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  1. Macamus


    Yeah obviously. He asked for it and then it came. No idea why this warrior guy refuses to see the obvious. Maybe he is jealous because he ask something also but flare didn't listen to him.
  2. Macamus


    Thank you for making this happen
  3. Macamus

    Please help how can won

    Pleawe can see in game modus of pro leagues in many different variety it is a troops and spells alternated not same in many type in the cup of pro leagues. Sometime wonder is good make a many troop low in a Morales or can see used the higher Morales units but if it I are deds can not make use in unit for survival in retreat the troops of glorious kings army.
  4. Macamus

    Chapter II - The Royal Road Trip!

    Why not Pearls also? Please do not discriminate on currencies this is a violation of the civil rights
  5. Macamus

    Chapter II - The Royal Road Trip!

    Buuuuuu buuuuuuu!!!
  6. Macamus

    Please help how can won

    Yes is what means when moved with a ogres sometime if moving together with a kings ogre it will push forward but make a big screm sometime ogre not readily to make forward squeeze in battle fields lane. Also when make perk to a magic ability why sometime roller around moving it make stop no upgrade comes? I must double click to make a faster precision in sources of make success in a upgrade if tried many times how many can failed him? Many thanks
  7. Hello In magic caster tree in kings palace was a next to the gems. Sometimes moving make ogre to strong and make a very many attack but how it was when moving the frosted forward or next to a bombing tower with a skull bombs when you want make complete the raids? If make screm the cannons go in corners make fire but it hit also more faster when doing aggressive attack moves what was best in counter killing the tower when using hims?
  8. Asking because they did this before with the dungeon event
  9. Topic says it all. Will I be left out of event or will it turn to 2 days upgrade time when event starts?
  10. Macamus

    Apology to the Discord server

    Oh wow this is so interesting I can't wait for the next update
  11. Macamus


    Basicly just a new skin for Tammy
  12. Macamus

    Monthly Pro Leaderboard Rewards

    If they work their butts off in 4 PL then they should have gained decent rewards in each of those 4 PLs.... Monthly reward is just a extra bonus
  13. Macamus

    New Pro League Reward

    Well if the tiers are wrongly set no one will be able the get the top rewards
  14. As topic says. I don't see any difference