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  1. I think it would make it feel a lot more like an adventure if you could find personal rewards on The Conquest Map! Such as finding a pot of a million gold! At my level it really doesn't mean anything but it would feel cool! You might even find some pearls or an occasional gem!
  2. *****?! No I had to go through the bloody freaking fracking frolicking ninja event twice a month! You literally just doubled the freaking busy work! This sucks!
  3. Everyone here understands that that's normal. What I'm noting is many of us here from reliable players... And maybe it's a bug, but that's not what it's doing for them.
  4. Ha, I've never used it! So I didn't even know what it did till just now. Either way, that's the reports I'm getting Life Drain items and Bell cause Health restoration.
  5. After talking to many experienced players, I don't think you're right, @Madlen. It might be an error, but too many players are reporting that they have had their Health restored by the end of their use of Donkey. It might be an error, but I think it is a fact. And it seems to be related to Life Drain.
  6. I'm almost certain you're wrong. If a Monk casts a Heal Spell near you while you are riding your Guardian, I do not believe it Heals you.
  7. So I've been playing for 3.5 years now. A friend of mine who's played for 4 years. Told me he is healed to 100% every time he gets off his Donkey even if he starts at almost no health. After we compared we found it seems to only have that effects when he has has his LifeDrain gear on. And he had a LOT of LifeDrain. So that correlates nicely with what @SteelPoet says.
  8. This is my experience, but many experienced players are telling me their Donkeys restore them to full Health. Even @fuzzylogic said he'd been told the same thing.
  9. I thought they just didn't understand what they were seeing but so many good players in my Alliance insists it heals them.
  10. When I use Donkey my King begins and ends the ride with the same Health. But almost 50% of the members of my Alliance report that they are restored to full Health by a Donkey ride. What's different? Also it doesn't seem that a Monk casting a Heal Spell or even a Heal Aura Ring restores your Health during the use of any Guardian, why is that?
  11. The Pro League Landscape is not tiled properly. The edges of all the tiles are much darker gray than the coloring in the middle of the tiles so when you look at it from above. It looks like a giant waffle board pattern. The solution is simple pick the average color you want and make that the average color throughout the whole tile. It was successfully done on every other tile set!
  12. I'm a Level 120 player. And I play in a low level alliance with player between 80 and 121. Over the last 3 Conquest Seasons, I've experienced many different Wars where I was fighting a solo battle against 5 or more opponents, and I was winning. Until a low level team mate decided to help, and all the skulls they won from him lost a War I would have won. So simple request make it so any help is help. I don't want to have to yell at my team mates for trying to be active and help! But that is what Flare is encouraging with this system!
  13. Maerique

    Trophy system discussion (Suggestions for a Fix?)

    Yes. But all grinds are NOT equal. I use this example a lot cause it's true and I stand by it. I had to stop and think of an instance where it felt like a grind playing Clash Royale, it was difficult to think of, and last time it felt like a grind was honestly about 2 years ago! In summary, if it's really a grind. Don't do it. Take out the trash, clean the gutter, get a side job licking stamps or telemarketing. Get something for your grind!
  14. Maerique

    Trophy system discussion (Suggestions for a Fix?)

    Thanks! I'm surprised at the back lash from players who apparently expect, almost want to grind.