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  1. orko

    insta troops informations

    I thought it was always the stats of the RECEIVED troops and you own forges are not considered. Can the Devs explain this?
  2. orko

    Monthly Festivals

    I would like to request this skin for the arblaster:
  3. orko

    Monthly Festivals

    Pretty sure, they will offer more and more Skins in the Future.
  4. They reset it manually two times in the last months I think. But NOW would be a good Reset-Date 😉
  5. Awsome! I think only Kings of (nearly) the same Level should be put together in Leagues.
  6. Nemesis wipes the floor now with Phoebe.
  7. orko

    More Gems for Diamond League?

    Yeah and this is only for the first! Even this is incredible low for Diamond-League, all other rank-rewards are just ridiculous.
  8. As long as there are no Minecraft-Figures I`ll stay in. 😁
  9. orko

    World Record of Connection on February 11th 2019

    I see this on my homepage also once in a while. When I check the visitor-list there are IDs like "Googlebot" or something similar. Mostly not one but 100 at a time.
  10. orko

    Where is Madlen today?

    With Horko`s Curse in one and Horko`s Virus in the other Hand Madlen could have sent something Infected across the Sea to Warriornator ...
  11. orko

    New Pro-Item-Set:The Sanzu Set

    Hm a little bit disappointed - I was hoping for a new cool Aura for the Ring.
  12. orko

    World Record of Connection on February 11th 2019

    Hordes of Google Bots crawling deep in the Forums ...
  13. You can blame him. He`s to slow to catch you if you run from him.
  14. Gaspar Kills Phoebe in a Second.