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  1. This topic is now closed to further replies. Now? December 24, 2015 https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/7836-melting-time-is-wrong/
  2. Are you kidding? This bug reported at ~1st day of BS existence lol!
  3. Why you limited number of tokens of certain type? Its pointless. We got just near 4700, and can't spend to what we really need. GREED? You stopped some players from buying festival chests. lol, you lose it
  4. 1 year and 3 months I have no any quests available! WHERE ARE MY QUESTS????! 🙈 https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/40851-i-complete-all-quests/
  5. lol are you kidding? of course 99.99% do not care about new hero levels because they are not 130
  6. Something similar. (not mine) After the completion of all the islands, it turned out not the first place. The audit showed that the 4th island is zero!
  7. You are treated as usual, but your health is not visible when the defender is activated. So if your hero during this time restore HP in any usual way, then of course there will be more health.
  8. lol, 65 players to be 100% online is the best and ONLY ONE strategy
  9. It is strange that there are no complaints. Just asked in my alliance, and immediately received confirmation of both the android and Windows phone Alliance chat slows down for 10-15 or more seconds for each of my actions (apparently due to the fact that someone constantly comes in / out of the game, requests or gives an insta, or writes something, or there may be changes on the entire map of the war- players move, fighting????))) The more people online, the more this lag. Especially during the conquest... it become crazy, I forced to NOT open chat (this may be why there are very few complaints, because most alliances do not have this high online ??? I suppose testers and developers never participate very active alliance during conquest??? ) Someone write something to me, an urgent response is needed, and the more around the events, the more everything is dull... You try to start writing, and the keyboard appears on the screen after 15 seconds. You write and you don't see what it is, and then it appears partially. You click send, and see your words only after 30 seconds, etc. Also about insta, 15 seconds to see half-empty insta-screen, another 15 seconds and you can click to send insta, and wait another 15 seconds than insta-window will close!
  10. I agree, the problem is not a rollback to a particular cell. The system itself is incorrect, that 1 player can delay 30 for a significantly long time. Whatever rollback is done, out of 30 people during this time, it’s unlikely everyone will be online to run away, and they will be tied up again. I don’t know what decisions there are made by developers, but it seems they are testing their decisions on some small alliances and inactive conquest maps. And this is regrettable.
  11. Yes, this bug is there since the first Conquest
  12. Great! I make a lot of changes long ago, but stats/prices changed too often. Now I'm too lazy Make new article about Conquests please
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