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  1. Darkerion

    Did Ceres fear chance get nerfed?

    That 100% fear chance was not really working, as you can see on the topic linked above ^ So this change was a good buff, Ceres' fear is better now
  2. Using perks to increase Froster's HP and damage... Perks description: +342,9 HP / +43,9 damage But on normal Froster stats compared to Froster with item equipped: +428 HP / +198 damage When I use all my 5 Froster attack perked items it says +220,4 damage. But look at my Froster's stats: +991 damage increased This is happening when I equip my items for Froster, Pyromancer and Knight, but not with my items for Gargoyles
  3. Weirdly it seems like the answer is no more damage doesn't seem to mean faster dragons. After some quick tests with normal Froster's damage VS Froster with damage increased by 5 perks, the result for the dragon spawning time was just the same, even though boosted damage Frosters destroyed more towers and killed more waves And all the times there was a small difference on the spawning time, usually by -2 or -3 seconds, it was always the Frosters without damage perks that spawned the dragon faster
  4. I don't know about the Nemesis rework, I'm not really sure if I like the idea of Nemesis having other pals' Special Abilities on its primary attack. It makes Nemesis strong, but in an unfair way with those other pals. Nemesis attacks, like, every second, and each time Nemesis attacks there will be a chance to trigger any of those effects, while with other pals we have to wait for a cooldown. Nice change on Ceres, good to see its fear is working. Can't really comment about the Royal Guardians change because I only use Donkey. I didn't feel any impact on the change on Viking yet. Probably because I don't even use ice damage on my normal combos, and when I raid with Fritz I also use Archers and offensive spells that kill Viking anyways. Lastly, I got a question: don't you think a Cyclops would be a good and interesting addition to the actual game, instead of just a skin?
  5. Darkerion

    Supreme Victory should be reworked or removed

    I think a rework or removal could be really interesting, since without Supreme Victories battles would stop starting and ending every few minutes/hours. A huge strategy change. Enemies would still be able to attack us at anytime, but we would always have time react. It would be more like in Alliance Wars where we can enter the game once a day without seeing 30+ messages about missed wars. Supreme Victory is the only reason why Conquest demands so much online time. I don't like it at all.
  6. Have you guys never been on a league with someone using macro on Dungeons to win, earning the exact same amount of medals constantly during all day and night? This is, overall, a good change.
  7. Darkerion

    New Pro-Item-Set:The Sanzu Set

    There is not always a difference I know because I like to check the hero to know if I should refer to some players as he or she but some items look exactly the same. The armour from the vampire pro-set doesn't have a slimmer torso when we change to female avatar. And the Omega helmet is another good example. Because I don't know what you think you are seeing in the eyes there, but it's exactly the same thing for male and female avatar. Some items combinations have no difference at all between male and female hero:
  8. Darkerion

    New Pro-Item-Set:The Sanzu Set

    Great armour, btw!!! I bet almost everyone in the game is probably gonna look the same once it's released
  9. Darkerion

    New Pro-Item-Set:The Sanzu Set

    Will it have any difference between the male and the female avatar, or we won't be able to tell them apart with this full armour?
  10. Using their words here: The price was to make Nemesis a "long-term goal to the players in the late/end game" This topic and the buffs are because Nemesis "needs to be even more powerful to make this long-term goal more desirable" I won't desire an overpriced pal that is not even worth 10% of its price
  11. That fear would also be something interesting on Nemesis But they don't even let normal fear work properly on units. So I don't think they would let that stronger fear affect beasts. Remember that Ceres has 100% fear chance!!! But that fear almost never works. There is a lot of exciting stuff that they could change to make Nemesis worth those 150k crystals, but the changes announced didn't even get close to reaching that goal.
  12. I think you're giving too much importance to that ice weakness. A change on Vikings can't make Nemesis take over the position of Fritz, because Viking's ice weakness isn't the reason why Fritz is strong. So a change on that won't be enough to really affect Fritz combos. Having Viking's weakness on a combo isn't even necessary to raid Viking bases. Paladins combos, for example, work on Viking bases, even without any ice damage. So I really believe Fritz combos will still be fine after these changes. But, my comment isn't really about their decision to change the pal's attack, that was a good improvement and I like it. My focus here is on their decision to keep the special ability exactly the same with just an increased movement speed. So, the reason why probably most players think Nemesis is bad and not worthy will still be there untouched. And now it seems even worse because everytime the ability is activated you'll lose a lot of very useful and powerful effects, since the beast doesn't have the bombs to apply them. It's not hard to notice something is wrong when even the pal's primary attack seems better than its special ability.
  13. Hmmm, I don't know, for a buff that we've been waiting since November, I'm kinda disappointed with the changes announced First, I'm not a big fan of effects with a chance to be triggered, or anything that makes luck a big factor during a raid, to be honest. That's the reason why I really don't like Pro-Leagues with Aki or Bela, for example, when a pal's ability working or not on the right enemies (which is something we have no control over!) can be the difference between a victory and a defeat. Second, why are you changing the pal's attack?? Nemesis is bad because it has a bad ability, there was nothing wrong with the pal's bombs. And the bouncing beast doesn't even throw bombs, so you're not changing anything about it. After so many great suggestions here to buff Nemesis' ability: call dragons, add an aura, let us shield the skeletons, add the Battlecry effect to the Pal Flute spell... you'll keep the exact same bad ability with just an increase on the movement speed. Really? I was expecting something that would make players excited to buy Nemesis, but this ain't it. And I surely don't think that's enough to make it worth even half of its current price.
  14. I always saw this as something related to the shield which is the main thing about Viking, because freezing things make them brittle and easier to break, right?? Same reason why I understand his Fire weakness as well, it's not about Viking, it's about his shield. Anyways... Would you give him a new weakness to replace Ice or just let the Fire one?