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  1. What happened raids ninja very little gold


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. GODK1NG


      No it's almost for me 

    3. Techtonic
    4. Aritra


      Hi Flaregames.

      My alliance won Pro Boost Palladin on the level 1...but boost was not activated?????  

      Please check and fix the problem.

      Alliance:  Raiders of the Tail

  2. Bonjour,

    tu t'en vas c'est dommage.

    Au fait tu sais si le nouveau admi est français 

    bonne continuation, longue et heureuse vie a toi. ;)

  3. hi 

    i can not post on the quiz topic

    mybe i dont know how

    i have question about the 2quiz

    q10: what does hero item means? it contain powers , weapon?or just weapon

  4. Alysea

    Necromancer upgrade

    It is only a visual display bug, as the upgrade time is longer than 2 days.
  5. Alysea

    Necromancer upgrade

    Hey there, It was a bug which got fixed with the last server update. Sorry for the troubles.
  6. Dear Kings & Queens, Today we had a server update with the following changes: - Adjusted the difficulty of Festival Battles - Primal Howl is now more resistant to Ninjas, and has more Health in the lower levels - Fixed the cost and upgrade time of the Necromancer during events Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
  7. Dear Olympians, Today we had a live server update for technical maintenance on our servers. Enjoy the rest of the day and get ready for war! Your Olympus Rising Team
  8. Alysea

    Olympus Rising - 2nd Quiz

    You have to reply in this topic: Also please note that the forums are international, therefore the main language is English.
  9. Alysea

    Boost your Offense Event

    Hi everyone, The event has now started! Don't forget that your session needs to end for it to be active. Have a nice day! Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
  10. Alysea

    Olympus Rising - 2nd Quiz

    Yes it does. Don't forget, you are part of a community.
  11. Alysea

    Olympus Rising - 2nd Quiz

    Hello everyone, Now is time for our second Olympus Rising quiz! Rules Answer the questions by posting in the topic (your answers will not be visible for others) Only one answer per person No edit allowed! (if you need to edit your post to add your name, please send CaptainMorgan a PM. Any post with the "edit" mention will be counted as invalid.) Don't forget your in-game name. Deadline is Wednesday 29th March at 12pm (CET) Rewards Each question is worth a certain amount of points. The players with the highest amount of points will be rewarded. 1st: 2,000 gems 2nd: 1,000 gems 3rd: 500 gems Just head here to answer the questions!
  12. Alysea

    Olympus Rising Second Quiz

    Hello everyone, Here you can find the questions for our second quiz! Please head here to read the rules. Questions In Olympus Rising, Helen of Troy can gain the unique boots named Gemini. What is the relation between Gemini and Helen? (2 points) Which of our Heroes has a brother who shares his name with a mythical bird? (2 points) Which of our Heroes sailed on the quest for the Golden Fleece? (4 points) In the Odyssey, Odysseus is given the choice of two dangerous routes, by Circe, to return to Ithaca. Odysseus chooses to sail between the great beasts Scylla and Charybdis. What was the alternative route, and which other Hero sailed it? (4 points) Which of the Twelve Titans (the children of Gaia and Uranus) feature in Olympus Rising? (4 points) Which of the Primordial Deities (Protogonoi) are featured in Olympus Rising? (12 points) The Hero Statue which defends Mount Olympus is pretty big, but what was the biggest statue in Ancient Greece? (2 points) Which Greek god has two buildings in Olympus Rising named after him (not including decorations)? (2 points) Which of our Heroes has a building named after them (not including decorations)? (2 points) Which Monster Islands can be seen at the end of the Olympus Rising Official Trailer? (2 points) Bonus question: you can gain an additional 1 point for each Unique Item in Olympus Rising which you can name, along with the Hero it belongs to. (12 points) If you have any questions about the quiz, feel free to post in the main topic! Good luck!
  13. Alysea

    Game crashes randomly

    The best is if you can get live logs, those are overall more helpful, but it is harder to get...