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  1. What happened to the people?

    yep, @Infamous is right. Usually that comes from a too weak graphic card not able to render all the stuff on the screen. When your acropolis was empty there was still enough power, now with all the decorations it is exhausted.
  2. Cursed Chest Issues and Suggestions

    @dumpster with the last server maintenance they removed Oddyssey and War tasks to open cursed chests.
  3. Version 3.9.0

    I'm quite sure that the answer of FG will be: "It is already possible to skip it, use gems to open it"...
  4. Flare game's in trouble?

    Captain Morgan reappeard and FlareGames is not bancrupt. Next update is announced, all fine, enjoy the game. ;-)
  5. Heroes' progress

    There IS a training camp! Just use your hero that you wanna level up in an Odyssey and avoid to win a fight. It only costs wisdom and gives extra experience points. Even when you only reach 30% you can win up to 80k XPs.

    It's not a matter of hero level, but of base difficulty. Probably your base is not strong enough and you are missing war blessings. People prefer to attack bases with less/no blessings. Upgrade your towers and troops.
  7. Nyx tower is now a tax

    Very interesting post with sooooo many important stuff; a must-read for every newbie. And it is really amazing how much help there is available on this forum for players who did not yet understand all the techniques available to overcome a well designed defense. Unfortunately not every player is able to use these techniques or uses them the wrong way / at the wrong time. Even as a good player you sometimes run into horrible situations just because your timing of powers was wrong or you called the wrong troops. Nobody would blame FG because of such mistakes. You better accept it, learn to make it better and try it again and again until you know how to beat many different base designs. That is part of the game, part of the challenge, but certainly not a bug.
  8. We want free Sundays!

    I never asked to have ALL Sundays free of war. If all wars start on a Thursday, normal wars would still end on Sunday, Skirmish on Saturday and Clash on Friday. And I am quite sure that even students may find some time for raids during weekdays. ;-)
  9. We want free Sundays!

    Sure, you can divide tasks, but not raiding...
  10. We want free Sundays!

    Good idea @dumpster, that would take away a lot of pressure!
  11. We want free Sundays!

    I play this game since many months and after the last updates the balance is better than ever, so I like it a lot. But there is one point that I would really like to change: Why does every war have to end on Sunday? Weekends are here to enjoy. No work, no duties, time to visit friends or for a trip to a foreign city, to brunch with your family, and so on... The only person in our family that has to step out every few hours is me because I have to do some raids. Of course nothing has to change if it is only me that is not happy with 52 Sundays where I'm not able to decide about my own time schedule, but I guess that many other players have the same problem with the current setup. My idea would be to have a fixed start time (Thursday) instead of a fixed end of war. What do you think?
  12. CODE

    nice, thx for your code. I also have one, but I won't share it. At least not here, coz this is the wrong place ;-)
  13. Introduction of New Monster

    lol. When Harry Potter wanted to pass the beast he had to play music. While the music was playing the three headed beast felt asleep. As soon as the music stopped the beast woke up. But that is VERY off topic... ;-)
  14. Introduction of New Monster

    Don't forget to turn off the music or we will sleep deep instead of fighting ;-)