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  1. genovamao

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    Beautifully written as always and nice song to go along with today the theme. (how about a spacelord cyclop skin to kick off the new version :p... kidding) I agree with the Basic changes, very effective and to the point. The Island rewards are very interesting but it would require some extended testing and maybe giving out boost points could save some testing over strength/distribution methods so the alliances can choose for themselves over large set of selection only restricted by themes for that war i.e. defense, troops or powers. And please consider hero boosts also ... maybe -> just not Perseus.
  2. genovamao

    Method for cursing unique items sucks

    Well it is two weeks with an unknown outcome in the particular unique and its strength + the cool 10M. It can get frustrating that's why I haven't used it much after getting Perseus' boots TT ...
  3. genovamao

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    Yes that’s correct. I am not sure about the number of the teams so 12-8 is range. Let’s take the low bound for now. In an 8 alliances divisions or new leagues the competition would be naturally fierce since there is not many places in the middle to hang around in. There is also the advantage of more fair matching making and through that encourage more participation. It will take some time for every alliance to settle to the right placing though just as the current leagues. If you now combine the above with a correctly designed reward and blessing strength system attached to the division level, then it would make victories meaningful again and wars more exciting. So just to be clear a higher division would get more gems, progression items and stronger blessings (of course up to discussion). This will also to some extent remove the sense of stagnation in the current leagues where smaller progressions as an alliance is not rewarded and thus explicitly valuable to the player. With these smaller divisions the progression will also be made easier in the sense that the improvements needed to promote will be more reachable and made clearer to the alliances, instead of some nebulous feeling of impossibility or just confusion of what is needed to get higher placements. Finally, you would avoid more balancing efforts in the game with all war blessings made accessible to all and only differing in strength. And on top of that you build on league system and not take it down (or rework it significantly - speculating now) so there should be less game destroying bugs if and when implemented. What do you think? Workable in General?
  4. genovamao

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    Would you agree that theoretically if the leagues are further split into smaller divisions of 12-8 alliances and in combination with a graded reward + blessing strength system based on division level that these problems would be mostly resolved? On top of that all war blessings would be accessible. Of course it may take sometime to implement fully with all the interface trimmings so maybe just bootstrap soft brackets within leagues for now (shaded by different colors).
  5. genovamao

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    I think that's true and always the difficult problem. Maybe more intra-league divisions can help and with added new/smart rewards eventually lead to solution with interest vs. fairness. And I saw the skins in the rr2 update pretty cool definitely welcome that in OR. P.S. Nuclear launches detected..... XD
  6. genovamao

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    Yes agreed, I think it's the right time for them to give out a detailed response on this issue.
  7. genovamao

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    great idea and easy to implement into game too.
  8. genovamao

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    10k has a nice ring to it. and you know what this could also be perceived as a reward to speed up forging and building too, heck even half would be very useful.
  9. genovamao

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    I mean just like many people have said the problem is boredom - a lot of players cannot find the motivation and/or justification to continue on in wars. Using cascading blessing rewards as a motivation is probably extremely effective, specifically for this problem because of the appreciable advantage gained in gameplay. But this will also create imbalance in leagues very fast between the haves and have-nots; more importantly a large portion of the have-nots will be trapped in this disadvantage without an effective escape mechanism. You can avoid it by giving blessings to greater portions of the league but that becomes a game of diminishing returns for motivation to participate. And to be honest even without chaos and phalanx sweeping islands is already a chore, just imagine what happens when "everybody" gets them. So from my view, either you give the same blessings to everyone (maybe at different levels per league) or you reward on other mechanism with direct, tangible impact on gameplay. The only aspects I can think of are forging and building (or a new aspect to be added). Considering the amount of time spend in each war season, great motivating factors would be rewards that for example make refining viable for a short period and huge savings on upgrading defenses ... you know something that meaningfully improves upon the player's progression and/or gameplay fairly quickly. So as you can gather I agree with everybody that more motivations are needed to keep people engaged, but I also agree with dumpster that cascading blessing rewards will bring more harm than good. Then again, perhaps the only way to see is to test this cascading blessing out but one thing I am fairly certain of is that it will hurt the lower league and the newer players more than the higher leagues which is much more well-funded (referring to gold donation only). And the titan league ..... they won't even be bothered as it will just be a couple more gems spent.
  10. genovamao

    Q&A Questions January/February

    Are war rewards that directly expedite forging and equipment set building being considered? For example: 1. win blessings (or some other prize forms) to shorten forging time and/or reduce forging cost 2. item chests only giving max star items 3.1 tools (as war prize) granting instant forge and refine either/both in time or cost 3.2 tools granting ability to reassign perk on an item. (Keeping new perk strength the same as the starting item's perk strength.)
  11. genovamao

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    Chaos and Phalanx are both defensive boosts. Aside from the undeserved war blessing, they are just a pain to play with especially if you don't have it; but the disadvantage should mostly come from trophy count. So if the devs can find a fair way to identify and factor this into the trophies lost/gain then things should be more in balance. But obviously easier said than done .....
  12. So this would mean a buff in item stats?
  13. I think your method works too as the fastest fix. But I just see this problem as both the disparity in opportunity and outcome. i.e. removing the old forging and the inability to remove the ultra forges (which was indeed extremely difficult for players to make in the first place). Since Cpt. Morgan said lowering of ultra forges is not considered, then we should at least correct the disparity in opportunity by allowing the new refining system the ability to produce similar impact on play as the old forge. This is also good for the long term game play and growth too, as many people stuck around because of the rewarding experience of the old forge.
  14. It may be easier to just dramatically cut down refining cost & time so it can be used regularly at all lvls and provide a viable way to compete against the highest levels. And of course a better quality of the items found in chests would be much appreciated too.
  15. One of my team mate has 5 apples ... RNG please ?