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  1. @d9d9 There is no advantage on forging uniques on every level. I usually forge them every 5 or 6 levels and I lose nothing in terms of quality/strength.
  2. Agree. A friend made a 120k CD cape with the new system, and he is still at level 131. Try it, it's great!
  3. agree, it's not SIM city, but to have nothing to upgrade is boring too. Before the update it was all about war and ... nothing.
  4. I'm astonished that you seem to be able to judge this update after such a short time. It seems that I am still too ***** for that game and still am thrilled about all the new things to discover... Of course defenses will become very hard in the next few weeks, but I'm still confident that offense will catch up later. It's probably only a matter of time and a good upgrade plan.
  5. Winning chests should be a challenge. If everybody is able to get all chests it isn't a challenge anymore, so struggling is just how it should be.
  6. What about a war format with 6 or even 8 alliances on the same map?
  7. To meet nice people, to talk about the game and other aspects of life, to fight wars with them, to beat other alliances, to build up a dominant alliance, TO HAVE FUN!
  8. Tomorrow you will see a new board full of closed chests that you will be able to open one per day.
  9. If you don't wanna fight in wars and only are looking for boosts you indeed better don't join any alliance ?
  10. I know what you mean @dumpster when you talk about participation rate. Just bear in mind that a season takes 5 weeks and it will often happen that some players will not be able to be available to all 4 wars. A participation rate of 75% allows an alliance to keep all members, available or not while 100% would mean that you will have to replace unavailable players week by week. I like that 75%!
  11. fully agree, 3 skull islands and higher are absolutely impossible to defeat against a decent opponent now.
  12. agree about the fun part, but the rest... It is important that there are challenges. Statues should not die too easily, uniques should be rare, collecting the resources for upgrades should involve raiding a lot, shorter upgrading time will lead to nothing-to-do-anymore. Items and forging both were great before the forging nerf but a solution is announced at least. Most of the current frustration comes from these annoying bugs in war but also here it seems to get better now. Only 3 alliances have been eliminated from war this week, all others seem to have a "normal" war (though maybe against unbeatable opponents if they are unlucky with the drawings, but that's another topic where FG needs to find a solution).
  13. yes it does. Where you can buy the item slots.
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