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  1. I'm not a developer, but I think that the overload was due to many more debugging functions they implemented that consumed considerably more CPU power and RAM. It's very unlikely that there were more players online than usual.
  2. Give them some time, close the game and enjoy real life. They have a lot to do to get the game stable again. I really hope that you can survive without OR for some hours 😉 and I'm sure we will get our heroes back soon...
  3. AlterPapi

    War map changed.

    did you read any other posts before you wrote yours? War is cancelled.
  4. Probably they think that 2 members should be enough to beat your alliance 😉
  5. They are doing a server maintenance right now. Just be patient.
  6. I would wait some time until you do raids. Same here btw. And wrong chat, please use the War Bug Megathread.
  7. Our strikes in Texas Blood Heroes also vanished shortly after the start. After restarting the game they reappeared. @HeliosSRB
  8. Who is "we"? Name of alliance?
  9. as a compensation for the issues during last war.
  10. AlterPapi

    Forging system suggestions

    @Neptune Agree, there is actually absolutely no way to make an item stronger than what you can find in chests. Forging is a useless waste of time and resources. @CaptainMorgan Though I appreciate that fixing war bugs has to have a higher priority for now it is really URGENT! that you come up with a solution to this issue. Players are really bored and some even quit the game due to no perspective to get decent items after leveling up. In my opinion it would still be the best solution to get back forging as it was and to consequentely adjust other parts of the game instead of finding a solution for a part that was fun, very addictive and just working with clear rules that were the same for all players! Forging was infact the most bug-free part of OR.
  11. @CaptainMorgan Why do we get this message now??? Alliance Texas Blood Heroes.
  12. AlterPapi

    Sell option missing

    You have to unequip it from all 3 item sets.
  13. AlterPapi

    War 😤😡😠

    How can you say you are playing with the rules when you did not play at all during that war? After 20 hours you had 37 VPs. That's not playing with, that's just ABUSING the rules. And I also agree 100% to give your torches back to you. We really don't want them. The rules will be adjusted thanks to your silly move, so it was good for something at least. And when you say that you filled your ally to avoid losing the hard earned torches I can only laugh about it (for sure you were also laughing when you wrote this 😉 ). You would have lost them anyway with that weak team.
  14. AlterPapi

    War 😤😡😠

    Let's stay on topic. Playing a second account is something that doesn't hurt other alliances. Placing second accounts in an alliance with the only goal of screwing up the league of titans is silly and hurts a lot.
  15. AlterPapi

    War 😤😡😠

    Sure, no problem with that and all my respect for that effort. But now you decided to go to war with the only goal to... Wait, I still don't get it why you did that move... Of course kicking players wasn't a good move either, but you clearly just wanted to lose your torches or you would have filled TD with strong players able to defend them. You still owe us the reason for doing it! I am listening!