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  1. There definitely should be a max on how many times the same person can attack you. People farming you can really mess you up before ninjas.
  2. Every time before ninja event we have the same problem but it only seems to be getting worse. It's harder and harder to maintain trophies. I got attacked 22x overnight I lose 100-200 trophies every night and gaining trophies is a slow and difficult process. It shouldn't be required that your friends should drop on you so that you can have enough trophies for ninja...also the fact that if you fail on a base you lose so many trophies sometimes 30-50 makes no sense when the base is a top base why should you lose so much for failing on it? The whole system is broken...
  3. A full week of bugs! 😜
  4. @Madlen I would perhaps be interested in updating the wiki. It depends on a few things which I'd like to discuss privately. Please message me so we can see if we can arrange this.
  5. Can you guys please think about being more generous about the gem conversion? 42:1 is rather lousy!
  6. Its an old problem in the game that when your alliance is set to Apply to Join you will have players that many just joined the game that week or even that day request to join top alliances. There needs to be an option where alliances can limit who requests to join by donation amount, king level, trophies, skull perk or similar criterion. It just gets annoying and is a huge waste of time when you have hundreds of requests and only about 10 of them are actually even relevant to your requirements. Added to this feature should be an option to block certain players from requesting to join. Both features would be very helpful.
  7. It would be much easier to help players telling them where to go and organizing movement if we knew where every player currently was by having their tile location shown next to their name in game list. Hope this gets implemented.
  8. @Madlen It really is time for new levels for all defensive towers and traps or at the minimum give a serious buff to all defensive towers and traps and perhaps also buff defensive stats on all units. Also think its time to add more morale points to waves. I have one of the most heavily forged bases in the game (Im talking towers traps and units with over 200 forges) and im being beaten easily day and night even in war and conquest im being beaten in skull gear with no scrolls. My base should be nearly impossible for the amount of pearls i spent on it in skull gear should be a required at least 1 timewarp to beat even for top players. Madlen you know its true check my account.
  9. I think we haven't had one since mid November so that's 3 months...
  10. I agree defense is extremely weak. Defenses where base is max and top boosts and highly forged should be VERY HARD. These days people can solo a base using fritz. How ridiculous is that?!
  11. I think it would be a great feature to be able to trade gear items with alliance members and also to give them items without a trade. That way there is one more powerful way you can help your friends in your alliance.
  12. Agree its time to significantly increase the rewards by like 2-3x
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