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  1. For future versions after the upcoming one could specific statistics or indications on the level of boosts (especially for barricades and Nex) be added for odyssey islands. Just helps a lot when deciding whether to use a weaker hero or not (i.e. non-war and less forged). For me it's not about max/min gemming or potential large wisdom waste it's more about minimizing frustration in gameplay.
  2. I think the item stat should be kept the same as if opening a chest to find unique. If higher levels are allowed, then restrict it to a short time limit just for some fun on one or two raids.
  3. I think the boosts is a good gameplay feature to add and in principles of war fair. I'm only concerned about the balance between strategic value versus snowballing potential. So, just wondering if an approximate range of boost strength has been decided and if the boosts are going to be normal odyssey boost categories or others like for example trebuchet range?
  4. Don't know if its already done or not. May also include a difference between the offensive odyssey point of the attacker and the defensive odyssey points of the base raided. Idk could give an acceptable solution to the odyssey differences in war.
  5. First of all Congratz. I know its a long time coming for some of them in Aegean. And I really hope with the new island war system/reward (or other changes like match making) that the competitiveness can be heightened for all leagues.
  6. That would be really helpful and worth the gems to unlock either on existing or new slots.
  7. Possible new perk + regen change suggestion: 1. Chaos effect. Give dmg boost and has a percent chance of creating black holes at point of attack or create black hole around the hero that cc troops and/or suck in dmg of (all or select types). 2. Armor. Give armor (universal resistance or selectable resistance) upon loosing health, the percentage of armor will increase proportionally with percentage health loss. Can be combined with regen. 3. Time dilation field. Slows rate of time progression in an area around the hero by certain percentages.
  8. Don't know if this been asked previously or not. Could a in game notification be added? and set to activate whenever celestial boost only has 24 hours or less remaining.
  9. Beautifully written as always and nice song to go along with today the theme. (how about a spacelord cyclop skin to kick off the new version :p... kidding) I agree with the Basic changes, very effective and to the point. The Island rewards are very interesting but it would require some extended testing and maybe giving out boost points could save some testing over strength/distribution methods so the alliances can choose for themselves over large set of selection only restricted by themes for that war i.e. defense, troops or powers. And please consider hero boosts also ... maybe -> just not Perseus.
  10. Well it is two weeks with an unknown outcome in the particular unique and its strength + the cool 10M. It can get frustrating that's why I haven't used it much after getting Perseus' boots TT ...
  11. Yes that’s correct. I am not sure about the number of the teams so 12-8 is range. Let’s take the low bound for now. In an 8 alliances divisions or new leagues the competition would be naturally fierce since there is not many places in the middle to hang around in. There is also the advantage of more fair matching making and through that encourage more participation. It will take some time for every alliance to settle to the right placing though just as the current leagues. If you now combine the above with a correctly designed reward and blessing strength system attached to the division level, then it would make victories meaningful again and wars more exciting. So just to be clear a higher division would get more gems, progression items and stronger blessings (of course up to discussion). This will also to some extent remove the sense of stagnation in the current leagues where smaller progressions as an alliance is not rewarded and thus explicitly valuable to the player. With these smaller divisions the progression will also be made easier in the sense that the improvements needed to promote will be more reachable and made clearer to the alliances, instead of some nebulous feeling of impossibility or just confusion of what is needed to get higher placements. Finally, you would avoid more balancing efforts in the game with all war blessings made accessible to all and only differing in strength. And on top of that you build on league system and not take it down (or rework it significantly - speculating now) so there should be less game destroying bugs if and when implemented. What do you think? Workable in General?
  12. Would you agree that theoretically if the leagues are further split into smaller divisions of 12-8 alliances and in combination with a graded reward + blessing strength system based on division level that these problems would be mostly resolved? On top of that all war blessings would be accessible. Of course it may take sometime to implement fully with all the interface trimmings so maybe just bootstrap soft brackets within leagues for now (shaded by different colors).
  13. I think that's true and always the difficult problem. Maybe more intra-league divisions can help and with added new/smart rewards eventually lead to solution with interest vs. fairness. And I saw the skins in the rr2 update pretty cool definitely welcome that in OR. P.S. Nuclear launches detected..... XD
  14. Yes agreed, I think it's the right time for them to give out a detailed response on this issue.
  15. great idea and easy to implement into game too.
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