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  1. Malala brave little girl rr2

    Oh sorry I'm just wondering
  2. Malala brave little girl rr2

    Malala brave little girls if you in forums please telling me
  3. stone dragon

    That happens for pyros and frosters but it happens alot less frequently with paladins in comparison in my experience
  4. stone dragon

    At some points it's even looked like 5-6 paladins trying to fill up different bars at the same time to me
  5. Showing the Love for Flaregames

    Wow it's very amazing
  6. Malala brave little girl rr2

    No if I was her I would tell I found it out specificaly. I spent a few hours doing researches
  7. Why not BM in Witchcraft Cup??

    Doubt we ever will have pals in PL
  8. Malala brave little girl rr2

    Found reliable info in the internet Google machine
  9. Malala brave little girl rr2
  10. Is it true that brave little girl malala playing games rr2? What was her ign I try Google but it not told me
  11. Punishable by flogging by the good Lord of the land? 😂😂
  12. And what exactly should players with everything maxed spend gems on during this event? 😂😂😂
  13. Only useful event is alliance party or Smith for maxed
  14. XP gained for each base to be defined

    Should just count as if you beat each wave then. If you win you win.... Same with towers. The gate tower thing is just stupid.... if you beat the base you beat it....
  15. Lucky perks value down

    I had like 135% before and 87% or something now. Don' notice any difference regarding my chance at opening all 3. It' just harder to see your total luck now that's all.