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  1. Broke WP, Bought Android :)

  2. Dungeon is so costly. That's a money maker right there for them I bet. lol
  3. I have been playing RR2 on my windows phone until today. I broke the screen and it has been rendered useless. I have now bought a new phone, but it is running Android platform. So my first question is this: Will I still be able to play with my old alliance/friends on my new phone (android) And 2: Will flaregames be able to restore my lost account from my windows phone over to my new android? D:
  4. I still don't get why upgrading all your farms at once is a bad idea... lol
  5. I am wondering if anybody can give me any advice and how to go about picking an alliance for myself. I just started my character and am only a level 12. I play a lot though, but I don't want to just pick any old random alliance and pray it's a decent one. Are there any reputable ones out there for newer players. Should I start my own right from the beginning?
  6. Ok, I'll do that then. When I was trying to clear the way before it didn't work so well and I just kept dying. I am trying to read these forums and pick up tips here and there but I'm afraid I may be getting a bit too far ahead of myself a lot. I'm such a low level I don't think a lot of the things mentioned really apply to me. What I am doing defensively is upgrading the crap out my arrow towers and barricades trying to figure out some sort of good path to create. Offensively I just spam knights and maybe a couple archers the whole time. I feel my character is way to weak though and can't push through tough spots right now and I'm refusing to use gems at this point because I want to save for more workers/slots. What should I do about getting better items? Just using gold to buy them?
  7. Beerm shikka beerm beerm

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