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  1. Darkerion

    Reward is improved, thanks flare

    The rewards were fantastic this time Here's what I got on Top Tier (250+): Gems chests: 320 gems Pearl chests: 6.000 pearls Pro chests: 21.000 crystals (!!!), 3 Pro items (currently turning into +5.000 pearls) and 2.000 pal food. (0 pearls on a Pro chest was weird) And 15 pals donated because I have them all
  2. Darkerion

    RR2 Forum event open now!

    Finding my first alliance: iNtEnSe It was such a great group of players that I only got out of the alliance when I took a really long break and went inactive for one year. I joined when it was only lvl 19 and I was pretty low lvl too, and stayed there until it reached max lvl, being promoted to General and then to Leader of that team. And I even reached #1 on leaderboard while still on the same alliance.
  3. Darkerion

    Fan Art Collection Thread

    I have this one I made it for a Halloween Event in 2015. And I won 500 gems
  4. Darkerion

    Heal Aura Ring

    Seem to be the exact same thing as it was when I made this topic
  5. Darkerion

    Pro Festival

    It's a very tricky Festival, because it allows players to buy Pro stuff with gems So, putting the weak stuff there is not really fun, but at the same time, putting the strong stuff there is not really fair And it looks like they opted for the not really fun version
  6. I meant allied effect vs enemy effect. Sorry for not making it clear. So, if enemies are intimidated and then an enemy Werewolf comes and howls them. Do they stay intimidated or get howl boosted? Or, if a Werewolf howls the enemies and then I intimidated them... same question. What's the priority on those cases? I'm guessing there is one since: Battlecry = +movement +attack speed +resistance Intimidate = -movement -attack speed +damage taken So, no priority would result on them just canceling each other out (?)
  7. Is the list of items on shop confirmed? You could have added at least a few of the new items to that shop, so high level players who already have all old items and pals could have some benefit from the Festival too. Guess we are going for more Pro Beasts
  8. Darkerion

    Answers Dev Q&A September

    Doesn't even make sense The ones who really want to scam the system won't be stopped by that, so it really doesn't solve anything, it only makes them spend more time doing it So, cheaters are allowed to abuse the system just because they have to work harder to collect some gems? Because, if that's still prohibit, and players still get banned for giving gems to main accounts, then there's no reason for that to be the answer about the low ratio, because it makes no difference if they transfering just a few or a lot of gems if they are gonna be banned anyway.
  9. Will it make any difference if wait till Thursday to open our pro-chests? 🤔
  10. Darkerion

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    whatever is that thing happening to the castle walls, I kinda like it having new castle looks on different landscapes could be nice
  11. Darkerion

    Heal Aura Ring

    And the idea of ghosts that can't be healed or heal HP with poison is bad, IMO, because then all the things we use to heal the Hero and Troops would not work on ghosts anymore, and the things we would need to use to heal ghosts would not work to heal anything else. I see it as a nerf, and Ceres doesn't need more of that to anything related to its abilities That's off-topic tho.
  12. Darkerion

    Heal Aura Ring

    @Dena4 Viking and Ring with exact same status from my other video, same 40 seconds on ghost units.
  13. What are the costs for max lvl buildings?
  14. Darkerion

    Remove towers from Sergeants plus...

    Generals are part of the leadership team, they must be players that the leader can trust. And the new Alliance Rank "Sergeant" was added to allow Soldiers to help in Conquest, assigning Troops, building Watchtowers and assigning Orders. If a member doesn't have a proper understanding about those features and can't follow orders from players with a better understanding, then I believe that member is not ready to be promoted to Sergeant or General.