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  1. OHNUXYEF for friendcodeeeeee

    1. Manolis


      Привет у меня проблема в игре не могу улучить доспехи героев прошу помочь спасибо


  2. In dos global and alliance not working for a long days..pls help us sir..

  3. Dawn of steel global chat and alliance chat is not working..pls help us sir...


    Meu caro andreas o que  está acontecendo com a  equipe de  dawn of  steel  percebo que  a  um bom tempo  não se  nota  a  presença dela! pelo game!! . 

    pelo que  muitos  usuários perceberam  e  estão  achando   que  não haverá mais  nada  de  novo  ?? a  ser  adicionado?? gostaria de  saber se  você tem informações cruciais  das  atividades da equipe e  se  você poderia  nos  informar?? .

    espero por  sua  resposta! e  esclarecimentos!! obrigado pela  devida  atenção!!


  5. Please help me out....

    It's happening for the past one week....

    I'm not getting any offers...

    It's frustrating me...

    My king name is HUSAIN2710

    Screenshot (7).png

  6. Hello

    I have heard some rumours that there were some problems in development team of Dawn of Steel, it does mean that we wont get any new contents so far, I wonder if it is true.

    Looking forward to your answer

    Thanks alot

  7. Hello, no problem. You should be able to rebuild those walls by going to your Command Ship. There, tap on Wall Mode. It is important that you use the Wall Mode specifically in the Command Ship.
  8. Can you guys let us know if that is still happening for you? @akkran: What version of Windows are you using on your computer?
  9. Hey there, we have received some reports about this issue. Team is currently evaluating if this is valid. Will keep you updated once I hear back from them.
  10. Hello xx01xx, Support let me know that they have replied to your request. Please check if you have received the answer. Thank you
  11. Hello Tribalmachine, As YourCure mentioned, please check if you are logged in into the Play Store with your Google account. Should you then still have issues purchasing influence, please contact our support via http://support.flaregames.com. Thanks.
  12. Hey guys, Please report all cheat/hack attempts to our support via http://support.flaregames.com They can then handle the cases appropriately and collect information that helps our team to further prevent such things from happening. In any case, mention name of enemy, why you think he cheated, time/date of battle. If possible, include screenshots or links to videos. Thank you.
  13. CR26 is Command Rank 26
  14. Hey guys, thanks for letting us know. I will forward this to the team and let you know once we have an update on this.
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