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  1. Im out of here too...been bored shitless for last few months waiting for updates that would address issues or at least maintain interest in playing. Lasted update does none of that. Was once a great fun game but u guys have lost that totally.
  2. There was a problem with defence being too weak compared to attack and all they had to do was introduce the rail guns as an added feature not in place of wgs or mgs. This would have balanced it out. Instead they messed around with rigs and defences and the more they messed around the harder it became. We dont all have unlimited time to spend on this game playing it and to advance now thats what you need to do. The balance is wrong. The game is time consuming for little reward. Plus its still boring as nothing has been done to add extra features like alliance wars, higher levels, etc. I gave been on cr25 for months and am bored with the game. I have been waiting for months to be able to advance but nothing has happened other than change the balance. So its still much the same just slower and harder with less reward. There is very little support or communication either.
  3. The update has changed the game for sure and has made it harder and more challenging. But what it has also done has put people off playing it. Simply we all like winning and when the game becomes too hard (lose more than you win) then people will stop playing. Some minor adjustments to the balance to improve the win/loss ratio for all of us will keep people playing. My suggestion is bring back the shield and missile rigs to their previous strengths. Get rid of the unbalanced win/loss rating points. Bring back the ability to win influence. Lets get this game back on track again
  4. I hope this is done in next update
  5. Babish Alliances-disagree with everything you said about alliances. Why make it more complicated? It works fine as it is. As for wars well we already know they are coming. Rigs-many topics have been posted on suggestions for improved/new rigs and many good ideas are there. The rest of it has some good stuff but most has already been covered before. Important to me is 1) revenge feature 2) more options for repairing rigs 2) being able to sell rigs 3) more base options with different landscape features eg ice, snow, desert, mountains, ocean, etc
  6. Also why is the topic "alliance features" in suggestions and improvements locked??
  7. Aether we have had some posts deleted recently and for no apparent reason. In future can an explanation be given when posts are deleted. Cheers
  8. Getting really sick of bots invading my map and these have no rating points awarded when destroyed. Even when I get attacked by a player its bots thay appear on my map. Solution are 1) get rid of bots 2) allow ratings points to be awarded for each bot destroyed. Cheers
  9. This has happened to me before and the bug is till there. Today it was a missile rig that stopped baing able to load missiles 1/2 way through. Someone else in my alliance also reported it so its still an issue that needs fixing. Cheers
  10. The following needs doing to improve the game 1) base save feature when editing or have several saved bases to choose from 2) shield when online 3) get rid of bots or get ratings points for destroying them 4) revenge feature
  11. Needs a base save feature so we can edit and then revert to saved base if we want to
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