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  1. Yeah, I've seen those 5 already, but the update only mention 4 Guardians So, I was wondering if there are more unannounced Guardians, like Gaspar Also, do you have any info about their abilities? All I've found are these prints with some weird ability symbols
  2. How many different Royal Guardians were added to the game on this update???
  3. Darkerion


    It increases your chance to find more of them because you will receive more Guardian chests
  4. I opened a Holiday chest after seeing this comment... and got 3 Donkeys
  5. Darkerion

    Defensive Ninjas: spawn location

    Hmmm There isn't any info about Alliance Tower being related to that @Madlen?
  6. The in-game hints took a while to tell me that I should tap the guardian button twice to activate its ability, I thought it was already doing its stuff when mounted 🙃 And I guess that's happening to other players as well, because on almost every video of guardians gameplay that I'm watching, players are not tapping that button twice
  7. Even tho is really really like it, I just have to ask: Why would you buff Pal Flute when it's already one of the strongest/most used(?) spells in the game??
  8. Very likely won't have time to grow a long beard tho
  9. Why are you repeating the same mistake of pal chests? One offer is "cheap" but not really worth it, and the other one is great but too expensive We need more options than just risking 500 gems for nothing or having to spend 7.500 to get stuff
  10. Darkerion

    Defensive Ninjas: spawn location

    BTW I'm still having the same issue now with Yetis!!! I Played the event on highest tier, got perfect score, and my base still has only 3 defensive waves of Yetis
  11. One more issue that I found with Petrify I was trying some new combos today and I noticed my Stun spell was not working properly, some enemies were being released from the Stun effect right away And after a quick test: it was Janus' fault! Stun spell is supposed to keep enemies stunned for 10s, but being petrified cancels the effect of the spell, so when they are released from petrification, which usually always happens and very quickly, they are not stunned anymore!
  12. Darkerion

    Skull Bonus On Uber Items!

    Weapons: Gloves: Rings:
  13. Multiple items highlighted for a similar slot means they are being used on different sets. So yes, it is possible to have multiple gear of a similar slot equipped The thicker white border on your Merchant Boots means they are equipped on your current set. And the thinner gray border on your Mighty Iron Boots means they are equipped on another set You can check your sets on these letters close to your hero: Click on them and you will probably find a set that is using those boots and the other item that you don't want anymore. Remove those items from all sets and you will be able to sell/melt them
  14. Darkerion

    What about?

    Well, even if that was a true fact, you would still see a lot of other names on top10, because hundreds and hundreds of other players participate in EVERY Pro League, and yet only the same group of players from the same team/nationality is able to reach top10 every week/month
  15. I believe it's a bug, so I'll post it here: This is where each ninja wave spawns on a friend's base: Every 7 squares of the path = 4 ninja waves And this is where my ninja waves spawn when I'm using that same layout: Every 8 squares of the path = only 3 ninja waves It doesn't matter which layout I try, my base always has only 3 ninja waves And even friends/alliance members with less trophies, lower level hero and lower level ninjas than me have 4 ninja waves What is happening here? I also remember some bases where a ninja wave spawn right in front of the gate Which factor decides where defensive ninjas will spawn?