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  1. bubbanuts

    Lookin Again part 2

    Hey Karmen i will eventually land back with you fine folks at G&M its where im coming when im ready to retire just not yet
  2. bubbanuts

    Lookin Again part 2

    thanks Maestro ,yes but that was a bit much .i donate 1 mil and will max AT eventually .Skull perk is 22% and will jump when i get ring ...again :/ of course im not askin for a free ride i just cant commit 100% week in week out so was hoping to find an alli where donations are high to pay for boosts with out the pressure to compete in war and ninja... altho i do try to sooo im hopeing there is something that can cater to my wants
  3. my base seems weaker and easier to beat than it was a month or 6 weeks ago ,the last 2 wars ive been leaking skulls like water threw a siv ...yes i have thort it could be im encountering better players and the changes 1 must encounter as we grow stronger in the game but im not a flash player and yet even im now gettin threw me base where i used to struggle so i thort id put it out to the community.. i know ill still plod away with upgrades to get back to where it was but i would be nice to keep the levels i pay for with time, participation and money.. and yes i do know that question is poinless i know what i agreed to when i clicked on the contract ..
  4. bubbanuts

    New meta? :)

    Sad to hear you guys experience this type of cheating its a real shit way for anyone to try win. Would the tier system also stop the trophy dumping ?
  5. bubbanuts

    Fire Aura vs Slow Aura Vs Poison Aura

    I prefer egg ring to fire ring generally, but its nice to have the choice when a base is loaded with cannons, frosters, lightning & firebolt towers, not that the damage is massive but it all helps in my book :)
  6. bubbanuts

    Secrets of Flothaboss raiding success

    Ive learnt by watching Flothaboss vids along with others who have posted tips but ive never seen him self proclaim as being the greatest ,no matter what your the best at, there's always someone better around the corner, every one has a bad day now and again !,As to the mans intentions and or any benefits he may receive, good on him ! its still his time and creativity that go into the videos. And the hero worship ? ,nobody wants to watch superman if he has to catch the bus,BUT just to break down your posts 64% has him knockin at ya gate and 3rd is still a bronze at the Olympics so as much as it annoys you about people perceptions you've still shown us that hez pretty bloody good
  7. bubbanuts

    Attack harcelement

    don't take it personally ,try to think of it as donating to a fellow rr2 member who is in need of a helping hand I always go back in my history and attack people especially if they are giving better gold than the matchmaker ,just as I also get attacks by the same players, ,the only time I got bent outa shape was this guy basicly filled up my history but his base gave lously gold and I could breeze threw with ease but other than this itsd all part and parcel of this wonderfull game
  8. bubbanuts

    Reached Final Level 130

    very true Ed and as the wee man only has bread b4 each fight..its much more awsum
  9. bubbanuts

    Sad to see

    wow I knew there was a bit o passin on accounts but 10k to play with ,im presuming..the big boys & girls is definitely a case of instant gratification due to too much money ... an on that note.. goin cheap... + a 1974 boys school shorts with slingshot and marbles still in the pocket AAnnD a half eaten jam sandwiche ..get at me ..goin once ..
  10. bubbanuts

    Sad to see

    just thought id comment about the amount of alliances that are struggling to field a full fighting alliance ,this season I noticed a number of alliances who were fighting with empty slots ,we took out 1st place with 5 or more empty slots and all our competitors had similar gaps. I remember reading warnings from players to Flare about being too greedy and loosing paying players,is this the case is our little gaming community shrinking ? I sincerely hope not,
  11. bubbanuts

    Reached Final Level 130

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISCHREIBER1967 ,... 130 levels today AWSUM ACHIEVEMENT CONGRATULATIONS ....all the best Bubbanujts ..
  12. bubbanuts

    Mistakes when raiding

    most of the examples posted already loosing sight of cursor when raiding,king stops moving long enuff to get clubbed. loosing sight of cursor accidently hitin scrolls And just to add 1 while not raiding, pushing wrong button and selling asum gear
  13. bubbanuts

    does any one else wonder ?

    so I got bizzy and 4got id posted this but it seems like an old subject raised by us young uns who are new to the game , id still like to see something else just to satisfy my curiousity but I agree the option is open for every one if they want to be number 1 its just harder for those who cant pay to play , As for the different points of view , thanks for the interesting reading on a Sunday afternoon :).
  14. so I constantly wonder who is the best raider in the game not by looking on the leader board but actually having an arena where we can go the base,and waves stay the same but get harder at each level with the last level being a totally super maxed path of defeat with a death spewing castle of destruction :) once clicking this option we shed our gaming armour and everyone wears the same set of armour that doesn't get any better when advancing threw the levels . we do get to choose what spells we will use and they are all maxed form level 1 and therefore give us all an advantage in earlier levels but as we progress it becomes apparent who is the better raiders due to gameing skill and spell choice. obviously the stats will increase with each level but the players have the comfort of knowing that the playing field is basicly as fair as it can be .we would also choose our troops which like the spells would be boosted... Perhaps the devices we play on will be a factor but a good tradesman doesn't blame his tools .. SO what do ya reckon ladies & gents , The reason I wrote this is , Iv heard that the leaderboard " can " be manipulated I AM NOT ACCUSEING ANYONE of this but I do know that my position in the game is not always dictated by my raiding skills or lack of PS/ I think that the raider who doesn't scroll takes position over a raider that does and that the scrolls are also free in the arena .
  15. So im reading a lot about bulling when in fact its just raiding for gold ( obviously not always) but that what I mean ,we all get raided, sometimes constantly,those raiders then sit in the history box on average for a week or so,we all then have the option to raid them back ,constantly if we choose ,and sometimes the matchmaker is not giving good gold bases so I will go into my history and raid the good gold bases until they drop off the list. There is nothing personal in this from me and once your gone unless the matchmaker throws you back up then im farming sum 1 else on the bad run days . Simple. BUT sometimes people take this personally and ill get a visit from stronger alliance members :). im fine with this, its all part o them game ,loyalty is an admirable quality. I have regular people who pop up on my list all the time and if im giving good gold then good on them. So don't get it twisted guys if it falls under the catergory iv just described then it is smart game play and not bullying. Inconvenient ,annoying or helping out the RR2 community,its all in how we look at it, after all it is "just a game'. happy raiding people