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  1. Since Hans is in the Game, the CoF nearly NEVER gives any Pearls any more ... many of my Ally-Members have recognized that too. Did you change something??? Hans` Ability is useless - twice 0 is also 0 ...
  2. I got it right after I installed the game. Worked fine.
  3. orko

    Phoenix Token??

    One free resurrection?
  4. It was awsome until now and now it is even better. But its kinda funny how quick this bulky creature can fly. hehe Can we have a few infos about the damage the dragon does?
  5. Mega-Update. Impressive. The only things which is a little strange to me ist that the chat-messages are now 3-rows high even if there is only one word in there. Need to scroll more now.
  6. I tried all already, even having vikings in slot 2 and necros in slot 3. 😞
  7. Here in Austria all Ads work(ed) fine without Issues.
  8. I never use gems in COF (besides by accident gg) but I`m pretty sure to found some of them already in chests. Very seldom, but I did.
  9. Remove the beast form. If anybody wants it they can use Palflute.
  10. Whatever Combo I try, Aska NEVER summons Arblaster. Please have a look at this! Best, orko
  11. I agree with @AwesomestKnightest. Been playin around with Gaspar the last few days and Pheobe is a no longer a pain in the ***.
  12. ... or who forgot to prolong it! 😂
  13. So this means you can actually melt 9 items? One which is currently worked on and 8 in the queue?
  14. Hi! What do you think about adding the Name of the General/Leader who accepted a new Member? Would be helpful I think.
  15. I reeeeeaaaally hope someone gets a prize for redoing the Paladin because his hammer looks like an iron ...
  16. Blacksmith is busy these days in making the new mecha-armors.
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