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  1. I think it would be a great feature to be able to trade gear items with alliance members and also to give them items without a trade. That way there is one more powerful way you can help your friends in your alliance.
  2. Imanoob31

    in review Server Disconnects

    I am also having the disconnects. Please look into it @Madlen @PaSte
  3. Imanoob31

    More Gems for Diamond League?

    Agree its time to significantly increase the rewards by like 2-3x
  4. @Madlen Can we go back to having an event every Wednesday? Or Wednesday and Thursday with it being posted in game at least 24 hours before?
  5. Imanoob31

    Crash back After Maintrance!

    @Madlen My game keeps disconnecting too. Im on Android
  6. Hi @Madlen Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know you haven't given up on the game and that you care about us! That's good to know! Also I'd like to suggest that you guys rework all the events. The issue is that the veteran players gain nothing from most events. Events should be arranged in a way that every player regardless of level and regardless of how long they are playing and have everything in base and castle maxed can still have some benefit in the event. Also please consider making blacksmith event more often and also a conquest event that will allow people to level up conquest buildings for less gems. The events that people want should also be more frequent than the less useful events... Just be more practical we want to see that you guys are thinking about all members not just low level new guys. You need to keep the veterans interested. You've lost 100s of the veterans in the last few months. You should think about why that is. Perhaps make an effort to reach out to the veteran players and listen to what they have to say. Many have been here for 4 or 5 years and we know the game well and we know what the game needs. It'd be wise to take our advice. Thanks for reading! Have a good day!
  7. Hi, Please make a feature that would allow us to see how many times each perk on an item or building...has been forged. Thank you!
  8. What's most disturbing is the lack of communication. She can at least let us know what's going on so we don't sit here thinking they've given up on the game or don't care about us.
  9. Would like the option to be able to melt slacking members in the blacksmith.
  10. Agree 100% the pal event was terrible and we haven't seen a blacksmith or conquest building event in a while. Please show us that you still care about this game @Madlen.
  11. I think that this is a mistake. Instead of weakening phoebe how about making the others beasts stronger so they are realistic options? There are 15 beasts in my arsenal and only 3 or 4 that people use. Shouldn't all 15 be usable?
  12. @GalaMorgane Would be nice to have had some info on Friday if the event is going to be all week or a 1-2 day event.
  13. Imanoob31

    Introducing GalaMorgane

    Maybe they gave her a non working computer.
  14. Imanoob31

    3.9.0 update is coming!

    Can boys play in girl power cup?