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  1. Actually I'll accept that. I've been using boosted Gargoyles in offense as well. I personally would like to see them always being useful. But maybe they are better only seasonally useful.
  2. Well then Flare should fix the Range circle cause the circle indicates otherwise. I stand by my bug report. It's time we start exepcting some level of functuonality in Flares half-asked work.
  3. My Heal Tower won't heal a Skull Tower directly behind it. As you can see it has +27% range it absolutely should be healing it!
  4. Currently the donate button blinks when we should donate gold to the alliance. The Alliance Stronghold Button should also blink when we should donate resources. Seriously you created enough random/bizzare resources that we have to harvest for random places and donate and collect, etc... you could at least make things blink to remind us!
  5. I was noticing I did get my request for the Robhinhood color scheme and the Blue Steal color scheme fulfilled! 🙂 Which I love/thanks! But when are we going to get new game play content? When are you going to make the Gargoyle useful on offense. It carries a bomb for destroying buildings! It's obviously about time! But if you're set on just delivering customization... When can I get new walls for my castle? What about Wall Skins? I bet people would be really excited about customizing their castles! I've had the same look for my castle for like 3 years!
  6. What game are you playing? What spells are you carrying, I don't even pay attention to Primal Beasts. I just accidentally kill them on the way through while I'm using my blizzards on Skulls Towers and Wolves. In most cases I think a Werewolf is actually not much less effective than a primal beast.
  7. Maybe if they started balancing their units the game wouldn't by dying! Did you know the game has an offensive unit called a Gargoyle. It would be really cool to use it to demotion towers (it's obvious intention), if it didn't suck so much! Or do you remember those ***** arrow towers they made us build? What if everything in the game was balanced so it was all useful like a real game?
  8. I'm really hoping they make some real changes in Version #5. Sadly this looks like minor incidental fixes. Stuff that really should have been done a couple months after releasing the version with alliances (3 years ago)! This was more of a disappointment and less of a tease! And when are we getting my 7 Morale troops we need so badly? Like the Banshee...
  9. Whatever I guess we'll wait another 6 months.
  10. So can we finally admit that Celestial Phobe is over powered? Or are we still pretending she isn't 6 months later. Virtually every high level player uses her 9 out of 10 last I checked. And 10th was Kaiser probably just protecting some Gold. I know no one wants to admit it cause either: They are in denial cause they already spent so much getting their Primal Beast leveled up, or they don't want her nerfed cause they spent so much getting Celestial Phobe leveled up. But the fact is whether you like it or not she is over powered. She's probably the reason the G-5000 was released to give the players a tool that can kill her.
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