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  1. floritaka

    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    Since always, scrolls is the definition of pay to win.
  2. The bug was issued a while ago at the same time of the multitouch issue.
  3. The main problem with the mass garg towers is the latency, I can't tell if they are overpowered because the casts are delayed.
  4. floritaka

    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    1. Is the opposite, if you nerf the time warp the game will go towards pay to win, is already being used to win the raids, is probable that more casts will be required after the nerf and the raid will cost more for them. By buffing or balancing the rest of the spells the players willing to use spells could consider to use the rest. 2. If the spell is matched with magic then if should be considered as a 4th slot with gem cost per use. Although warp rift boosted mummies have timewarp, probably was as rare as having an aska for a portal. You are assuming that timewarp is overpowered but is required by many to win raids, that could only prove that the rest of spells or the offence are underpowered. 3. It is stronger, it should be because of the costs. 4. I don't have time to run an in-depth analysis of strength comparison, but at first glance Timewarp is not the only spell that is stronger than its counter part in pal or magic, for example, Armageddon requires to equip Phoebe and the Flute, replacing 2 elements of the offence. The Portal spell last 30s, Aska's portal last 5s-6s?
  5. floritaka

    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    1. Buffing the rest could balance the spell pool. 2. Pal or magic 3. Should be stronger, it costs gems per cast. 4. Even if is considered as a 4th magic slot, it cost gems per cast.
  6. floritaka

    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    Better suggestion, buff the rest of the scrolls. Reasons: - Cost gems - Why use them when you can get the effect via pal or magic?
  7. floritaka

    [closed] RR2 Forum event - biggest achievement

    To figure out some useful strategies and share it with the alliance, like having the same combo for almost 2 years that remains useful or figuring out a way to get 1k medals per minute for a final half and hour sprint in diamond leagues (+30k no gems).
  8. floritaka

    Map thumbnail display

    Hello, A minor display issue. The map is covered by the icon of the ninja defense, so is hard to tell if there are towers (sure, we can count the towers or use a magnifier):
  9. floritaka

    Over-power of high levels

    This is on another post but is relevant (since the Supreme Victory adjustment, I actually expected topics about the stalling of armies). We were able to stall for hours an army of 22 people with just 1 strong defense, at the end we lost but the damage was done, we stalled again with another player and so on, until they couldn't reinforce the main battle. The fight below kept them busy for 4-5 hrs, the same person had enough energy to jump again and stalled for 3 hrs those who couldn't jump in time, and another person stalled the rest.
  10. floritaka

    What Exactly do Troops do?

    The real issue there was not the SV score, but that we were able to stall 22 players for hours with only 1 stronger defense base, because most of those players were unable to defeat that single defense.
  11. floritaka

    What Exactly do Troops do?

    It also affects the energy required per battle, because the troops influence defense and attack scores. The alliance with higher score rate have lower costs of energy and viceversa, for example, this battle costs 560+ energy for the attackers (us), quite probably the defenders had a 20- energy cost per battle: Is determined by the difference between the ratings, not the amount itself.
  12. floritaka

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    Some brainstorming, The issue of the time consumption remains in the form of coordination and resource allocation (troops refills, special tiles). Unless your alliance is unbeatable, which means you can expand and defend at your own pace without the risk of having a tower killed and without wasting resources in research for some advantage. Maybe a solution could be to give a role the ability to control fixed squad units, with the members defined before hand, to solve the timezone. Although now there is the new chat (improvement), and the generals can now put the instructions in the new chat and the movement markers, still a single rogue move could cripple the strategy of a general that has been online for hours (stories about generals leaving?). In order to incentivize individual interaction and reduce balancing issues between squads and alliances, a dynamic like the pro league, fixed level of units and towers, with the ability to design the tower placement and paths, individually. The tier calculation of only considering conquest score would make sense that way. So, map strategy to a specific role, battle strategy for all. Personally I wont invest more time playing this mode as is. Risky move to change the nature of the game itself to increase playing time.
  13. floritaka

    Supreme Victory Score

    During the first hours, about 10-11 hrs, the counter is active, afterwards it practically stops. You have that difference in SV requirement because there is a lot of difference between your attack and defense rating (1 hero with 0 troops VS 3 heroes with troops), even with the terrain advantage the multiplier of 0 is, well, 0.
  14. Hello, Congratulations to the Flare team for the response time and the feedback consideration. The chat seems a lot more useful and the conquest changes will change the dynamics. We will know after the event how it will impact the timmings and the cooperation.
  15. Energy was the limit before too, during multiple supreme victories attacks and "hit and runs".