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  1. Monks

    The cooldown is calculated based on the following formular: Death of the King + 1 Second
  2. Why not BM in Witchcraft Cup??

    Pal Flute, XP- and Luck-Gear would make much sense in PL.
  3. Malala brave little girl rr2

    She would keep her privacy in case this was real, don`t you think? Btw. you did really google explicit for Malala playing RR2? Or did you find it out just by chance discovery?
  4. Malala brave little girl rr2

    who is this?
  5. Blizzard bug?

    I used Blizzard excessive in Ninja Event and had absolutley no Problems.
  6. Why ads are not working???

    Tapjoy does not work for me since 1 year. I opened some tickets about this but nobody cares. Flare says to open a ticket with Tapjoy and they ignore all request. Just don`t klick their videos.
  7. Thousands of Pearls gone?

    I'm losing thousands of pearls daily.
  8. No Friend Code

    It`s also visible, when you prepare it for Facebook:
  9. Forum Game - Reactions to Situations

    Next: you pause a raid in Ninja-Event and then press "retreat" instead of "resume"
  10. Janus

    Flothaboss is a Dev-Account.
  11. Bela pal...a mirage?

    You would be surprised @JiggleFizziks. Ever asked yourself, where all these little Kaisers are coming from?
  12. Bela pal...a mirage?

    I can confirm she is a girl - just lifted her skirt.
  13. Bela pal...a mirage?

    @FTB your video proves the inbalance of the units. Aki much more better? He confused a few Skeletons in your Video. Impressive. For the Pro-Paladin, it took you over 1 Minute to spawn a Stone-Dragon who does literelly nothing besides flying. But I like the improvements on Shock and Archimedes. :-)
  14. New pal

    He opens a Hole ... excellent.