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  1. I feel these changes to nemesis made almost no difference at all. My nemesis is Level 9 and I am 129 and it still feels like it doesnt do any damage at all when in beastform. And the pal flute transformation time is very long and basicly seems like my pal is bein stunned and does nothing all the time ?
  2. Macamus

    Summer festival details

    I very much enjoy video and your voice is that of an angels so soothing and calm please do more
  3. Yep it's insane. Always hated this boost since I usually do melee units and everything gets instakilled after this update so i suspect it's related to tower hp. It should be scaled down now that towers has alot more hp
  4. I have always hated stargazer boost. But it seems now more than ever that maxed FBs With this boost kills everything even shielded. Is it a percentage of the Towers max hp that decides the damage of the Tower? If so then it must be broken now since the forges that increases hp increase alot more than before
  5. Bases are too strong now because of stargazer boost. when war is over its fine again
  6. Macamus

    Surprise event poll

    Then I could buy 3 more
  7. Macamus

    Hello... CM Statement

    Thank you Madlen. I must add that is miss the picture of you and your fantastic hairstyle it gave me warmth and joy the travel through the forum and seeing it Now all that remains are the joyful image that lingers in my memories. Ahhh..... you do not know What you have until someone takes it away!
  8. Yeah payed with hard earned crystals for playing well in PL. It's not like you pay them with gems ($$) and instantly get the pal.
  9. Exactly. I would actually prefer it if nemesis never used it's ability because it takes forever to activate + it doesn't do anything at all. It's damage becomes worse than normal non beast attack lol
  10. So I got bored and bought nemesis although I had a bad feeling about it. His ability seems so horrible. When he turns into beast he basicly does no damage and spawns a few skeletons which dies instantly anyway and he wastes time transforming back and forth from beast form so he just freezes up most of the time omg ? I'm level 129 and nemesis level 9. Seems like for a damage pal even regular Kaiser is tons better
  11. Macamus

    About the new manager!!

    Thank you. My cheeks are now red like roses
  12. Macamus

    About the new manager!!

    Hi Madlen the madmen you are doing a suoer jobs I very much like reading a frequent informations and in your picture you have a amazing hairs it's me favorite!!!
  13. Macamus

    trioxin towers can't be stunned

    Same as garg towers. Nothing shocking about this
  14. Macamus

    What will happen if this continues?

    Only Jesus knows how it really works. Everything else is mere speculations. Have faith in heavenly father and divine saviour and all will be good
  15. Macamus

    Conquest rewards

    I understand gem price for blacksmith because it gives so much benefit to unlock melting slots But maxing buildings for this conquest mode even when you win all chests wow just wow it's totally [word removed - inappropriate] in all chests ?