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  1. I'm very unhappy with the Pal and Uber Chest rewards. I worked for about 2 years to get Aska, today after the first season of Conquests I got her in my Pal Chest. So suddenly you're just giving her away for free and undermining all the work we put in. Next the Golden Uber Chests, same thing, I worked for 4 years to create the armor I have now. And I'm fairly certain you're going to make it obsolete in 2 conquests! The escalation is too much!
  2. I don't find this to be a workable solution. This is you doing the best you can with a bad situation. It''s still a bad situation. We need something that counts the total number of skulls a player brings in for the season.
  3. Again Flare has a terrible terrible lack of useful information in the Conquests. In the War Season I could go to player rewards and see who was contributing skulls. And the players who weren't trying got kicked! There's no list of skull contributions in the Conquest! And #&$& you I'm not adding them all up from all 100 wars!
  4. I want to get this back on track. Yes the chat needs to be fixed, but I've been asking for that for about 4 years. I don't really think it's being fixed! 👎 But the notifications should be fixed immediately! Inside the Conquest screen there should be a clickable shield to remind you of any battle for which you have not yet fought all your battles!
  5. I'm going to start this by saying in general I am loving the Conquest Event! But we do need much better notifications... First huge problem: We get spammed with notifications of wars that we'll never be able to reach. I got 20 in one login once! So what happens is you don't (and shouldn't) look at them all too closely! BUT there's no unique notification for a War you are expected to fight in. Those are easy to find if they are actually attacking your piece on the map. But when they attack a Tower you have been assigned to you'd never know unless you just scrolled around and checked your tower! Many of my less savvy alliance members have entirely missed that their towers were under attack and never even fought! And I don't blame them or communication! I blame Flare. Flare should have given them a unique notification that just sat on their screen until they completed the battles. And again it wasn't our fault we told them in chat, but again Flare should have given us the ability to communicate with each other better. For our alliance our chat screen only lasts about 15 minutes before it fills up, and everything said has dropped off into oblivion and nobody logs on every 15 minutes! Again Flare's fault!
  6. Maerique

    Leader needed for alliance

    Thanks for the shout out, @Dena4! The Knight who say Ni say thanks! 😉 @ThomasMaxx, the Knights who say Ni sound like a great fit for you! Our policy is: We will never penalize you for having a life. Now if it becomes a habit that a player is not participating that's an issue. But if someone tries their best and notifies us when they are going to be AWOL we are always fine with that!
  7. We've been asking for bigger chat for what... 4 years?
  8. Since Royal Revolt has the terrible horrible crappy tiny chat window that holds like 10 lines, and we cannot communicate with any players because that communication is gone in about 15 minutes and they probably won't have logged on by then... You, Flare, absolutely owe us Way Points! So a General can set a Way Point that tells a player where he wants him to travel to. Obviously, the player can do whatever he/she wants, but he will know his orders. And that's my order to you guys, @FTB, @Lisa, @PaSte, @Pete! You know you owe us this, and it's a good idea!
  9. The only issue would be how it changes the game if you move 20 tiles forward to join a war. That's a simply fix though make it so you can't participate in a war until after the cool down (provided you piece has moved more than 3 tiles.)
  10. After Playing for 2 days I can say there are a lot of interface bugs and lack of information that would be wildly important.* But Conquest mode is a really fun concept! But it will kill the game is you don't fix the time required to play this! The time demands are ridiculous. You realize you guys could never do your jobs and play this game. Well you dropped the ball so badly on this I'd say you weren't doing your jobs, but clearly you aren't playing this game or you'd know it isn't working! One thing that would help but still not be nearly enough is: * Like when assigning troops to players it should tell you when they were last on so you can be sure to assign the most troops to the most active players. The asign defender to a tower in construction has this information.
  11. Maerique

    Conquest Mode = Crap Mode

    I agree. I've been able to get really far but only because currently I'm just working at my computer. I can log on every hour and a half and move my guy. Most of the time I can't do that. Most people who play video games log on 2 or 3 times a day max! They have to make it so you can string together longer moves for a bigger cool down penalty.
  12. Does the level #1 tower claim everything 1 tile from it? Or do I have to level up for that?
  13. When moving through an already cleared area in Conquest Mode, a player ought to be able to move an unlimited number of tile just the movement cool down gets really long. That way for players who are behind they can catch up in a move while sleeping or at work. You guys do realize you need to make this game playable for humans who have lives.
  14. Update landing directly on the tile does nothing. It must be finishing the construction of the Tower.