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  1. Pew, than I'm happy again! 😀
  2. would be useless for kings at level 130 ...
  3. It is not well positioned after 4.4 upgrade. Please place it somewhere else ..
  4. Hi! I think this board should be renamed to Pals, Beasts and Guardians. Now, my questions is, Donkey has an Aura - but what? There is no information about this.
  5. Let`s bet the lower value is the right one!
  6. Holy Moly! Where have you been so long, @Macamus?
  7. Nemesis (and of course Nidhoqq and Eldrak too) are very ugly when they transform to beast.
  8. orko

    Invulnerable basilsk tower

    This happens to me sooooo many times gg.
  9. Even if they would publish the names on a "Wall of Shame", they are already banned so what would be your benefit?
  10. Phoebe in offense is as worst as Growl. Use Asks or Fritz for offense!
  11. orko

    Yeti Festival 12d 19h

    Aehm, it is the normal ninja event just instead of ninjas you get yetis. That's it. Nothing else. No special prices or pals or so.