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  1. InfinitYash

    Ninja landscape!

    Yes ! Like that also and something more what devs can think.
  2. InfinitYash

    Ninja landscape!

    Yeah Exactly ! But it should be a little different from general Ninja landscape. It should be of something looking as Kingdom-Type.
  3. I think G-5000 must be given an ability to shield units within range of 3.0-4.0 and stablise general(normal) damage sobthat it may nit be overpowered but still usefull and different.
  4. InfinitYash

    What to Buff next ?

    I just took names of FTB and Pellez just because they had made videos as proof to show. But still major good top players(5000+) I talked which are in my alliance and friend do usd Shield much more than Heal. Be'cuz Heal just heals(yes, in large amount) but Shield does both shielding and Healing in small amount.
  5. InfinitYash

    What to Buff next ?

    They prefer Shield over Heal as I know. Because I've asked many of them and even you could have seen some great players like @FTB and Pellez videos also.
  6. Now that we have officialy seen full armor/guardian G-5000, there is nothing related to monk or healing of this guardian. I don't know why Monk is craved at its body.
  7. InfinitYash

    What to Buff next ?

    Well Flare increased the damage of Firestorm and made it more effective especially against FireBolt towers just because it wasn't being used much overall. Even in this you can say that we had Eldrak, Dracomancers, and now even there is Goruc & Sultan. So that's my point, that you don't use every time a healing pal/troop/guardian/boost in your offence. So to have more combinations and variety according to battle(defence), I think it will be a good step to improve Heal Spell. Not now, or soon but after a certain time(in few months), it will do better.
  8. InfinitYash

    What to Buff next ?

    I know that most of the spells works well for now. But as a matter of fact, I'm not even interested to make buff on Firestorm or SonicBlast. But spell especially Heal Spell is the one which is least used I guess. That's why it is on top. So maybe we can make it better.
  9. InfinitYash

    What to Buff next ?

    Tell me what would you like to see improvements in following Spells and which one ? I alredy have lists of Ideas for every spells and I would like to make a topic about Improvement according to which spell you want first to improve. Please Help !
  10. I would like Sultan's bombing ability range to improve to 3.50 or 3.70, then He'll be much better.
  11. I guess Donkey is really one of the best Guardians. Everything seems almost perfect except thatvI would like its Ability Range of Battlecry to be 4.0 which I think can make it better.
  12. Okay for One last time let me take it clear and better for Nemesis. Everything changed in Nemesis is really good and way better but if these changes could be made, in a limited way, then it would be amazing:- 1. Everything new abilities is awesome i.e. Translocation, Confusion, Zombify. Nothing to change here. 2. As a Dragon, I guess everyone will fear it more than a wolf I guess. But to keep it fair, may be not 100%, but Nemesis should be given Fear Ability in the range of 3.0-4.0 . 3. As it throws bombs, i guess Normal damage doesn't suits it. I don't want to make it completely vanish but he should do Blunt damage also. Cuz' every pro pal except Eris has Normal damage as its general attack. Like Nemesis could have general attack as: Normal(Major) & Blunt(Minor) damage or Vice Versa. At last I would say that these changes would make a really better and worthy pro pal that everyone needs BUT every changes I mentioned must happen but in such a way as to without making it OverPowered. Thank you.
  13. InfinitYash

    King's health & the use of Guradian

    @AwesomestKnightest I already did mention that don't say to go back to troops. I meant to give a little more health when king is at end line of death.
  14. I think this one needs to be worked on for sure. So we use guardian when they are needed, that is when we need their ability then we use them and secondly we use them when you are about to die and then use RoyalGuardian. When not attacked, King heals himself till he is fully healed, just by standing. I think when using the Guardian, King sits on them, so he must Heal more efficiently but he doesn't even a bit. That all my problem because sometimes I have very low health and then I use guardian to tackle everything. After Guardian vanishes, King is in same health and then suddenly I die if I'm there still in fight. Now don't say "you can go near your troops or away from fight zone". 1. So not faster but please make King(while on Guardian) to Heal himself at slowly but steady rate so that everything works smooth. 2. I would like to see that with Guardian, King can cover more distance, like Donkey is fast, but others are slow so those guardians should cover more distance one steps than Donkey. Thank you.
  15. Just make cooldown rather atleast initial cooldown faster. And not just in Goruc but for every Guardian. Atleast initial cooldown must be faster. Make his duratuon atleast for 9s. And Secondly, he is really really very slow so please Increase its movement speed flare. Ghosh !