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  1. Could the donation reminder separated?

    Agree, no flashing for alliance upgrades would be great!
  2. About the Game and Changes

    you forget that in IT business things are changing quite fast. RR2 was developed ealier than OR, and if it was only one year in between that already has a huge influence on software development. Of course it would have been easier for FG to just make a clone of RR2, but obviously they decided to make use of newer technologies which led to a much nicer game when it comes to graphics. Just my two cents about "same company, same technology, same possibilities".
  3. Hades challenge

    The contest is over, thread is closed.
  4. 4.0 Anticipated Features

    @HADESv2 Though I like the idea of locked islands it won't work as expected. In many wars you have to open more than one front. You will always have to do some micro management and never can be sure that nobody attacks the wrong island.
  5. Celestial Boost Strategy

    Correct. In daily prestige chests you will find gems. Only gems. ;-)
  6. Trophy system update feedback

    bad idea coz active players would soon have 100k trophies. If I remember correctly we had a similar setup once and it was not good. Additionally active but new players with low trophies would never ever have a chance to reach top 100 of the leaderboard.
  7. Fake Oponient

    I didn't observe any change in what opponents you get on your map since a very long time. There are always some very (too) easy opponents, some strong ones and some from the top level. The easy ones I usually do in auto mode or with weaker heroes to get gold and (in case of Arthemis) XP, the strong ones I take as a training for war.
  8. Dc

    Same here, right now that another alliance declared on us while I was raiding. Disconnect, zero VP, fury lost :-(
  9. They only attack parallel path while you are in defense mode!
  10. Open 2 chests with the same rarity with this one

    Easy solution for the next time you get this quest: Never open all titan chests you have, always keep 2 closed ones ;-)
  11. 3.9.2

    There was an update today that should have fixed that. @Morgul
  12. What happened to the people?

    yep, @Infamous is right. Usually that comes from a too weak graphic card not able to render all the stuff on the screen. When your acropolis was empty there was still enough power, now with all the decorations it is exhausted.
  13. @dumpster with the last server maintenance they removed Oddyssey and War tasks to open cursed chests.
  14. Version 3.9.0

    I'm quite sure that the answer of FG will be: "It is already possible to skip it, use gems to open it"...