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  1. Ya, I left this game for a few days, here the result , there are even more Blinks upper corner map. Enjoy being rekt by those Premtek v3 and blinks
  2. Hi there, Currently I'm using Dash-Drone-Laser, it's wonderful, fun. To be more specific, Drone Rig is powerful, you can obtain MasterRig Drone Tank(ability) through exploring Leviathan and a Purple frame (only for Drone) from Black Market (it worths 500.000 Battle Point), I forgot the name so sorry mate . Btw, do not buy Quadshot Railgun, it not worth it, Jack-boosted Railgun is way better link here :
  3. 5 Disruptors is way too long for beginners mate Honestly, I don't recommend 3 Blink Rigs combo to any players. There are myriad of reasons, however, I down it to 1 major factors: -> Since everyone aim to win every raid, 3 blink rigs combo is understandable. But, this only kill the fun of DoS, feelings of gambling. archieving something that is almost impossible. Try Shield-Laser-Missle combo against 4 well-placed Rail guns . It is unfair to other Rigs too, they are powerful if you know how to manage them. There are dozens of Rig/ Items combinations, now, everyone just need to get Premtek V5 on boring 3 Blink Rigs combo. The loss in versatility will harm DoS undoubtedly (in many ways), such as: Why we even need "Combat Support Center" ?. or " This game is too easy, lets go play something else" Ironically, I've seen many players lost to my base (their rig combinations are not matter), 100% they will comeback with 3 blinks as usual. I can upload a small video how often I encounter this OP combo. In rare cases, I did win some. this is me: http://www.flickr.com/photos/144737845@N04/ ( a few picture including base layout, win-streak, rig combinations, etc)
  4. You should take a screen picture so we can address that issue more specific. However, do you have any other defense structures such as Machine guns or Wedge guns ? Same for tank spawner or drone one.
  5. Hey, It really work, not 100% but still better, thanks you all, +1 thread closed
  6. well, I'm gonna sit here, holding a potato till the devs do something about this then . My idea is increase Blink CD to 8s or 10s instead of 5s and reduce the ability range from 15 to 13
  7. Well, it's me AVAmk7 again, last month I accidentally deleted the game, so now I'm playing NLAmk7 instead, (rip my win-streak, didnt get the chance to upload here *sigh* ) as I said before, blink rig is showing it unlimited potential recently, I just wonder how to counter this annoying one as It capable of jumping over the river and flanking defense structure. Or just simply blow your base up from really really really far distance. Somes said: " just build a better base", I tried, but it didn't work neither. Any suggestion ? I'm waiting here.
  8. I just wonder what is your guys best win streak :D, may i know ? this is mine
  9. As a free player, I see no problem so far , it's just about how well you use your rig, i guess Edited: ->my combination is Missile, Laser and Shield Rig, Missile loadout ( The stalker mk III, Quicksilver Missile, Artillery Frame, Sniper core I ) Laser ( The breacher mk I, Long shot buster I, Raiku armor mk II, Core : don't have any yet) Shield ( Rangemaster shotgun I, The one shield mk I, Tank shield v1, Kaylon OD mk 1)
  10. Yep, there are many options: I suggest Reduce 1 of these -> Cast range -> Damage -> AoE effect +or just make new stat like : Overload delay, which means, you jump to a place, the engine of Blink rig needs 1s or 1,5s cooldown before jumping back to where he's from. So guns, at least, may have a chance to do some damage back (ofcourse Blink Rig still able to use his weapon) (some people gonna say 1s to 1,5s is way too long, but, hey, remember Shield Rig ? This overload delay will ensure players have to think twice before using Blink ability ), that's all
  11. Currently Blink Rig, in my opinion, is too OP, high damage, long range ability. Most of the guns can't shoot him Devs may at least reduce the AoE effect, or range. I've seen many players use 2 blink rigs strategy to take advantage of this .
  12. #komobramon Try Bandicam, free download, easy to use Record it then upload on youtube like I did, hope it helps
  13. Hello, my IGN is : AVAmk7, The suspect's IGN : SpriteUp / Alliance: Counting Star(R.P.G) It occurred at 11:35 PM / May 08 2016 / UTC 7:00 Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakata Record link : Best regards,
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