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  1. orko

    Conquest rewards

    Lacuna, on the other hand we have spent 1 million gems for this. Bad exchange ...
  2. orko

    Conquest rewards

    Additional to my 30 gems I got 3 times the same [word removed - inappropriate]ty uber item and 3x growl No money from me any longer. I'm really pissed off.
  3. orko

    Conquest rewards

    You have VIP bonus cromka, I got 30 for first place.
  4. orko

    Nemesis pal, anyone tried it?

    They are just waiting for YOU to buy it. Once you did, they will press the big red "NERF" button in their office.
  5. Why are there no notifications when something is ready in the conquest? Like "you have reached your goal" or "you can donate stones now"
  6. orko

    Blacksmith event?

    A granny event would fit perfectly in the latest sequence of events.
  7. orko

    Why does the video have a 6-hour session?

    Why so mad about this? It's one of the "improvements" we got with 4.0! Think of it! You don't have to watch silly fish-videos any more! </sarcasm>
  8. Before you try to hit cheaters with this stupid cool down thingy, first get rid of those damn cheaters in the fu*king so called Pro League.
  9. orko

    Positive Change in Community Management

    Now, Devs can ignore us directly. This will hurry things up. 😊
  10. It is also "Uber" in German.
  11. orko

    How to start a good and strong alliance?

    Sorry to say, but you are 2 years too late. Level up and join an existing one.
  12. orko

    Bring back my DEFENSE?

    It also is the opposite - I never win if somebody attacks me, but I also never lose if I attack somebody. It seems that every attack is a success - independent on which side of the wall you are standing.
  13. orko

    Today’s offer

    Alone the energy used to complain about a 6 Dollar offer here in the board costs more than 6 Dollar ... Please somebody close this.
  14. orko

    Pro league question

    How would Cheaters influence the Revenue positively? The opposite is the Fact. You think they pay for the Game? Me not, and in this Case I will not spend Money on the Game when everything is won by Cheaters.