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  1. Fii Nami

    Compensation event and/or reimbursement

    All I want to say is that 100 gems is a fcking joke because some of us champ and spend 100 gems just for 3 raid..some spend 100 just in 1 raid.. This is putrid prowler season with arblaster as top prize..possibly the worst combo for a war and possibly the hardest as well for many people.. To make it worse, my alliance fight to gain fief but now apparently we wont get any?! Great way to steal 5 fiefdom from us.. Minimum 500 gems should be compensated, at least for people who champ (and can prove it) if not all..I pity many of my fellow members, they are free players or spend very little and use gems for gain of alliance but now its totally useless.. Come on be real, announcement is made today, on day four of war! Too late for anything..honestly just shut this game down, 4 years and you lot never learn! Its 1st of May tomorrow in my country, I sure fcking hope RL and Apo leave and trigger a mass exodus! Bullshit game with even worse community manager..JONA DIDNT DIE FOR THIS!!!!!
  2. Fii Nami

    Sp on pro ring 💍, flare trick us all...

    SP overrated nowadays..just get more LB and win by playing with 3 SP gear 😌
  3. Fii Nami

    Cheat in pro?

    I've played many many mobile games and this game have the worst record in dealing with cheaters and also the worst protection against hacking..
  4. Fii Nami

    Performance Issue

    My game runs okey but when I use either Nidhogg/Ceres/Black Magic, it starts lagging so badly..the shadow copy animation imo is the issue..cant we somehow remove this for lower end phone in next update? For me it is not needed anyway..or maybe make a simpler animation for cost me some raid, which is annoying.. Android, Samsung J3 Pro
  5. Fii Nami

    My Heal Tower isn't Reaching?

    If you really need two healer for one skull, just switch it with FB..problem solved..FB offer very little anyway since nerf 😌
  6. Usually diamond league records are done by at least 2 the past 77LOTC used to break DL record with 7-8 other players.. In top 10, all base you raid will offer 1250+ thats about 2k medals per raid after bonus..but to do it alone, well its just stupid imo and not worth the time..I used to break silver record every other day for about 3months and it was a torture espeically doing it from top 100 with only 25% medal boost and no medal gear at that time..took 80-120 raids..
  7. @Fourofjacks Gala stole my I banned her from this thread!
  8. @neilr81 Fii Nami was banned for hacking if the rumours were true..
  9. @cr1 enjoy your revenge my friend, you deserves it 😌 2 years, must've scarred you real bad.. You're still an idiot though, attend some English class ffs
  10. @cr1 hey no fair, I'm not involved in Apo/RL anymore..find someone else's post 😂
  11. My friends @RevenanT has reached point of no return since very long..Demands can be met but future update will also bring more disappointment..then what you guys going to do that time? Its better to quit now..
  12. Fii Nami

    Broken Combo, Use If You Struggle In Raid

    @LacunaC Malaysian huh 🤔 thats rare..I've known maybe 15 Malaysian who play this game since 4 years of playing..
  13. Fii Nami

    Broken Combo, Use If You Struggle In Raid

    I would love to show you the raid with hammer but unfortunately like I said, my hammer is weak, low forge and I have no hammer gear either..but you mention before, to do it without blade only 🤔 anyway even with hammer, in war, scroll free is possible..maybe not insta free though..I have seen the combo during this war, on my base, do very good 100% and scroll free 4 out of 6 raid..not as strong as omochi but still show its a viable combo and good for 100% (can one shot basilisk)
  14. Fii Nami

    War ? What War ?

    They make about 230k in total I think
  15. Fii Nami

    War ? What War ?

    Can I represent my whole alliance then? Its hard to get everyone to submit ticket..I will list the players affected in my ticket..