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  1. I Am the leader of my group. I have more than 8 players and cannot figure out how to start an Alliance war. 

  2. Ur an angel, seriously need ur help please...

  3. Lisa

    Cannot connect via wi fi

    Hey @godhar, can you please tell us your device and your operating system?
  4. Lisa

    Monk range bugged after update

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention AzureKnight. Parasite2689 is right, the range you can see in your screenshot is the attack range. The heal range disappeared (so you were right as well) and we'll fix that bug as soon as possible.
  5. Lisa

    Subscription on PC! Only play?

    Hey NetoFC, it is possible and allowed from our side to subscribe on Android/iOS and play the game afterwards on Windows (with all the benefits). Regards
  6. my game isnt allowing me to collect my olympian obelisk and hesitates while playing

  7. Hi,

    I bought 1 mecha Charge pack (Special offer limited in time following a contest) but the game gave me 1 Drone carrier instead of...

    What can i do ? i want Mecha Charge, please

    i posted a bug report with photos

    Please, could someone answer me....


  8. Lisa

    New Throneroom Offers

    Hey there Depending on your current Throne Room Level there is a daily 25% chance of getting a One Time Offer. There is also a chance of receiving offers for Throne Room levels that have been missed in the past. Best, Lisa
  9. Lisa

    no solutions by Flare

    As update: The shop connectivity is fixed. The other problem should be fixed in the middle of the next week. If @dendriver doesn't have any objections I will close the topic.
  10. Hello Lisa

    Please remove the beast cut screen as it's so anoying, no one I have spoken to likes it, also you have several threads in forums about this issue.

  11. Lisa

    no solutions by Flare

    Hey dendriver, thanks for reporting the issue and for your patience. We are currently taking a look into it and will inform you as soon as we have more informations. Regards, Lisa
  12. As supplement to question 1.: To look at individual items and multiply them just seems very counter-intuitive. The same goes for looking at it from the perspective of opening a trap chest (= not getting lucky). This is probably a stupid question, but... are you sure that it works this way? Is there actually an 80% cap on luck? If there is: How does it work? Since you apparently do not add up the individual percentages, how or where is that cap enforced? What exactly is capped, anyway? Is it the sum of item percentages? Is it perhaps the whole factor, as in (1 - 0.13)*(1 - ...) that cannot go below 0.8? Or 0.2? What would be the best combination of item luck perks to get the highest possible luck? Assuming there is a luck cap somehow. There are six items... it seems like having six times 13.33% leads to less luck than, say, two times 20% and four times 10%. (This assumes that the total cannot be over 80%, which might be completely wrong... which is why I'm asking) Could you clear things up? It seems like there is some interest in this topic... First of all, the question is not stupid. There is no artificial "80% cap" in the implementation of the vault luck perk. While there is no explicit capping, there is a limit induced by the maximum value of the perk and the number of Hero Items the hero can wear. Now as described in the previous post, the perk lowers the chance to get a trap with a base chance of getting the trap in the first chest of 25%. In other words, without the perk the chance to get a reward in the first chest is 75%. The theoretical maximum value of the perk itself is 17%. Now if all of your 9 equipped hero items has the maxed out vault luck perk in both perk slots, this will result in the following probability to get a trap in the first chest: 0.25 * (1 - 0.17)^18 = 0.25 * 0.034946659 = 0.008736665 => 0.873666476%. This leads to a probability to get a reward in the first chest of (100 - 0.873666476) = 99.126333524%. This is a theoretical value, as you cannot have the perk on all of the slots and items. To answer your question: 6 items with a 13.333333333% perk on a single perk slot, will result in 0.25 * (1 - 0.13333333333)^6 = 0.25 * 0.423752779 = 0.105938195 (~10.6% trap probability) which means a probability of a reward in the first chest of 89.4061805%. With 4 items of 10% and 2 items of 20%, this will result in 0.25 * (1 - 0.1)^4 * (1 - 0.2)^2 = 0.25 * 0.419904 = 0.104976 which means a probability of a reward in first chest of 89.5024%. So yes, you cannot just add the perk values. We hope that the explanation help to understand the maths behind the luck perk.