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  1. I know we should not bother our dear Captain Morgan, but nearly 3 months have passed now since we read the last posts about this challenge. Is there any chance we will receive our gems in 2018 ??? Or has the challenge been cancelled, and I missed the note ? I am not that active any more in OR, hating the forge system .... therefore now back at RR2, liking the new war system, big change
  2. 3 allis , but only 2 on the war map. Our team, Germany alpha, excluded with minus 7 torches without firing a single shot. Honestly, flare games, plz reset this new war system and do your home work, including thorough beta testing !!!
  3. Just started an attack, looked buggy after a few seconds (as if Worlds end would attack itself), then the attack was lost (but 8h CD was Initiated ....). WTF ....... fg, you wanna abuse us as Beta testers????? 1. Germany Alpha sorted into wrong league 2. some of my Attacks not counted on island, but counted for Battle Chests 3. Now, worst bug: one attack completely disappeared ...
  4. here the link of a tiny video, framerate 10 fps, Hades and Zeus both killed at 14% (hope you can read it) : http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=17641361066330827807 Alternatively, I could provide you with a better resolution at 5 fps (note that tiny is limited to 25 MB, unfortunately) Looking forward to 5720 Gems (if I did the maths correctly ?) Yours, Jewelmania??? PS: Here the 2nd link in case you cannot read the 14% http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=14781349501705638455
  5. http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=38792739262936934454 21%, 2 kills. Please let me know if you want higher resolution, original highres video from ipad has 200 MB, had to tune it to fit to tinyupload (it still has 18 MB). Also, used tinyupload since it's free, and no need to register, hope that's ok, as well. Best regards, Jewelmania (looking forward to 3500 gems )
  6. The new Tower cant be destroyed, if I got it right. It's more like a permanent boost of range as long as the neighboring (defensive) towers exist.
  7. Nice update, my compliments to FG ! I got one question, having chosen the 5 masteries I believe to be best: speed, hit points, area damage, cooldown bonus, leadership: -> does new masteries mean: same, but better values, e.g. right now I got speed +4% (which was close to max. I could get), in future it will be possible to find upto +6% or so? Or do you mean new kinds of masteries?
  8. PS: I miscalculated ;);) . It's even less, 25% plus only ...
  9. You can attack as often as you want, and as long as you got the resources .... Having finished my first Odyssey, a few remarks: (i) the chests contain crap, at least the first 3. On the other hand, fighting at higher difficulty level with heroes I had neglected was impossible. Several top members of our alli also only scored 3 chests. Otherwise, you would have to spend a lot of gems !! (ii) the bonus, about 0.5 % plus at difficulty level 5 per 5 islands conquered, seems a bit too small for the effort. Considering 50 Odysseys per year, this means I can reach about 50% plus for 3 different units and/or scrolls within one active year, only ?!? Reminds me of the XP in chests, those where also much too small at the first implementation ...
  10. Very nice suggestions, a bit similar to tournaments in RR2. One additional: each player should use each hero only once or twice, before the hero counter is reset (I mean, not time as in war fights, but mandatory usage of all heroes, to reset counter). In that context and conc. Freemind's comment: I wonder if right now it's even worth to max all heroes -> you need 3 20s for war, and (or one of them) a 20 Ajax to beat any base. I got all As at 20 (Ajax, Athena, Achilles, Ariadne), not caring about the others, since I am not using them for months ...
  11. Never understand why you care so much about trophs ??? I raid to get gold, to spend on chests for gems or upgrades, or to level heroes. Trophs are a mere sidekick (which makes the chests more expensive and raiding more difficult, btw). Also, my base is nearly max, 4 heroes at level 20, Ajax rising fast and capable of beating any (!!) base - and still I am well below 8k trophs, partially losing trophs on purpose. So, take it easy, guys
  12. Captain, would you mind letting us know the date of worldwide release ? As cited by Tomaxo above (thx, btw), Alysea announced the worldwide release at Facebook more than a year ago
  13. Captain or Tara, please confirm that my link provides the correct information. In case, I want my anniversary present ("Gollum Gollum")
  14. http://www.ratgeberspiel.de/news/gamenews/app-news/olympus-rising-erreicht-eine-million-spieler-in-weniger-als-zwei-wochen/ sorry, in German only, but confirms that release was on 5th of May 2016, a little later than I recalled. Also confirms that on 18th, that is within less than 14 days, number of players exceeded 1 million !!
  15. Being curious how long our alli exists, i also checked the release date of OR by coincidence: should be 3rd of May 2016 (IOS, in Europe). Is Flare planning to give us any birthday presents ?? If I recall correctly, that used to be the case in RR2
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