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  1. SuperWeapon went Kaboom! And we all know their reputation. It's quite sad. We only need a small team to keep things ticking over as so much groundwork has been done and I dare say a fair amount of future buildwork is still Flare's IP. So hoping that the bulk of it is taken up by someone else.
  2. It could be, which would be a shutdown. However if support is still up. There's still hope. The update made my heart skip when I saw it, but, nothing NEW which was a let down. Still. Crossed fingers.
  3. No one but Flaregames can answer those questions. The very same questions I have asked myself. The ONLY answer you will get is this ( and I can't stress this enough even though it's frustrating ), Wait. Currently Flaregames are supporting Dawn of Steel, with technical issues and cheating. At this time that is all there is to say. I know it's frustrating for everyone involved, I've been here before there were even forums playing a version of DoS in beta you wouldn't even recognize was the same game. This particular account is 500ish days old. There has always been high hopes for this game and I know the original SuperWeapon Team were involved in making Command and Conquer an old PC game some of you may remember. A classic for those that have played it. That experience and drive was placed heart and soul into Dawn of Steel, and during beta stages it was an exciting time to play. However this situation we as gamers find ourselves in is not uncommon. It happens. What we do have, and all we have is the promise of hope and the resolve to wait. If wheels start turning again like they were. Great. If nothing occurs we have to resolve ourselves to what could have been, and move on as some have stated. For myself I have enough faith in the core product that at some stage those wheels will turn. So I will wait. I will hope, and I will not let go of something I've enjoyed seeing evolve, into what could be the best Mech Combat RTS out there. V.

    Please don't Necro REALLY old threads. base design and values have changed a fair bit since October last year. Please make a new thread. @Cure you just had to put a smiley in didn't you.
  5. Game Not Getting Started

    The only suggestion I can give you is to contact tech support for Flaregames. As Dawn of Steel appears to be in transitional state at this time we don't have any official responses to technical problems on the forum at this time. On top of this the rollout for Windows and other formats was in the process when a halt was put on any information about the future of DoS. I can only offer a suggestion at installing the game again, to see if it will work. Failing that try and contact Flaregames Support.
  6. "Same level"

    Dark Necromancy at work..
  7. account transfer

    Hi smite. The short answer from me is I don't know about cross platform transfers. As there is no developer presence on the forums at this time your best bet is to hope the in game support link is still online and being manned. They will be the only ones that can help you or someone on the forums that has tried this and succeeded, can show you how. failing all that I would try contacting Flaregames directly as this game still resides under their banner and on their forums. All the best.
  8. Dawn of Steel Alliance Features

    Currently the community as a whole is in a holding pattern. Unfortunately the only thing we can do is wait for an official announcement. I agree totally that it has been a long wait. However if the game is either being revamped by a new team, or a new team is being hired it may well take some time to see anything develop which is sad. I myself continue to check the forums daily ( we were spammed in two forums a few days ago ) to keep things in as much order as I can, and will wait till we either get word of something, or the servers close. Personally I believe there is a transition taking place which is why the wait is so long. I can't see such a unique game being shelved, as it is so far along in development and is a great game in its own right. lets hope for a brighter future and keep the flames alive.
  9. No good on a tablet..
  10. Please learn to forum. Title: Another cheater tags: ( for the love of god please use 1 word ) example: cheater Post Box: Your post. Your post does NOT go in the tags. It goes in the box underneath everything else. And is quite large and hard to miss.
  11. Kabam Aquisition of Superweapon Team

    Your point is a good one and parallels the Mythic team creating Dungeon Keeper then being dissolved. Let's hope that's not the case. However if it is, remember that Dungeon Keeper is still going and still getting updates. So let's pray whoever has the reins, shakes the horse and we can keep on riding.
  12. Kabam Aquisition of Superweapon Team

    I'd say if they could have they would have by now Cure. There's no point in bumping the thread I am sure Aether and the team know of its existence they just can't comment due to negotiations. i know everyone is concerned for the future of the game especially the devs who have put so much time into it themselves. Right now I bet they'd love to tell you everything they can and that production will continue as usual after things, business wise have settled down, but they will be under strict NDA's at this time tying their hands. its a hard mindset for players to accept at times however we will get answers when possible, transitions like this can take quite some time, so it is just best to wait it out until negotiations are over. I'm sure the devs want what is best for their game and it's players. We have to now show support for them, as they have shown support for us in the past. Don't forget SuperWeapon itself is only a small team, and I'm sure that team wants to keep on going.
  13. How to counter Blink Rig

    If things were going smoothly dev wise I'd say they would try and add a counter to it like they did with the shield rigs, and nerfing the rigs themselves. however I can't see that happening soon. The only thing to do is lock it down aka Disruptors, with a corner base giving it nothing to jump over.
  14. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but this feature has been asked for multiple times for the course of the games life. i doubt we will ever get to zoom out further than we can now.
  15. These bugs seem to be similar to old iOS bugs that locked up at the screen you have shown. It took a while to get solved, they did away with the transition from planet to base entirely on iOS. So you might see the same errors pop up,as they did on iOS as they modify the code to get it inline with other platforms. This may take a while. However that is for a permanent fix. The original iOS bug was intermittent. I usually gave the advice to make sure that DoS was the only program running giving all your devices resourses to the game itself, which overcame loading lockups.