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  1. I beat you to it! I suggested it December last year! 😋 I'm just reposting it under its own heading now.
  2. The Viking (with the Giant Sheild) should have a "Shield Aura"! It would be awesome to see a troop that reduced damage around him just by his presence. Further it's pure stupidity that the Viking is Weak to both Piercing and Ice. He has a giant shield that should give him a Resistance to Piercing! And he is a Viking that should give him a resistance to Ice! But more than that, why in hell do you create two units with the exact same weakness (Viking and Necromancer)! Obviously this needs to be fixed!
  3. The Game just did a full update... Had to got to the AppStore and get the Update... Then when the game started up, it downloaded a ton more. But I can't see any difference.... Anybody know what's up?
  4. Maerique

    New Troop: Banshee

    I've had my fingers crossed for this. Or a real update for a while! 🙂
  5. Maerique

    Revamping Sniper Hideout

    If you made the animation for the "rockets" look like the old Chinese Fireworks it really wouldn't be historically inaccurate for the time period. And you could do something interesting by making the rockets stick in the ground: making unkickable bombs!
  6. Generally, I agree with you, but in this case I can't agree. The Knight is a more well rounded Troop. While the Paladin is good in specific instances against specific Troops. If they took away his Weaknesses, he'd just be a tougher Knight. And honestly, the Paladin with the Unholy Paladin Boost is probably already a little over powered.
  7. Maerique

    Revamping Sniper Hideout

    Let's revisit this Rocket Tower idea! Flare clearly isn't fixing the Arrow Tower!
  8. Damn! Wow that's a great idea!
  9. I haven't been able to figure this out for like 2 months... How is the Heal Tower not healing the Skull Tower. It's clearly in it's range circle. The Heal Tower's Range Perk has been upgraded to 7. The Tower should reach. Sorry to tag you all, but @oPelle, @Fourofjacks, and @FTB, you guys know what's going on?
  10. Maerique

    Healing Tower's range inconsistency (?)

    @LacunaC is correct. The actual red healing ball "fired" by the Heal Tower has it's own range. So there are cases where you can Heal something out of range because the Tower is healing something in range but near to the object out of range.
  11. They banned me for a day for blanking out vulgarities. They said it was a sneaky way to get around their vulgarity filters. I thought it was a commonly accepted way to be commonly accepted. But Freaking, Fracking, Frigging, Flipping is now what they get!
  12. The Odds of Success in Upgrading Towers and Obstacles during the Blacksmith Meltdown are Wrong! Today, I stat upgraded (pearls) 22 Towers/Obstacles, and after one of the recent updates I noticed that even though the Blacksmith Meltdown shows an improved chance of success on Tower/Obstacle stat upgrades... I think the success rate is actually worse than normal! If you look at the little green red circle durring the Blacksmith Meltdown it looks like the success rate should be about 40%. But today I upgraded 22 Towers/Obstacles and of those 22, I only succeeded on the first try with 2! So I ran a T-Test (Statistics), and it could be shown by any school teacher that with a 99.9% certainty the chance of success is significantly less than 40%! According to my sample the true probability of success would be approximately 10% which is significantly lower than upgrading outside the Blacksmith Meltdown. Which actually makes more sense if it costs extra to upgrade during the Meltdown, but we are paying for the bonus of the 12 hour cool down. BUT I WANT THE REAL FREAKING FRACKING FRIGGING FLIPPING DATA FROM FLARE! STOP ROUTINELY HABITUALLY LYING TO US! WE'RE FREAKING NERDS (AND YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT), WE KNOW HOW TO CALL YOU ON THIS BULL AND PROVE YOU'RE LYING!
  13. Maybe I will send in a resume then. Thanks for the support, @Warriornator and @OilFire!
  14. I think of everything you said - this one is the best suggestion by far. Not like I think they actually well, but I would love to do it! And my degree is in Computer Science!
  15. Maerique

    New tournament like pro

    I made a difference! I ruined the game!