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  1. 25 Pal Donations Disappeared!

    I already messaged the help desk. And yes we are sure.
  2. 25 Pal Donations Disappeared!

    That was my first thought also. But yeah, Flare owes some some Kaiser Pals! Help please, @GalaMorgane!
  3. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    That was pretentious. If this is coming from a need to be heard / make a difference... Talk we're listening. Though, for pigheaded people like myself, if you tried adding something original to the conversation it would make it easier to listen.
  4. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    You feel I'm a pretentious @ss. I feel the same about you. Let's just leave it at that. P.S. No you can't hurt my feelings. You are a bully, but that doesn't mean you've hurt my feelings.
  5. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    Yeah, I have no interest Start Morale. I'm sorry I don't see things your way. Again, you are the bully, everything has to be done your way. And again that was never ever advice. That was me just stating why I wanted a Perk. I have my reasons, and I don't need to defend them. If I was giving advice I'd back it up thoroughly like when I explained why Firebolt Towers were a bad defense. But I don't need your approval to try to get a particular Perk. You're the bully.
  6. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    Um that was not advice that was me saying I wanted the Leadership Perk. Advice is telling someone else what to do. Advice would be if someone asked what Perk they should get. You can check that out in any dictionary. Stupid: no! It's just sometimes a jack@ss comment in response to someone's stupidity.
  7. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    The only advice I gave in this entire thread this dial down on the Firebolt Towers when Farflame Mage is active. You're still upset that I was looking for the Leadership Perk not the Start Morale Perk! You've brought it up like 10 times and not even in the same original thread! I already had that freaking perk on several different items! I was trying to create an item that was unique for me. I'm basically a collector. You're not judging me for my advice. You're judging me for not doing things what you perceive is your way. I can't comment on what your referring to in particular. I use voice to text a lot cause I'm busy and tired of typing. And sometimes what I say comes out a mess so I have to get back in an fix things, or sometimes dial them down cause I'm an annoying stubborn douche sometimes.
  8. Um yeah, that's still being penalized for having too many cannons. That's why told me not to have the cannons.
  9. Okay, since we went there... I don't think I'll ever get my way. And generally speaking I don't fight losing battles! But! If you have time left you ought to be able to use that to take gate any remaining towers! You shouldn't be penalized for having so much firepower that your cannons blasted away the gates in 2 seconds! This stupid caveat to the game is making players do completely unroyal things like getting their troops killed to give them more time to finish off the towers!
  10. Damn that's a whole other fight!
  11. Yeah, it's harder to raid cause you're wearing Skull Gear. And most Alliance turn on extra boosts. That's the whole answer.
  12. It should be harder! If you are getting a bigger pay off: more skulls! You should be working harder! And you have to be working harder, when you remove an option for Leadership, Scream, Health, etc... And give to to a Skull Perk automatically it gets harder. I don't know what you're asking for.
  13. Yeah, that's what everybody's trying to do. But when you get a Perk (like the Skull Perk), that perk which could have improved your raiding ability is now dedicated to the Skull Perk. So it's a trade-off. It's literally taking a handicap in lieu of higher Skulls. But you have to be able to handle the handicap. I can beat almost anybody in my Dungeon Gear. but if I beat them in my Raiding Gear, I get 3 times the Gold plus a lot more Luck in the Chamber of Fortune!
  14. You can always raid without your skull gear. You just don't get quite as many skulls. But if that's what you need to take down the gates, you'll actually come out ahead without your skull gear. I actually spent forever "perfecting" my raiding gear which is gear with almost 0 bonuses that help with the actual raid. It's all Gold, luck, and XP: But if I really need to beat something, I put on my dungeon gear:
  15. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    Oh, now you made it political. This entire conversation was completely derailed, but now it's completely...