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  1. Developeeeeeers what do you think about? We like to play,not spend tons of gems in normal raid. This game is not funny now,no more and I'm ready to uninstall (I spend a lot of money).Meanwhile,waiting your quick choise I will not play,dont use gems,dont buy gems. Choose Flaregames.
  2. Yes, the defenses were overpowered,evident,impossible to attack.Now it's better but after the war what will happen?Overpowered again? I received only 3 attacks in two days,few people have played. I havent attacked for a few days too.
  3. Ah,ok,thanks for your kind reply. I'm Julius Caesar,nice to meet you.
  4. Hey Flaregames...have you nerfed knight and frost now?And ogre and wolf too? Have anyone noted that?
  5. Now I'm a 121 lv player,I'm not scared by stalker but in the past they were a nightmare.
  6. Everywhere. However now goes a bit better but not as before the last ninja event. Yes I play with PC OS Windows 8.1
  7. @Mogor @Magischer K├Ânig @:Dena4 When I was a low level (maybe 80-85,I dont remember exactly)I had harassed by stalkers (2-3 heavy stalkers) even 2-3 months.Ignoring them never worked. The stalker is a f****g head,they are dangerous dude that can begin wars between alliances. The leader must be careful to these players,that's why he is the only one who can stop them. IMHO Its part of the leader's responsibilities.
  8. Have you ever tried?Whats your advice?Stalkers are bad elements. I always do this. All their players attack me?N.P. I continue to hammer the head. Only the boss can stop it.
  9. It's a hateful thing but its part of the game. An advice?Attack his boss every hour,dont stop until he continues his attacks.
  10. Anyone? But Im calm,german efficiency,what else.
  11. Yeah but tomorrow they will fix everything,I'm sure.Be happy!
  12. Flaregames has always server issues,always.But they never solve it. During the war?Is impossible to play cause disconnection (one of the problems).
  13. I do,otherwise I did not ask.And other players have the same problem.
  14. Does anyone have slow game problems on Windoes 8.1? Why is so slow to play now? Why the troops become so slow? Two days ago everything was fine on Windows 8.1,what have you done Flaregames? What have you done? And this time you answer to the question,please. Waiting your news solve the problem.
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