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  1. Baracade number 6

    Not possible.
  2. Version 2.5 - Discussion

    Guys Autoplay is not always doing the job. You need to see what is going on and act if needed. We did not want to do a pay to win feature. Just give it a few tries and learn how and when to use it best.
  3. Version 2.5 - Discussion

    Please kill the app and try to connect again.
  4. Version 2.5 - Discussion

    The calculation method for the gold price for chests you can buy with gold has changed. Before the price was connected to the player level, now it is connected to the leaderboard tier. The reason is that some low level players, being high in the leaderboard, were able to buy one or more new chest with every battle. That gave them a huge advantage against other players. They were able to fight endlessly, but most importantly to use endlessly resurrections. Which gave them a huge benefit in battles. Therefore the price is now changed and is much more expensive for those players. For all other players there will be changed as well, but they will be not that much. It was an exploit and we needed to fix it. Sorry.
  5. Version 2.5 - Discussion

    That really depends on your leaderboard position. Can you please give me your in-game name.
  6. wake up Flaregames!

    We get the point and in general I totally agree with you. But when he is dropping, he also gets much more trophies winning against the same opponent then before. You can also be sure that we are having an eye on what is going on. There are also things coming with the next update, which will shift your strength a bit more to your player level.
  7. wake up Flaregames!

    But he is matched on one of your islands. The game therefore is telling you to attack this guy. Then you go for it and you have spent quite some gems to get to this point. So he is losing trophies, but also gains some gems from the one you have spent. So why not giving you then some trophies for the investment you made?
  8. Though explain what's going on with cups

    Hi MrSinner, I can totally understand that you are more than unhappy. I would be the same. But I can only repeat what I have said. The system had a flaw over the weekend and we needed to heal the situation. You still have a higher count on trophies and therefore still has a benefit of the the situation from the weekend. Once again sorry for the circumstances. Best, Pete
  9. Though explain what's going on with cups

    Hi, As most of you have been aware, there was a big change of the trophy system Friday last week. That change had obviously a flaw in the system and punished top players, they lost too many trophies. On the other hand lower level players gained these trophies. That wasn't intended. During the last days we fixed these problems, some of them manually to balance the leaderboard more to what it was before. It is still not where it will be going, it will take a bit time. We know that some of you appreciate that we fixed it, and some will not. As always. Mr. Sinner you still have more trophies than you usually would have with your player rank. So it is very likely that you will lose a bit more over the next days. Even if this is not the answer you expected, I hope this explains a bit. Best, Pete
  10. Prestige

    Hi guys, Not yet, but it is wise to invest some spare gold into some vanity items. The next update is coming for sure and then suddenly all makes sense. Keep fighting! Pete
  11. Hello pete,

    I'm having a bug with the game that appeared last week on the 25th of March 2016.

    I'm still waiting for any answer from flare.

    As far as I know you are working for them..could you help by making sure that my request has been considered? 

    My bug is that I can't buy any gems pack..I was hoping that this issue would be solved very quick..


    Best regards.

  12. Fair Play System

    Antwod that is actually a good idea. Thanks.
  13. You account is permanently banned as you have heavily cheated. If one is cheating, he is getting banned. It is that simple.
  14. Shared account

    There are coming some changes within the next update, that will deal with the grinding issue.
  15. Shared account

    Guys, A lot of people have more than one device they want to play on. They need to be able to transfer the account. Especially if you are not playing on Android or using things like iCloud. But as we have been aware that the account transfer issue could be exploited, we limited the possibility to transfer a single account to 2 times in 28 days. So if they are using this feature at all for sharing an account, they can only transfer it once back and force in this timeframe. That is all they can do with this feature. So do not blame this feature. What they can do, they can share their Google accounts, their iCloud accounts or their OneDrive account. If they are so crazy to do this at all. They can also share their device if their are living close by. So there is nothing we can do about this, never ever. Re the picture, there is also a possibility that these are just screenshots. Hope that explains. Best, Pete