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  1. In the first 15 raids I have to disconnects as I destroyed the gate.
  2. Not a screen issue, apparently. 106 peaks at 4 seconds per pearl should take just 7 minutes and a couple seconds. It’s still melting and I posted this more than 15 minutes ago. Add in time to learn how to do a screenshot, login for the first time in months, and make the post this is even slower than without a BS event. this is a new picture.
  3. Pretty sure this is a display but, but it NEVER takes that long for 108 pearls and I don’t want to be charged 78 gems to finish it.
  4. Not quitting the game completely, but will not be on these forums anymore. They were managed too cavalierly for years, then with Draconian dictatorial ferver, and now with capriciousness.
  5. Energy is really slow to regenerate. It would be cool if stopping by a tower sped the process up, by a factor of 1.5 or 2. When in a tower soldiers are protected and can rest, so heal better and faster. That should help out.
  6. Regardless, we have 5 days of no real reason to play Conquest. There need to be in game rewards and benefits to encourage participation. Right now all I do is move, wait for energy, war, wait for energy. Boring. i can cut out the moving and waiting and just raid with matchmaker.
  7. So we have over 5 days left and already secured the healing tent. The only thing to fight for is first plqce, and a troop boost we don't use and can't supplement with another boost since all our gold is spent in Conquest. We need ongoing rewards to make Conquest interesting. All that is left are travel (boring), waiting for energy (boring), and wars (can fight those any time). The strategic side is left to a few generals and for the rest this is drudgery or game function we can get elsewhere. There is no impetus to participate but loyalty and OCD.
  8. Also, what damage does the virus do? Is it just toxic, or is this a new damage? Does it affect all enemies, or some more than others?
  9. I think Flare needs to add in-Conquest rewards for individual efforts, similar to ninja. To be constantly active for eight days without any benefits and at the end to get an OK but not special four chests didn’t feel worth it. but if there are little shots of endorphin during the game for number of skulls, winning wars, discovering items, I think the end rewards would seem less puddly. Chests cost Flare nothing, nor do items. Lay them around the Conquest map for players to find and/or win and I think people will be much more positive.
  10. Second time? This is the second time it's happened for Conquest, but it's the Xth (where X= a large number) time it's happened after a contest of some sort, whether conquest, war, ninja or pro. It's not bad luck, and is bordering on a feature.
  11. I can’t stand him, but to quote my ***** president, “#sad.”
  12. Right now the winning side gets nothing. They use time, effort, energy points, and troops to defeat an enemy’s tower and all tha happens is they stand there and the enemy is sent home to heal and come back to fight again. Seems to me winning a war should accrue some benefit, and taking territory i(towers) n a game about taking territory seems like the proper reward. But as discussed above it doesn’t have to be full towers. Could be reduced build time, or gold and stone. But no positive benefit to the victor doesn’t seem right.
  13. Oh, I like that. When you win a battle you get some resources from your opponent. That would be cool.
  14. Even? 99 and 44/100ths of your comments are you complaining about complaining. If you don't like, don't read.
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