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  1. Developeeeeeers what do you think about? We like to play,not spend tons of gems in normal raid. This game is not funny now,no more and I'm ready to uninstall (I spend a lot of money).Meanwhile,waiting your quick choise I will not play,dont use gems,dont buy gems. Choose Flaregames.
  2. Yes, the defenses were overpowered,evident,impossible to attack.Now it's better but after the war what will happen?Overpowered again? I received only 3 attacks in two days,few people have played. I havent attacked for a few days too.
  3. Dragon transform duration

    Dragons animation is nice,needed to stop the time only during the animation. IMHO.
  4. Dragon transform duration

    Well,we are all happy that this useless loss of seconds will be fixed. If you fix the hateful tendency to place many towers at the gate and no one on base too,we will be more happy. Just now I reached level 130,I will do a party with your update. Many thanks Flothaboss and flaregames.
  5. Dragon transform duration

    And again...Flothabos try these dragons please,many seconds lost!
  6. Disconnections after disconnection

    The same here,impossible to play cause disconnections.
  7. Dragon transform duration

    Time runs both with froster and with pyromancer,each raid misses a lot of seconds. Flothaboss you make a lot of videos,haven't you notice this?
  8. Dragon transform duration

    LOL peace and love guys
  9. Dragon transform duration

    That's right,he think to talk with tiny and inexpert players. He doesnt understand that dragon animation takes away precious seconds of magics... Bladestorm: duration 5 seconds,-3 seconds of dragon animation= duration bladestorm effect 2 seconds. Sonic blast: duration 3 seconds,-3 seconds of dragon animation= sonic blast undo,useless. Simple.
  10. Dragon transform duration

    A couple seconds to think?Serious?LOL ,yes,maybe you needs level,forges and skill. Sorry my friend,have a good day
  11. Dragon transform duration

    Is impossible to play with dragons,the dreagons animation is useless and frustrating. Fix this problem as you did with the beasts. The dragons waste so much time during the raid,spells lose effect... Whats the benefit of animation?No way.
  12. Can't click/tap anything - Windows

    Same issue here on windows,one hour ago it worked but now freeze and crash.I cannot do anything with my mouse.
  13. nerf again?

    ...Ironic mode off
  14. nerf again?

    Ah,ok,thanks for your kind reply. I'm Julius Caesar,nice to meet you.
  15. nerf again?

    Hey Flaregames...have you nerfed knight and frost now?And ogre and wolf too? Have anyone noted that?