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  1. orko

    Unfair Matchmaking!

    I would be more than happy to get THAT enemy! 😉
  2. Also, with Stock Android you cannot add Emojis.
  3. Do it like 99,9% of all other Players and use Pheobe.
  4. orko

    Aby wszystkim żyło się lepiej.

    This is to avoid having jumpers in the war.
  5. Is it planned to add new territory with new islands and new creatures to find?
  6. orko

    Pro Festival

    Same here, @Darkerion
  7. orko

    Requesting a New feature.

    I really like the idea in making Mortars more useful. :-)
  8. orko

    New pal

    Aput? 😁😁😁😁
  9. Next on the list would then be Eldrak. 😉
  10. You could also add Blunt-Damage to the Stun Ability. Just as the Spell has.
  11. Good to hear! I think the Infection-Rate is Ways to low. Compared to the Horko`s Gloves Bela nearly never infects an enemy.
  12. Won against Flothaboss whilst he was still active.
  13. I only used Matchmaker just to be clear.