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  1. orko

    Festivals 😒

    Late 2019 approx
  2. orko

    Display bug with Dragofroster

    Stone Dragon became red.
  3. orko

    Phoebe is overpowered in defence

    I have most Problems against high Bucky and Aki Beasts.
  4. orko

    +6800 trophys in Game

    I can confirm, that I could attack both Son of Telamon and Iran Azrael a few times in the last days (well, I didn`t make it past the first wave, but I was able to try it gg).
  5. Translated: "When you cast Hammerstrike and Firestrom in parallel they do less damage then when you cast them one after the other."
  6. Phoebe does also not cast Apocalypse after Dragon Animation.
  7. orko

    new event

    Well, it was really the FINAL. Afterwards the whole Environment was shut down.
  8. orko

    Problem in my pro league

    Besides that, did you notice the Chicken? They seem to be everywhere nowadays ...
  9. orko

    New Fox Pal ?

    And everyone knows, Staff will not answer at all.
  10. orko

    Gala so you are revenging?

    I fixed this one for you:
  11. I`m pretty sure, that the Age-Warnings in the different App-Stores are not given by Flare but the App-Store owners. I think they check the Apps for that.
  12. orko

    Does Phoebe suck?

    It also strongly depends on your Gear (War, Event, ...) and the Spells you are using.
  13. orko

    Most useless "special offer" ever

    Probably next offer is Aska.
  14. orko

    Most useless "special offer" ever

    Well, I am happy that I finally got Nidhoqq. I don`t care about the Items here.