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  1. Todesritter leader actually spoke with a Russian general discussing their intentions for the war. An Alliance Message was posted in Todesritter asking all players to not attack any of the other 3 alliances on the map. With the level of conquest buildings, speed, energy and resources Todesritter have they can win without attacking any others on the map. This was stated to all others on the map. One Todesritter attacked a Russian after this instruction was posted, he was to told to lose the battle as we have agreements for this conquest map. There is no point in wasting resources when alliances on the map are so badly matched or are friends.
  2. "Hi guys, In order to be more transparent about upcoming balancing changes, I have created a new subforum. You can find it here: https://forums.flaregames.com/forum/136-balancing-changes/" Thank you so much for bringing back what used to be an essential communication thread in this Forum. For at least the first year of the game Flare used to post a list of problems under review, proposed changes and anticipated dates, and a summary of previous changes. By keeping us aware of these things it prevented a lot of frustration, repetition of posts and angry dialogue. Hopefully this is the start of a return to better two way communication and improvement to the game and Forum. Well done!! I agree with others, keep official posts closed to comment in Official Announcements and create a link to another subforum. We can see announcements at a glance then move to the subforum if we wish to comment. I also think that if a constructive thread then receives abusive or objectionable posts it is those posts that should be removed not the entire thread. Warn the offenders and remove their post, allow the discussion to continue. Constructive threads should never be deleted and should only be closed to further comment if they duplicate others, when they should then be merged.
  3. yes, "best" way to deal with a problem you don't want to know about...………. delete it!
  4. the colour confusion of dragons is very annoying in the heat of battle, it throws off reflexes and reactions that have become instinctive. Please fix this soon.
  5. still there are questions though has the cause been ascertained? will there be monitoring over weekends in future? will Devs be on call for major failures in future? I'm sure there are more...............
  6. Using Win 10 on hybrid touch screen laptop/tablet here. 24 hours ago I rolled back to the last System Restore Point before Community Week. Since then my game has been stable with no disconnections. Not a solution for everyone I know, but may help Flare Devs? And I agree, while this is extremely frustrating, and we all have a right to complain and air our views - this is never an excuse for ego or for personal attacks or for swearing and bad behaviour.
  7. this war is stuffed, to be fair it should be abandoned and compensation given to all players
  8. 5 hours, still stuffed we need serious compensation players penalised alliances penalised missed out on half a day of the community week special bonuses get kicked out of war raids = reduced skulls = alliance war results affected according to time zone of players extreme stress and frustration etc etc
  9. still unstable, but get to stay online about 5 minutes each time now before getting kicked out
  10. still cant connect for more than 40 second bursts, cant finish war raids, cant take advantage of the best day of community week
  11. yes, can connect but after 2 or 3 touches to the screen it disconnects
  12. IF they made an Official Announcement of the event here in the Forum or on Facebook, that MIGHT clarify things. So far only contradictory messages in the game itself.
  13. Game: Royal Revolt 2 IGN: Fazd 1. Skeleton 2. Stoke city 3. A) time:- field hockey consists of 2 halves of 35 minutes but ice hockey consists of 3 sessions of 20 minutes B) playing surface (of course): - field hockey is played on a field or pitch rather than on ice C) total players in the team:- field hockey team consists of 11 players and ice hockey has 6 players 4. King 5. Fencing, free style swimming, show jumping, pistol shooting, cross country running 6. Malaysia, 11 medals 7. New South Wales, Sheffield Shield - 46win, 8. Roger Federer 9. Mumbai & London 10. 2002, Japan/Korea
  14. great to welcome a new Community Manager to the team. Being a fellow female and a player of RR2 you are sure to bring a lot of empathy to our players problems and suggestions.
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