of pro gems in a chest for coming 126th.
  13. YYtheConqueror

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    Spamming isn't going to make it much faster I don't think. Crashes here on windows 8 too.
  14. YYtheConqueror

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    Anybody is able to participate, the participate icon is blue.
  15. YYtheConqueror

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    Has scored 1,340 apparently, that's what it shows on the alliance scores page.