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  1. Macamus

    New Pro-Item-Set:The Sanzu Set

    Please make it super good item and price 60k crystal per item and not available in chests. I need something nice and special spend my 650k crystals on
  2. Yes vouchers has no purpose for me either please make me able to use them for something
  3. Please something more interesting in pro shop. Had all items and pals for very long time. Please can buy guardian chest with crystals
  4. Probably. Just want to get a confirmation that crystal price doesn't change though
  5. I'm also wondering if the crystal price for pro chests in the shop will remain the same when the rewards gets better
  6. Madlen when can we expect this change to apply to the chests? Will it apply to the chests we receive before the change? Like if i save the chests I get from the current PL will they contain better rewards after the update?
  7. Yalla! Make mix pal and guardian event make discount in both type of chests so I can put all my gems to it and buy more to give you in flaeegames nice Christmas bonus monies! Yalla let go open my event
  8. Macamus

    Racer Cup too difficult

    Yalla i believe he think reward based on score is too low and impossible to get decent score for ok reward. I agree with this. Alhamdulilah!!!
  9. Macamus

    Again Reward Tiers are not balanced

    Yes agreed reward should be more suited towards what we can possibly get
  10. Yes I'm aware it's a upcoming change. But will the pro chest we buy with crystals from shop become better as well? Or only the ones we win directly from leagues?
  11. Does this apply to pro chests we buy for crystals as well or only the ones we win in PL? I bought 60 yesterday and got 2 tickets and just pearls and treats lol. Why do they suck in comparison? Make them all the same...
  12. Will there be pro guardians? If not what is the highest guardian rarity?