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  1. Hello, I know this is an old issue but I consider it important for the game play: To be able to disable the dragon animation on facebook app. I think those animations should never exists in the first place, they make you lose control of the unit up to 6s real time and 3s game time, is not a good feature in the fast paced section of the game. To see you surrounded by units just because a unit is spawn is simply bad game experience. Thanks
  2. floritaka

    solved Facebook app is not loading

    Hello, I confirm the issue is solved. Thanks
  3. Hello, I've been unable to connect to Facebook app for the last hour (I was connected before)
  4. floritaka

    community manager answered Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    I consider the problem with pinning could be the SV requirement, increasing the hero weight in the defense/offence score so chain pinnings has less effect on troops and/or setting a cap of lost troops on a winning defense. So, if you got a 10 vs 1, sequential faster SVs could be possible to drain the energy of the pinners. Is expected to have groups more or less sorted by timezones.
  5. floritaka

    community manager answered Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    We have been using and being victim of pinning from weaker, stronger, and similar enemies during conquest, without exception we have prevented or exiting pinning by simple strategies (preventing outside 'pinners', making sure that enough people is online to get SV after a second pinning, etc) there are counter strategies and are not requiring more game time than before, is the nature of the conquest mode.
  6. floritaka

    community manager answered Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    The only thing I could think could be an issue with 'pinning' is the SV requirements, that can be adjusted like the bonus skulls for small armies. The conquest mode by its nature requires more time online, if you want to prevent a 24/7 game play, you probably have to remove or do a complete redesign of conquest.
  7. floritaka

    community manager answered Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    The pinning is a good feature, because the defenders are sent back to the SH and lose troops, and the attackers are in the frontline already. The pinning requires 24/7 from the defenders to keep it permanent and the attackers can send other attackers too to prevent pinning by, well, pinning the possible pinners.
  8. Hello, I just noticed that the Gate can't be stuned by Stun or Swordrain, I didn't see the change in the log, can someone else help me confirm? I play a lot with those spells so I'm very familiar with the mechanics.
  9. Hello, For at least 12 hrs, the Facebook App is not loading the game. I've tried different browsers, Gameroom, cache deletion, flash update, incognito mode. It stays in the following screen:
  10. Hello, I got disconnected while I was playing the PRO league, I reached level VII. After I reconnected the score in the leaderboard shows my last one, but reset my position to level I. Should I just replay it? Wait for data consolidation? Please let me know, thanks. My IGN: Florentino I
  11. Hello, This is an old issue, the Facebook app is not cancelling the dragon animation in the settings window (I already refreshed the app and clear cache):
  12. I think considering the current dynamics including damage is appropiate, because is a different gameplay in comparison of others support pets (not damage makers, but heal, buff and shield casters), stun alone doesn't damage or buff and can be interrupted. - The zombies still can bite - The spawning towers (toxic and gargoyles) will keep spawning. - The stun can be interrupted by the wolf's howl.
  13. floritaka

    solved Server problems

    I'm still having issues.