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  1. InfinitYash

    Alliance Entrance

    I think it's a good idea.
  2. InfinitYash

    Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

    Yes its happening to me also. My every app, even TouTube is working perfectly and I have 4G speed internet. But Game takes too long to connect & even after connecting, just doing something in game (like collecting things) make its connection lost. And even it has disturbed my all pro league.
  3. InfinitYash

    Chapter II - The Royal Road Trip!

    Well looks like to me that there is some 1 There is telescope like thing sobit could be a research building/laboratory, 2 some weapon making or place of workers like someting, 3 looks same like castle guard but not sure, in the image :
  4. Yes ! I know that and I already suggested that and FTB replied also...
  5. InfinitYash

    Ninja Island Bug

    It again happened, see here:
  6. InfinitYash

    Ninja Island Bug (2)

    Same happened before also, see here:
  7. InfinitYash

    Display Bug of UnHoly Paladin

    I think by after new update I am sseing that when Unholy Paladin changes to Dragon, then it appears as Red in Colour like Fire Dragon, even I don't have any Dracomancers in my combo. So I would like it to be Fixed as soon as Possible !
  8. InfinitYash

    Ninja Island Bug (2)

    I thought it would have been sort out beacuse I alredy created this topic before (you can see next to this topic) and @Archimedes replied also. But I saw it again while playing Ninja Event & also my Internet is 4G, everything works perfect (like Youtube) but I get disconnected while playing ninja event this time. So please FIX this !
  9. InfinitYash

    Ninja Island Bug

    Do you see that... i again got to see this Bug.
  10. InfinitYash

    Chapter I - The Mysterious Mountain Path.....

    Well just My Name Explains a Lot !
  11. InfinitYash

    Chapter I - The Mysterious Mountain Path.....

    That is very nice and good step of you @Warriornator that you understood.
  12. InfinitYash

    Chapter I - The Mysterious Mountain Path.....

    Well this was place that meant to give your suggestions/guess that what could be new exploration of King, not to battle with words here @Warriornator & @cr1 . * @Warriornator You are giving good ideas but lets not talk too much negative about game. It's just a Game and lets enjoy it. Nothing is perfect. Neither it must be. It can't be. That's the law of universe. At Last, Let's Enjoy the game !
  13. InfinitYash

    New Ability: Hypnosis

    I don't want it as a spell but I would like to have it as a special ability in some new Troop or Pal. That's what you can see more in link below the main post.
  14. InfinitYash

    Chapter I - The Mysterious Mountain Path.....

    I'll tell my guess in points:- * May be new modern world where you can get cool gadgets, stuffs for troops, kings or even new weapons. * Might be the will explore a new kingdom or world like that could be Forest or Montain or other vegetations where the King will know more things and it could be a Explore/Hunt Mission or challenges that we could get. * Meeting some Legendary People or Creatures or Ancient ones of particular nations/regions. * Or may be some Magical, Ancient, Pro, Lost Kingdoms & Worlds. * Or may be others opinion too. Finally, I would just say that new awesome marvellous great Adventure Awaits ...