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  1. not given the chests for a war between alliances

  2. not given the chests for a war between alliances


  3. Some more Feedback to the posts here: Uber-Chests: So far we have given out more than 150.000 Uber-Chests completely for free. In comparison less than 30.000 Uber chests have been purchased with Gems so far. As mentioned before, we have added Uber-chests as War-rewards (will be active in the next war season) and we will add Uber-chests to the daily reward table (will be live with the next server update next week). So over time players will get a significant amount of Uber-chests completely for free. Granny-shop: There are rumors that Granny special offers have been disabled or reduced. This is not true. There are exactly the same Granny offers active as before. It is true though that, if there is no Granny special offer, the space of the special offer is used to link to the Uber-chest shop. The prices for re-rolls have been reduced to reflect the fact that there are now only 4 new offers per reroll. An item that can be found in the Granny shop is weaker than a Special-Uber item that can be found in the Uber-chests. However, using the Blacksmith, every item can be upgraded to be as good as a Special Uber-Item. The big difference between Granny-shop and Uber-chests obviously is, that you can purchase Granny items also for Gold or Pearls and that you see exactly what you will get. So the two shops serve different needs and can very well exist next to each other. Insta-Troops: Insta-Troops are a social feature and it is intended that lower level players can make use of the stronger troops of higher level players of their Alliance (or friendlist). Thus they are more competitive in wars for example when they fight along with high level players. The usage of Insta-Troops is limited though, so they are only helpful to a certain extent. The better Alliances balance out Insta-Troop donations, the more every single player of the Alliance can benefit. This in return will also reflect in the rankings of the Alliance and can even influence the Alliance-Gold-bonus which then again has a positive effect for every single player.
  4. There are rumors that Special Uber-Items with Skull-Perks can be found for every item slot. That is not true. In fact there are two items featuring a Skull-Perk, one Weapon and one Glove. These items are rather rare so it should not be expected that every player needs to have them in order to be competitive. For the success in a War-Season it will be much more important that an Alliance in total shows a good activity and supports each other e.g. with Insta-Troops. Especially Insta-Troops can be a great Tool for Non-Payers. In general Special Uber-Items do not feature a single new perk. They provide new combinations of Perks and thus give room to try out new strategies. Also Uber-Chests are not for payers only. There are plenty of ways to get Uber-Chests for free. - - There will be war-seasons that feature Uber Chests as rewards (The war-season starting on 17.06.2016 will be the first season to feature Uber Chests as rewards.) - - We will add Uber-chests to the Daily-Reward table with the server update next week. - - Each player will get an Uber-Chest completely for free within the next days. After that every player will get Uber-Chests once in a while that will open for free if players invite new players into the game. - - Also during the Alliance Party event Uber-Chests are given out to all players of an Alliance if another player purchases the big gem package. As with every update players should not expect to own every new content instantly. Gaining access to the different Special Uber-Items for example should be more regarded as a mid-term or long-term goal.
  5. This is a good proposal. We will do it in one of the next server updates.
  6. Hi Jan,

              Glad that I can PM you through the new system. 

    You were right when you said that the gold loot has increased. In fact, yes a lot has changed.

    I was wondering, is this gold loot change temporary or it is here to stay? 


    Thank you once again for a great game. Hope it stays that way?

  7. For every raid there is a bonus from "Flare". We increased this bonus. So it is gold that is added to the Gold economy. So defenders will not lose more while attackers gain more. Hope this helps.
  8. It was our vision for the update, that every-player can feel a bit like in the beginning of the game, when they had lots of options and a lot of goals to reach. I agree that 20-30 retries are not fun. We will look into this.
  9. We added a new tower, a new troop and a new spell, as a lot of players requested. You unlock them with Gold. We listen a lot to players, just a few examples: - Players suggested a daily login bonus and we added it to the game end of last year. - Players suggested on the Forums that the Silo matches the production of the Farms. So we did it for this update. - Players suggested more Colors and more Alliance sigils. So we did it for this update. We are reading all your comments on the Forums and also on other channels, like Facebook or Youtube every day. As I have written previously written we will make sure that there is more Gold available in raids, so together with the server update we just did to unlock all the new content added more gold-bonus to raids.. You can check the loot right now, you should see a difference. You can check again after you have finished your Throne Room level 10. It will be again higher. So we will monitor the Gold available and will fine-tune if needed. Same for Pearls.
  10. Obviously the new levels are not "useless", but there is a huge difference in adding a new level for a boost and adding additional slots for players.
  11. We are working hard just now to also offer windows users the possibiliyt to watch video ads and get rewards. It was technically impossible in the past, but as Microsoft made it possible for us to support video-ads in RR2 we are working hard to bring this to windows users. I can only repeat. - We know that after this update the need for gold and pearls is much higher and we have done a multitude of things to react on that, some of which will go live with todays server update. - If we find out that the measures we have done are not enough we will rebalance.
  12. Hello RevenantT, first of all, thanks for your post. Some answers: 1. Pearl-Upgrading of Towers, Obstacles, Spells, Troops - There are no endless upgrades for Pearls. There is a limit and the limit depends on the aspect you wanted to upgrade. Typically it is around ~30% of the base strength. - We know that players will need more Pearls, so we did a number of things. >> we increased the number of pearls the blacksmith can melt per day. >> we increased the number of hero-items you get in the CoF >> we increased the number of hero-items you get from Chests >> we increased the amount of Pearls you get from CoF >> we increased the amount of Pearls you get from Chests >> we added new ways to get Chests >> we will have events inwhich you can earn more Pearls frequently. There will never be a situation inwhich a Pearl boosted tower would become so powerful that you cannot destroy with 3-4 Sonic Blasts. Never ever. We have been approached very often by players who said, if you add a little bit range to Troop A, I could use it. If you add a little bit power to Tower B, I would know a new strategy. If the Cooldown of Spell C would a bit smaller, then I could use it for my raids. So that is the reason, to give you the chance to discover new strageies and to adapt the gameplay elemets towards your style of play. 2. Alliance-Levels - The extra Alliance Levels do not add extra slots of players for two reasons. >> We feel with 60 players the Alliances are big enough. >> We did not want to put you in a situation where you feel forced to level your Alliance very quickly just to stay competitive in wars. We hope that it will be a much more long-term approach even for top-alliances. 3. Gold - We know that it is very likely that after the upgrade there might be not enough Gold. That is a situation we do not like. We did the following to hopefully prevent this: - Together with the server-update that unlocks the new levels of the most buildings, troops and spells we also added changes to the Gold economy balancing. >> You will get a lot more Gold "subventions" per battle. >> Also the Gold you find in CoF will be higher. >> And then you will find better gold rewards from the chests. >> Hopefully the extra Tavern levels and the production boost will also help. So hopefully the situation that you describe is not happening. Anyway we will have a close eye on it and increase the Gold-bonus if necessary. Best, Jan
  13. Hi all, for the upcoming season we nerfed the UberBlaster in defense, based on your feedback of the "Catacomb Clash"-Season. The stats for the defensive UberBlaster are now +30% HP and +25% Damage, compared to the values for the offensive UberBlaster of +60% HP and +50% Damage. Best, Jan
  14. I think as more of them are given out for top bases which are harder to beat it is actually a good way to encourage players to try to beat harder bases. So it is necessarily the best strategy to find the weakest base inwhich you can score the top amount of skulls. It will make things more interesting.
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