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  1. New skins are online: Archer, Mummy, Arrow Tower and Spike. Last both looks sooooo awesome!
  2. I think with the purchase-tickets it feels more than a special thing. Remember that you can earn a huge amount of gems when you win top rankings.
  3. I think we will all be happy now with the current community week. Enough blacksmith to forge and melt all stuff down wemve collected so far. ❤️
  4. Yeah! good job, thank you. Maybe you'll join manues alliance as well, when you translate this language that fast. Everyone will understand you there .😄
  5. Hey ho, Please make sure to edit your post to follow the rules of this thread. You can find the wordings and rules here: https://forums.flaregames.com/forum/159-please-read-before-posting/ Maybe even more guys will find a way to your alliance with these changes.
  6. Hey ho - please translate it into english. It will give you the option to find more players and it also a must to communicate in this english forum.
  7. Please translate it into english - the main language of this forum. Otherwise no one can understand it and it may get deleted. :-S Anyway - good luck in finding guys for your alliance.
  8. I wish you good luck in finding players. Please also insert an english text, to stay in the main language of this forum. It will also attract more people, when you write it in english.
  9. Hey - thank you for your post to get more members. Please ensure, that these will stay also in the main language from the forum: english Otherwise some members and even some mods may misunderstand something/ mods have to delete the stuff.
  10. I still wear my old items in war with +130 and more. Upgrade skull bonus is always a slooooow process, so maybe it is good to let players enter this process as soon as possible (which it seems to be lv95).
  11. Maybw the blacksmith needs to purchase a new hammer from the granny, but they are still dealing about the price. I also hope to see a blacksmith event, soon.
  12. Do you find some friends? Otherwise I have to put you into todes, when we have a spot. 😛
  13. Yeah! gratulations for your fist post. Good luck in finding friends and guys to talk with. I am sure RR2 is the right platform to do so. Sometimes it also happens by finding a good alliance where the chat is full of good topics.
  14. Please stay in our main forum language: english Anyway. Good explanation of your alliance. Good luck for your alliance. 🙂
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