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  1. Thanks for the workaround.This is a bug, the solution is on the side of the developer, though.
  2. The player is online and instead of his name appears "Tower Guard". He can't fight also.
  3. I think the mode has potential, but is taking to much of our time to keep up the game play, is very different from wars where only one person could start it on time, and the rest can jump in. Was a similar situation when the Ninja Event was introduced. Maybe the cooldown needs to be balanced (reduced, increased, etc), minimal amount of players to start a war or even move, forced teams defined at the start, resources recollection in special tiles with longer cooldowns or larger storage, etc? How the gameplay was thought considering different time zones in a collaborative and 'fast response' situation? Is this the reason of the 1-2 hrs cooldowns or just a matter of the demographics of the game? Maybe we are just playing it wrong (lol) or is aimed to another type of players.
  4. Based on my stats it will be at least a 15% increase in defense toughness, around 9% increase in HP and damage (i.e. got a lighting tower that will be: HP 32300 + 3140, DMG 2276 + 205), plus the offensive nerf in general. I think a rebalance was needed, it seems a little excessive those numbers, but we'll see.
  5. A lower level player should be able to defeat by skill a higher level player (with in a range, of course) otherwise is imbalanced because the game will be just who level-up faster, not who plays better overall (that includes resource and upgrade management). The trophy level does not necessarily reflects the offensive level of the player.
  6. Mid alliances won't benefit the most with the update, this is because more resources are required to keep up the boosts compared to top alliances (no expenses on Alliance tower upgrades, only on headquarters) and the resources will be harder to get compared to top alliances. Is a matter of resource adquisiton and expenses, the update increased expenses and also the difficulty of getting them. What remains to be seen is if the balacing is good for the gameplay. If the top defenses become unbeatable by lower level players, the answer is no, because it won't be about skill, but upgrades.
  7. Recent changes that are moving towards meta 1: - The new conquest mode take more resources from the guild, so reaching higher alliance levels will take longer to moderate paying or f2p players. Of course that means to have the disadvantage of having less boosts or become harder to get. - The new nerf probably will reduce the adquisition of gold for many (harder to win), which is used in everything (although I agree a rebalance was needed, the movement is towards "meta" 1). Recent changes that are moving towards meta 2: - The new nerf could also means that top paying players can lose to f2p players, increasing the skill requirement. RR2 has an obvious pay-to-win component but is moderate compared to other games, and I think the game tries to reach a balance between both models. Is not that is moving towards a pay-to-play or a pay-to-win, it has always had a pay-to-win side. The component that requires mostly skill is the pro-league (this is actually moving towards a pay-to-play model).
  8. floritaka

    Come discuss about this math problem

    I have measured that rate, but I do understand why the evidence is required. I just recorded the video, enjoy:
  9. floritaka

    Come discuss about this math problem

    Yes, quite probably was a shared account, my scenario still demands a lot to the human body. Those 17 hrs is pure playing, no distractions, no failed runs, for 3 days. The dungeon time is possible. Try Vein of Gold XXVII or Vein of Gold XXVIII.
  10. floritaka

    Come discuss about this math problem

    It might be possible to be accomplished by a single (probably running on air-only) person. Considering the dungeon option: Average of 1200 medals for a fast run of 60s + 10s (to rejoin the level) --> 1200/70 medals/second = 17.4 M/s ---> 1028 M/minute Round it up to 1000 M/min (tested) For 3,000,000 Medals are required 3000 mins = 50 hrs Between 3 days: 50/3 = 16.6 hrs --> 17 hrs per day 24-17 = 7 hrs left for body requirements. The gem cost (for food): 100 gems for 1400 food 600 food per dungeon run 3000 runs. Food required: 3000*600 = 1,800,000. Gems required: 1,800,000 * (100/1400) = 128,572