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  1. Help Flare to fix the game crashes, please

    The game does not open in Windows 10. Loads, gets connected, but does not open the game. Getting really tired with these constant bugs and crashes. You are losing players.
  2. Pro League Rewards NEED to Improve

    I agree with this. It really does not matter if i'm position 45 or 4500 since the rewards do not differ that much. The difference is 1 chest and couple crystals in a WEEK. Also, the pro shop should have larger selection of items or at least change more frequently (or even have some kind of catalogue to see what kind of items they might get from buying chests). I don't see the free ticket for the 10% necessary, but more rewards for people who manage to get a decent position in the league. There should be something more to encourage players to purchase that ticket and participate weekly; 1 chest no matter if you play just the first level, eyes closed OR if you are really good player and manage to get even to top 40's, all you get really is another chest. This is not balanced rewarding in my opinion.
  3. Yeah searching for targets manually is the only way sometimes...
  4. Food offers and Tapjoy gone...

    Sorry for late reply, The issues I had are mostly gone now. I wasn't able to use Tapjoy or any food offer videos and when they recently started to work again, I watched a video maybe 3-5 times before getting any bread. It's now working quite as it use to. My mobile device is S4 Mini. In-game name Wool5000.
  5. Food offers and Tapjoy gone...

    I know and I understand your laugh lol. I play on PC too on my other acc. But my main acc is on Android and I've gotten use to for those 2 benefits and when they suddenly are taken away it just blows the whole thing. Hope you understand .
  6. Food offers were like the only way to ever reach a proper amount of money to upgrade your high level everything. With the last update that got wiped out. So did Tapjoy. I do buy gems occasionally but removing those 2 things just killed my gameplay, not a chance in tournaments, upgrading any units anymore, blahh... And I play on Android. Or use to play...
  7. Update 25/02/2015

    Nice update! Just bought more gems to update my ally tower. Btw, my other account on windows 8.1 pc i cannot update the game yet? It directs me to the store but there's no option to upgrade.
  8. "You can sync your progress across several decives as long as you are playing the Android or iOS version of the game. Account sharing is currently not possible on Windows devices." Will it ever be possible to sync your game on android phone with windows pc? I have 2 different accs on both devices and would be amazing just to play with the better acc on both devices.. Any info will this happen soon/ever? Thanks