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  1. Maybe we will get more experience points, because we are so experiented in using archimedis already. 😄 I am interested in see if there will be mummy bases again like in past.
  2. ElementG

    He believes he this is balance?

    As a general and a very close guy to the leader of a high alliance I can totally understand what it feels like to fight for guys, motivate them, position leavings, position breaks, position bad feelings about changes. The most important thing I can see is that flare opens up a channel to the guys, who can change a lot. And as I see the communication gets transparent more and more. I think this is a point in which we all have to build up trust and motivation again (in case we got demotivated). As long as we can give good feedback and requests to make something better we are on a good way to change and let improve it. Having said this I can also tell you, that our alliance had to take often risks, high player loss, fusion and motivation pushes. After a long road it worked fine enough. I wish you very much power and time to have the same experience!
  3. Guys. Stay on topic please. ? The new power level from ceres is good for those who have it. The rest can only use pal flute to get the copied wolf from ceres. ^^ I use aska instead. (my king is far away from the needed level, the exp farming was too boring for me in past)
  4. ElementG

    Upcoming balancing changes offense

    Comon - please stay calm and neutral. We need to get constructive feedback, so the devs can manage their thinking of which direction we need to have fun playing this game.
  5. ElementG

    Skip bounties?

    Sometimes I will get a new one when I double-click the home button from my iPhone and move the app out of the multitouch. This refresh the whole list and set the timer back to 8h. Took me long time in past to find out why I lost some and got again a 8h timer until I checked that I used this method. This issue happened 2 versions ago every time. Now this trick/ bug works sometimes only.
  6. ElementG

    5000 floors!

    Is the TTT bug fixed? I still have a bad feeling about reaching too much gold. Btw, this guy spent alot of gold to go up in my league:
  7. ElementG

    New update

    I also don't get this update 100%. I just clicked on the pet screen and can pump my fragment-tokens into some gold multiplicator: Edit: Now I remember which tokens you mean. The stuff to get more gold or more attack. I mean some new stuff called "Fragmente" in german. Should be "fragments" in english. I can change those stuff but have no clue where I can activate the boost and why this should help me to get specific pets. And when the TTT bug still persist I have no idea why I should use such a boost.
  8. ElementG

    New update

    I can use tokens to get more gold for more seconds/ tap on the button. But the important question: is the TTT bug solved? I need no more gold if I loose my progress on TTT gold.
  9. The community manager is a hard job. And she was very good in it. I thank her for the time she spent into it.
  10. ElementG

    Why are Top Alliances Disappearing?

    I am with you. The skull % bonus destroyed the whole top war system. New recruiting is only possible when the skull perk % is fine. The skull perk is pure luck/ 1 item was introduced with an event. As we started to build up alliances we could have take the players we want. Now the first thing is to take players with skull perk near/ over 30%. The fun-factor was totally broken with the skull perk%. Loosing fiefs to get easy wars is unfair for the low alliances and hurts the bigger alliances (players wants to get high after an amount of time). The whole system is build up to create alliance-friendships (by word - not as an ingame function) and end up to 2 big alliance-connections who fight most time on war map against each other. To make it short: my dream is to move the skull% to another game topic (more bonus for Ninja event or some stuff) and put this away from war. It interrupts recruiting, force friendship-alliance-creating and end up with boring/ unfair war.
  11. ElementG

    Верните самоцветы

    Please stay in english language as the forum is build up on english. And we can help you alot more with your requests.
  12. ElementG

    Альянс , Жидкая жижа

    Because this is an english forum, please write your posts in english. Thank you very much and good luck in finding recruits.
  13. ElementG

    Ascended from 2400, worth it.

    Is there a huge multiplier jump after 2400? On 1200 there was doubled the amount of tokens. I am at 2200 now and see normal 50+ multilier steps for 2400.
  14. ElementG

    Winter updates

    Heyho - a new update was introduced. Let us see what we can discover. I've got a new chest. And I can go back to lv580 when I will pay 50gems. (for me not worth because I will miss a lot of items) The new cape will make give me more attack/ speed. When my king runs it stacks and my damage seems to get higher. Is some other thing new? Do you guys already got another new item?
  15. ElementG

    One reason to upgrade Cloak

    Sometimes it is also good in the boss hunt mode.