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  1. Where are the trophies?

    Small corresction: even we lose battle with player 700+ trophies stronger we dont lose trophies. I dont like this feature
  2. Many reporting video rewards not given

    hmm i know this problem when u use more than one account on 1 device and switch between these accounts. Watching ads gives a reward on second account
  3. I think that skulls in hall of fortune system is even good. Nobody tells you to spend diamonds. Start to save diamonds and use diamonds to open chests in really hard battles
  4. Hi all I have a new idea to make battles more comfortables. I would see ''equipment buttons'' in ''prepare to war screen''. It would be more ergonomic. What do u think ?? Look at this screen.
  5. Where are the trophies?

    I do my best ;D I am thinking that giving 0 trophies for beat stroger enemies when it is possible is not fair .
  6. Where are the trophies?

    Noo they dont gives me 15 trophies. I can get no more than 9. And now i do that coz I wanna go to higer ninja group. But in war season ? When i lose I get minus points, when i win I get 0. Profit ?
  7. Where are the trophies?

    I should be near 4k+ rank, but I am not. To make money I should beat stroger players than 3500( and I can do that easy), but matchmaking gives me only players near 3500k. BTW. 11 attacks in the last night can't help me. and It provokes me to decisive action. Ninja is coming and I need trophies ???? How can I get them when my Alliance have not strong boost like others ??? Only what I can do is beat players who gives me 10 points and more I wanna "FAIR PLAY " as u told @Nikko
  8. Where are the trophies?

    Oh nooo Nikko that is not good. The algorythm is not fair. "Prevent poeople to strop trophies from stronger players ... " Really ? i go in war season ca. 3500 k trophies and i wanna beat one man with 4k trophies and i cant earn trophies ? Another one ... I am lvl 110 and 3300 trophies . why ? People nonstop attack me and i dont have enugh time to make 30x battles and earn 5 points per battle . I want to beat stronger players to get 10-12 points . And fast calculation: 30x 5 points = 150 rank points and maybe 100k gold per battle 20 x 10 points = 200 rank points and maybe 200/300k per battle Use brain and cold calculation and dont waste time is not fair Nikko ?
  9. Server Issues

    That was total unfair ;-(. I always do battles in last hour of war and ofc I did NOT battles. I should do 16 but i did only 4. I lost possibility to open more red chests ;-( !!!!! You should do server maintenance few hours after declaring war ! Maybe near midnight . It would not bother the players so much. !!!!! Where are my red chests hihihi
  10. Quiz - Day 3

    1. Healer tower, stargazer tower, sniper hideout, accursed tower, frozen spire, burst bomber, uner lighting tower, eagle tower, basilisk bomber 2. Dragofrosters and Dracomancers collects Dragon Power when attackimg and one of them can transform into a mighty dragon. When he collect Power he will grow in size and become Dragon In-game name: Renegard
  11. WP10 Lumia (in)stability after 2.5

    I confirm problems these problems. Unfortunately but I think that we can help them solve it. Maybe can we make a topic with every bugs on our windows phone\mobile devices ?? And together spam support these issues ?? What do you think ??? Call to everyone with windows phone\mpobile users #windowsphoneusers #windowsmobileusers #ruliane #truten #mss73
  12. Leader-General chat

    Yes !!! I wanna have ingame leager-geneals chat. Hmm e.g command /g.<text> and a hidden message on a alliance chat visable only to generals and leader